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Hi;   How can i hide the "My Bookmarks" and "Submit Knowledge" from the employee interface, in addition i would like temporary hide the following:   "Join Analyst Now" "Live Chat" "Service Desk contact information and hours of operation" from the same employee interface.   is it something related to the option manager, or shall i

Hello, i was wondering if there is a document or repository of some additional conditional macros for Notification Rules in Service Desk Manager.  I don't know if the community has a set place for sharing these but i would love to get more than the OOTB.  I really don't have the time to research creating more from scratch.. 
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Hi, I'm currently facing an issue where I cannot get data on the TIMESHEET DETAIL REPORT (Only showing data up to AUGUST 13 ).   As far as I know these report is based on TIMESLICES configuration. So my guess is that we have a problem there. So far just to try I set up every timeslice on our system with start date of 01-01-17 and fiscal ones