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    RE: vMotion and HA?

    I might recommend looking at investing in shared storage for the hosts, that way you could use vSphere HA, which would automatically restart the VMs on the other host, if one of the hosts died. However, in this case your storage would be your single ...

  • In terms of your servers, there are some disk requirements as shown below. Make note of the third item, storage controllers. You mention you already have it configured with RAID 1 and 6. However, VSAN needs direct disk access. In many cases, RAID HBA's ...

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  • Hi everybody, I´m dealing with a project that is using vSphere Fault Tolerance. The architecture considers 2 (two) hosts (primary and secondary) in a cluster HA. The Fault Tolerance functionality is working fine, but I have a doubt. The ESXi 8 host is ...

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    Ubuntu FT Issue

    HI When I try to enable FT for Ubuntu machine, I get an error. The secondary VM is created on other EXSi host. But when primary is powered on, the machine is not Booting. The following error is coming. Error: watchdog: BUG : Soft lockup -CPU#1 stuck ...