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What's New in CA PPM 15.4   Learn about the amazing new CA Project & Portfolio Management. Beyond IT, CA PPM 15.4 drives innovation across the entire company. Don't miss this live demo by the CA PPM product management team.   Presented by Dave Sprague, Director, Product Management (CA)   ***NOTE - The option to "Add to your

Hi all,              I am learning CA PAM. After deploying CA PAM OVA file .I tried ping from other machine it was successful.then i started accessing web gui.I am unable to access web gui of pam server on browser on http:// <host-ip>. I tried telnet on 22 23 80 ports result was connection refused.I was
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Hello Team   i want to know about the live chat feature introduced in USS and Xflow analyst..   In xflow analyst....we can do live chat with other analyst to resolve tickets with contextual collaboration...As an analyst, you can initiate the conversation, which opens the collaboration interface in the ticket timeline. You can