[WEBCAST REPLAY] No-Fail Friday: Hide and Seek with CA Data Content Discovery

Video created by Lenn Thompson Employee on Apr 4, 2017

    You know where all your corporate data is and, more importantly, which data sets contain regulated data, right? With mainframe data growing at an exponential rate, locating all sensitive and regulated data can seem impossible. That’s where CA Data Content Discovery comes in. CA Data Content Discovery is the industry-first innovation you use to find, classify and protect data, without moving any of it onto any other platform.


    On Friday, March 31, Jeff Cherrington, Senior Director of Product Management and Mary Ann Furno, Senior Principal Product Owner, presented a live “hide and seek” demonstration of locating hidden mainframe data with CA Data Content Discovery.


    Watch this replay to see their session as well as the Q&A at the end


    This video is also available on our YouTube Channel: No Fail Friday Hide and Seek with CA Data Content Discovery 20170331 1449 1 - YouTube