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Hello Everybody,   I attended a Composer 4 Training in 1998, I have the training material and the models used in the training. Now I'm reviewing the material to refresh my knowledge of CA Gen after all these years, especially after providing CA Gen 8.6 Free edition for training and studying purposes. I no longer have and access to Composer

Hello community, I have a collector that eats memory and in 24 h goes OOM. The GC cannot free memory also with a huge full GC, forced by me with jmap It works with 10GB Heap and has 320 agents connected but live metrics is < 200K and historic is <390K   I have produced an heap dump and I have found that a lot of memory is eaten by
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Hello, I have a problem when I received trap for one type of device. There is the message in my event confguration :   Unknown alert received from device T38D1 of type Host_Device. Device Time 0+00:00:00. (Trap type Trap var bind data: OID: Value: OID:
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Hello everyone,   What are the necessary permissions/configurations that we need to have on an endpoint in order to be able to discover local accounts and the services they manage? At some of the remote endpoints that i have tried doing account discovery it worked(but it doesn't return any services), and at other times in account discovery