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Portlet page with tabs does not show NEW button

Question asked by JoanKelley4209671 on Jan 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2013 by JoanKelley4209671
I have created a portlet page with tabs and when I click on the Tabs tab from within that page in Studio I do not have a NEW button to create a new tab for that page. I have logged in as NIKU administrator and cannot see it. And I have all rights assigned to my resource ID and I do not see this NEW button to create a new tab. This is the case in all of my environments and for all users who have the rights to create portlets or portlet pages in the Studio. I have uploaded an image of what I see on the tabs page. My lab Guide from the Studio class shows a screen shot of this same page I uploaded and it has a NEW button but I do not. I have all rights assigned so is this a bug?