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This idea is to get the probe of things that was originally created by employee Bryan Morrow, added to the UIM product and fully supported as part of the product.

Hello, i am newer to AE. i installed trial version AE 12.2 all works fine but in developping with AWI i have this issue: login with UC/UC create new client 600 copy user UC to user ADM_DEV/DEV  and move it to client 600  login with ADM_DEV/DEV create usergroup DEVLOPPERS and give it the necessary permissions create user
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I'm trying to figure out the best way to generate a logmon alarm if two strings are present in a log file when it is polled.  Has anyone ever done this?  The strings I'm looking for could be separated by hundreds of other entries between them.  I've played around using triggers and two separate log watchers, but the trigger seems to
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Hi Team   can we add the same collector in two MOMs? I have created two MOMs one on windows and one on Linux and had updated the following settings for failover on both MOMs:- enterprisemanager.failover.enable=true This property enables failover by default its set to false enterprisemanager.failover.primary=myhost1 This property allows