[REPLAY] Agile for Happy Organizations – October 24, 2018

Video created by Chris_Hackett Employee on Oct 24, 2018

    Agile for Happy Organizations


    Are your employees happy? Have you asked them recently? You should. People who are happy at work are more productive. When rolling out agile in an organization, one of the key metrics our agile consultants and coaches encourage companies to measure is employee happiness.


    What makes people happy? Being a part of a purpose-driven organization with an outcome-oriented culture, knowing the work they do is aligned to the overall goals and strategies of the company.


    Longda Yin, Principal Agile Consultant and SAFe® Program Consultant, will discuss how agile allows for employees to understand the work they're doing matters, and how agile and happiness in the work place are connected.


    This will be a 30-minute informational talk about how Agile principles and practices could help move the needle on Happiness at an organization. Come with plenty of questions for an interactive Q&A session following the presentation.