[REPLAY] Privileged Access Management: Simplicity Matters

Video created by kristen.palazzolo Employee on Jul 8, 2016

    Data Breaches, Insider Threats and new regulatory requirements have highlighted the need for providing meaningful controls for managing privileged user access. Privileged Access Management can be a difficult problem to solve because privileged accounts are everywhere, and they need to be controlled and monitored. When considering the complex problem of Privileged Access Management, a solution that is simple to configure, administer and use provides the most value.


    Want to learn about a simple approach for managing privileged access across the hybrid enterprise? Watch this video for a look at CA Privileged Access Manager’s capabilities for integrating with the entire ecosystem of your enterprise, its ease of use, and its ease of adoption.


    Privileged Access Management: Simplicity Matters [JUL 8]

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