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Hi Experts,   I have installed CA WA AE 11.3.6 SP7 on linux 7 and system agent on windows machine (2016 standard) (CA_WA_System_Agent_11_4).   After machine definition creation in AE, status is showing blocked.   In Agent logs    transmitter log gives below error message   Error sending message to ACE_SCH:

Hello Ca Communities   I work in PMO and it is the responsibilities of PMO to save the baseline. We forgot to baseline two of the projects at the project Kick off. Now we have noticed project finish date has been changed. I found that if I've baseline the project, I am not allowed to change the baseline start and finish date manually.
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Hello there.   I am facing problems when using SQL commands in my code. The build return is:   ...Linking Load Module stub QCMENU link /NOLOGO /SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS -entry:WinMainCRTStartup -out:"C:\CAGEN\Models\draft_1.ief\c\QCMENU.EXE" /DELAYLOAD:WRGN.DLL "C:\CAGEN\Models\draft_1.ief\c\OBJC\STUB.OBJ"