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Best practices when integrating third party SaaS alarms into UIM   If you have a third party Saas product that generates alarms, and you want to integrate those alarms with an on premise UIM environment, special care should be taken since that information/events will come from Internet.   Third party Saas products

After we update the Base Calendar like making few Working days as non-Working or vice versa. What jobs need to be run after these changes ?   If jobs are not run will this effect resources availability reports ?
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Michael Thibault
Sorry everyone if I have not been able to address your account in the past 2 weeks.  I have been working on organizing the upgrade of the sandbox to 15.4.   The upgrade will occur at the end of March, followed by 1-2 weeks of configuration.  As I do not work for CA, I administer the box on my own time so I hope to have it
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Lenn Thompson
CA is rapidly bringing innovation to the Mainframe Intelligent Operations and Automation market. Don't miss out on this solution demo so that you keep current through live demonstrations. The solution enables your team to expedite detection and resolution of performance problems through deep-dive analytics, automated alerts and powerful predictive