May 2017 Webcast Replay  - Where Do Ideas Come From?

Video created by Melanie_Giuliani Employee on May 16, 2017

    Replay of the API Management community webcast held on May 16, 2017.



    CA’s mission is to help our customers eliminate the barriers between ideas and business outcomes.

     But where do ideas come from?


    In order to explore the source of ideas, we will first have a look at the nature of competition in a digital, experiential economy. In a world of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and unlimited data, what makes companies (or individuals) competitive? Using what we learn about what makes us competitive, how do Agile, DevOps, and API technologies and principles make us more successful? As executives, what can we do to cultivate and hire the skills, cultures, and platforms necessary for success in a world eaten by software?


    In this session exploring ideas and competitiveness we’ll learn how to decide where and how to begin with Agile, DevOps, and APIs so that you can best turn ideas into successful business outcomes.