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Hi all,   This question may be more suited to the CA PM community, but I guess I'll try here first as the issue is with Spectrum.   As part of the Spectrum Integration with CAPC, a CAPCIPDomain Global Collection was created on Spectrum. To control what items are synchronized to CAPC, I have tried to add Search Options to the

Use Case: Trying to get changes from our Microsoft SQL Server to automatically trigger Web Service request to an external endpoint using CA Live API Creator.   We have already configured LAC with a working connection to our MSSQL database. We can make changes to the database and it will appear on LAC as well as vise versa from LAC to
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Hi Team!   In a client we had a problem related to the notifications of closure of incidents / requests, they previously had version 12.9 and in it the notification of closure was personalized so that it will take the link of the survey. For example, the notification email was similar to:    The link to survey its on the
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Hi,   I have a requirement to create https virtual service. When client calls the service, its expecting to call https and not http .So I need to create a virtual service which should have service url of https.   I understand the live invocation step having server side SSL to call live https service but not sure how to create https