[REPLAY] Three-Way Trust - How Security Enables the World of Digital Transformation – September 5, 2018

Video created by Chris_Hackett Employee on Sep 5, 2018

    Three-Way Trust: How Security Enables the World of Digital Transformation


    In today’s world of digital transformation, every business is a software organization, and experience is everything. Businesses need to treat security at the same level as designing a great app, since one bad customer experience results in dissatisfaction and abandonment. How customers interact with you must be seamless and consistent across all channels. 


    In order to solve this problem, you need to be thinking about a security architecture that applies the right amount of security, based on elevated levels of risk. Join this webinar to learn about the value of three-way trust – between the app, the user, and the device – and how CA’s three-way, risk-based security architecture can help ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction while keeping your organization secure.


    Presented by Sanjay Tailor, VP, Digital Strategy, Financial Services, Becca Parks, Product Marketing Manager, Rapid App Security, Rob Lindberg, Senior Principal Product Manager, Rapid App Security