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Hello everyone,   The ARD Engineering teams are hard at work on the upcoming Agile Requirements Designer release and we would like to get your feedback on some ARD features planned for the upcoming release.  We are especially interested in users who are exploring ways to use ARD for business requirements modeling and creating

Dear community,   I configured a cluster of 4 API Gateway: 2 of them are in ssg database replica and the others 2 are just processing nodes. Now I'd like to install the OTK (Oauth) Mysql database locally on the Master API Gateway and configure the replica and the failover of this database with the Slave API Gateway.   Is it possible to
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Hi,   I have to create a Java Agent package manually without using ACC.   1. What things I have to keep in mind before creating a Java Agent package? 2. What configuration has to be done in the packages? 3. All the agents are of different versions we have to upgrade all the agents to the latest 10.7 version.  
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Requirement is to do a kerberos login when user is on network and domain joined machine and fallback to form based authentication otherwise.   We are able to achieve the kerberos login without any issues and in case of fallback we are getting windows pop-up which we want to remove , Any help is appreciated.   Below is the snippet of