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Announcement 1 Outage Scheduled for Wednesday 5/31/17 at 9PM EST
Announcement:Outage Scheduled for Wednesday 5/31/17 at 9PM EST

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Hi our implementation of SRM has been receiving high levels of event data recently and as a consequence the disk is now full.  For info the event table files take up approx 460G of a 500G disk, which currently has approx 50k free.   I am taking steps to reduce the volume of events but in the meantime the SRM mysql has stopped storing

Hi all,   there are apps to use CA Service Catalog 14.1 by smartphone?   If yes, Windows Phone OS is supported?   Best regards, S.
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We are validating v15.2 in a non production environment and have come across an issue with jobs not starting when they should.  The scenario where this happens is: Job A and Job B are incompatible with each other. Job A is submitted and starts processing.  While it is processing Job B is submitted.  While Job A is running Job B