Securing XMPP for Mobile Chat

Video created by taist02 on Jul 11, 2014

    Prevent the Leakage of Sensitive Content in Mobile Field Enablement & BYOD Scenarios


    Layer 7’s Mobile Access Gateway simplifies the process of adapting internal data, application and security infrastructure for mobile use. The Mobile Access Gateway provides a centralized way to control security and management policies for information assets exposed, via APIs, to mobile developers and apps.

    This video provides a demonstration of the Mobile Access Gateway’s functionality for XMPP (Extended Messaging & Presence Protocol). XMPP – formerly known as Jabber – enables a range of instant messaging, video calling, conferencing and content syndication clients for mobile devices.

    The Mobile Access Gateway can be deployed as a proxy between the client application and the XMPP server, to monitor the content that is sent back and forth via chat. The Gateway can scan for sensitive keywords then log or modify the content. This allows enterprises to prevent the leakage of sensitive or inappropriate content in mobile field enablement and BYOD scenarios.