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If you tried to go to you are in the right place - WELCOME !

Back Ground

The OZIUA is a non-profit association of people interested in the use of CA-Advantage IDMS and in discussion, training, seminars and networking, on this and related topics. The association was founded in 1985 and ran a vigorous program of meetings and seminars through to 1997 when it foundered.
The association was restarted in 2001 and now provides an Australian forum for users of IDMS to meet together, and also with CA and other third party vendors who contribute to the IDMS environment. 

Web Presence

Everything of any value that was at the old OZIUA web site has now been relocated to the IUA/EIUA IDMS User Community here at - here is a link to that User Community where you will be able to access things like a newly activated "Message Board", and a "Document Library" that contains presentations, the entire old User Contributed Library "tape", and many new additions to the UCL, as well as presentations and other, sundry materials - go there - try it - you'll like it!

To Access IDMS-L Archives click on Search the IDMS-L Archives to go directly There !

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Last OZIUA Meeting
Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

“IDMS Database Currency – Concepts and Examples” Cal Domingue

Cal webcast a presentation on "IDMS Database Currency - concepts and examples" from San Francisco. Cal did his usual good job and living up to expectations his session was very well received!
Take care - cheers!

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