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Hello, I need to know which table has the relation between the object "call_req" and the object "survey". I checked the "survey" table but  it doesn't have the "survey id" , I did a test and I thought the survey table had the identification of the survey related to the inc / req / prob "before" of the survey is sent, but the survey table has

Für statistische Auswertungen möchte ich gerne von inaktiven Objekten die letzte RunID per SQL auslesen. Bei der Suche mit dem Jobnamen möchte ich nur die letzte RunID als Rückgabewert haben.   Habt ihr für mich das passende SQL Kommando?   -------   For statistical evaluations I would like to read from
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Does anyone have any guidance, insight or best practices for integrating Jira with Clarity PPM?  I am looking at solutions for this right now.  In addition, if you have input on you have any insight into applications that are used by your developers on top of the Jira for the agile teams?  (i.e. GitHub)  Thanks in