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Does anybody have a query that can be run to obtain attribute usage data?  I am interested to get data around attribute type, when it was last updated, when the fields associated with the attribute was last used.  We are doing a database cleanup and need these indicators to understand usability and what attributes can be eliminated.

I was running a series (every 5min) of small JDBC queries against Introscope 10.5 to extract metric data  After a few of them, I start getting failures like this :   com.wily.introscope.spec.server.user.LoginFailedException: Workstation connection from Node=Workstation 41288, Address=<x.x.x.x/x.x.x.x:pppp>, Type=socket of
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Hi all folks, we use a CDV (Cross Cluster Data Viewer) to combine some EMs behind firewalls. This works nice, the people connect to the CDV and get access to all the metrics data from the EMs behind the firewall. The CDV support Webview and Workstation access to the metrics data for all customer.   After the migration to APM 10.5.1 we start