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Curtesy from Henrik Nissen Ravn who provided us this document.   How to configure MoM fail-over.  For a while, after I gave one of my favorite engineering architects (yes, solutions architects indeed have that) an insufficient and incomplete answer on this, I have had the urge to provide a fuller answer on this topic. Here it is. Our

Hi Team,   As far as I know (in theoretical which may be wrong/partially wrong as well), to setup MOM in high availability, we need to setup two MOMs with Smartstor and PostgreSQL database on same SAN storage in which only one can write at a time. There is also need of a load balancer as well that will check the availability of both MOMs on
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Hello, How can we resolve symbols in CA Endevor in element type SYSIN when moving the element from one stage to another stage. e.g my DEV environment IST(stage 1) has db2 schema XIST, QA(Stage 2) has db2 schema XQA and prod (Stage 4) has db2 schema XPROD.   My SYSIN element "TEST" contains query SELECT * FROM &ENV.TABLE1