Tech Tip (Video): CA SSO r12.7:  REST API : How to use Policy Export/Import API

Video created by Ujwol Shrestha Employee on May 19, 2017


    CA Single Sign-On 12.7 provides the following new Policy Object REST APIs:

    • Administrative Token API – Obtain a JWT token that is required to access the Policy Data API.

    • Policy Data API – Create, read, update, and delete objects (including federation entities and partnerships, and certificate services) in the policy store.

    • Policy Import/Export API – Export and import specified subsets of the policy data in the policy store.

    In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to utilize the REST API for Policy Export & Import to perform a granular export of single Domain and its related objects.

    We will use the embedded REST API client built using Swagger framework to perform the REST operations.


    Administrative UI : R12.7
    Policy server : R12.7