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So with our move from SLES to RHEL, found that the server init script behave differently.  We don't have a way to correlate server start/stops and did depend on sleeps.   5:00   MOM - stop and stop called       Sleep timer for 30 minutes   

Good Morning.  It has three layouts of one file (header, detail and trailer). It made the set of my columns through the SQL command. The problem is: when I get the file (header + detail + trailer), I can not add more than one detail line. Is there any method or command to automatically add more than one row when generating content in the
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Hi, I'm currently facing an issue where I cannot get data on the TIMESHEET DETAIL REPORT (Only showing data up to AUGUST 13 ).   As far as I know these report is based on TIMESLICES configuration. So my guess is that we have a problem there. So far just to try I set up every timeslice on our system with start date of 01-01-17 and fiscal ones