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    Welcome back to the new PowerCLI Community.   We are working hard with the developers to fix the code insert issue many of you reported.   This formatted code on the previous platform but did not convert well so we are working patching all posts.   I appreciate your patience.   @Jason McClellan, Platform Admin

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  • @TX_Tundra, Thanks. I was able to get desired results with: function Get-EncryptionRecoveryKeys { $esxiHosts = get-vmhost | Where { $_.PowerState -eq "PoweredOn" -and $_.ConnectionState -eq "Connected" } | Sort Name $encryptionKeys ...

  • You can manage multiple ESXi 7 hosts' services like NTP or SSH through vCenter using PowerCLI. Although the cmdlets might not be directly listed, you can connect to vCenter and use Get-VMHostService and Start-VMHostService / Stop-VMHostService to ...

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    RE: Need a script to copy the attribute value as T ...

    You're welcome. Yes, I do (lucd.info). The link is normally in my footer, but it seems the footer is only displayed when the ...

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    RE: Need a script to copy the attribute value as T ...

    That worked like a charm. Thanks a lot. Do you have any blog\site that I can follow?

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    Does anyone know how to export SRM configuration via PowerCLI or REST API? I am able get it from SRM console GUI and like to automate this process. Thanks in advance! JP

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    Hello, I hope you are doing well. I'm working on a storage migration project. We are replacing our blockarray solution and I have to handle the vcloud director migration client by client. I'm working on a powercli script but I cannot find any command ...