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Announcement 1 The CA Communities Are Now Read-Only
Announcement:The CA Communities Are Now Read-Only

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Hi all,   I run python task by shell script and when I cancel the task in UC4 the python is still running on the server. Do you have any idea who to kill the python by UC4?

I installed AWA v12.2 today and got it up and running without difficulty. I’m looking forward to putting the new version through its paces. In particular, I am eager to look into these topics: Performance compared to v12.1 Any new undocumented configuration settings Behavior of dynamic prompt sets — more usable? Expanded AE REST
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Hello.   I have installed the solution several times, but I am having a problem seeing it for the first time.   I think there was some mistake during the installation test process, but it is difficult to find the cause.   This following error message occurred during the Gateway operating after installation.