Expand DevOps Visibility & Control With API Performance Monitoring

Video created by kristen.palazzolo Employee on Jan 13, 2017

    "As DevOps continues to evolve, once disparate processes across application engineering and monitoring are being conjoined to provide critical data throughout every stage of software delivery. Within the context of digital transformation and advancement of the application economy, few components directly impact software development and operation more than the omnipresent API.


    In this session, which includes a demonstration of advanced, integrated DevOps automation—learn how today’s leading practitioners continue to refine and augment related best practices via more rigorous management of the API. We’ll also explore that API’s direct impact on application performance, including:


    Proactive identification of problematic services related to specific transactions that are critical to application functionality
    Continuous monitoring of API-driven latencies that affect critical business services that are crucial to customer experience
    Evolution of API development, integration and implementation practices driven by cross-functional collaboration"