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Is there a way I can make a query to give me a list of all stories with iterations and releases that do not match with the release of the Portfolio item they are tied with?   (It's basically the same as release tracking grid view. But in this view the entire list is not visible at once, we'd have to click through each of the warnings)  

I have setup the Jenkins jobs with CA Release Automation and It was working fine.   After some time I observered that Jenkins CA RA configurations were disappeared.   Again when I try to update the configuration I get the below Error   NOTE: This Error comes only when I add CA RA plugin configurations.   A problem occurred
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Hi there, I was trying to add a new processing node to the primary cluster(via menu option 2 then 3) am getting following error pls advice Error saving configuration 'Error during node configuration 'Database connection error 'Access denied for user 'gateway'@'' (using password: YES)'.'' Please advice.
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----------------------------- Application Manager - Application Access Denied [x]. USER_X is not authorized to execute SET. ----------------------------- CA PPM Interface [x] CMN-10011: Please enter a valid User Name and Password. ----------------------------     Hello All,   A user from cross domain, using Internet Explorer,