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I am getting the below error on New UI 15.3 when i am trying to approve/return a timesheet. But it is working fine when i do the same from Classic UI action items.        at ERROR 2017-10-22 05:59:18,008 [http-nio-8098-exec-2833] rest.validation

Prashank Singh
With Version 14.3 CA has introduced new web service i.e. REST API for resource retrieving and modifying PPM data, this new web service is powerful to achieve integration with other application, interactive interfaces, easy business automation and other stuff, before these advance development we need to first understand how to use them. So
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Hello List, is there any published Monitoring best practices for JBOSS? we have 6 JBOSS servers that we are monitoring using introscope; what i am looking for is some template/best practices to create alerts on specific metrics for JBOSS and then alerting / reporting on it. will appreciate any response. thanks ashish
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Hi All,   According to Upgrade Docs, one of the steps needed for our upgrade (from Clarity 13.3 -> 15.3), it's needed patch 14: Supported Patch Level for Upgrade Upgrade Patch Level Exceptions How to Download and Install the Patch Patch on the base version 13.3.0 None See the CA Support Download Center. After