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Announcement 1 Outage Scheduled for Wednesday 5/31/17 at 9PM EST
Announcement:Outage Scheduled for Wednesday 5/31/17 at 9PM EST

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Hello Everyone,   We're facing two problems we don't have if we connect directly to some windows servers.   First is around 30 minutes RDP freezes and we can't interact with the server viaCA PAM RDP client.   Second is if we leave a RDP session open for a few days, let's say 2 days (starting friday) when we arrive on monday the

Hi team,   When we create any local user by selang AC> eu username native password(xxxxx)   it does not take the password set by OS, how can we create such users which should take the default password policy set by OS   Control minder : 12.8 Endpoint:  SuSE   ITSAT VOLVOCARS