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Hi,   I'm trying to implement url_response via MCS profiles, but I'm missing the virtual host field in the profile. This prevents me from using the profile. I would like to emphasize that I believe MCS is crucial part of the deployment, and every probe deployed manually is very difficult to maintenance so I'm doing all I can to avid such

Can some one share any samples or tips on how to call a third party REST API from GEL Script to work with a JSON response from the REST API and update data in clarity application.   Thanks in Advance!!
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First, I'm a relative newbie to GEL and building CAPPM Processes, so if this is kind of a dumb question, sorry!   That having been said, I'm trying to build a GEL script (in DEV, I'm not crazy) that builds an XML file and then imports same, and will add Approve Time permissions to a user based upon a recordset generated by an SQL