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Note: Virtual Service created using IBM MQ Native protocol   I have multiple VS listening on same PROXY Request Queue. Based on payment Type dropping on Request Queue - specific VS should pick the request and respond back with virtual response on PROXY Response Queue.   Could you please all help me with code or vsm step or specific

Hello Everyone,   Version of CA Directory is r12.0 SP12 We are trying to delete an entry with its sub-entries, We are trying to run dxdelete tool from /CADirectory/dxserver/bin to delete entries with subentries, but we are getting below error -- -bash-4.1$ dxdelete -v -h ip:port
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Hi,   We are starting to migrate from eHealth to PM 3.5 and we are not being able to create an availability report with more than 15 Interfaces. Once a month we send a report from eHealth with the availability per interface to an external supplier and we need to reproduce this report in PM. We have already opened a Support ticket with
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Hello everyone,   How to know all kind of tasks that Spectrum performs dayly or weekly due to every thursday devices change the names and other appear out of its containers. I looked at "schedules" on locater but nothing that could make sense to the above behavior. Maybe a background process or something .. I don't know.   I read
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I manage an infrastructure team, with some team members assigned to Kanban, Agile, or both styles of task management. So, some team members are assigned tasks, and others are assigned user stories, etc... Is there a way I can create a query for a specific user that will capture all their work (user stories, tasks, defects, etc...)?  I figured