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Does anyone besides me have a need for Global Type Sequencing down to the processor group level?  Our IMS applications have type COBOL divided into DRV (Drivers), SUB (subprograms), IMSO (ims online) and IMSB (ims batch) processor groups.   I'm told IMS programs are happiest when the subprograms are statically linked, therefore they

What’s New in CA PPM 15.3?   Get an overview of the new features released in CA PPM 15.3, including modernized financial management, fast and easy configuration, portfolio analytics and Kanban.   Speaker: Alyson Poston, Pre-Sales   ***NOTE - The option to "Add to your calendar" is now in the "Actions" menu in the upper
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Howdy Community,   We are slowly trying to incorporate Team Center into our processes and are trying map our custom dashboards and triage map alerts into relationships with Team Center. Our dashboards have both epagent (specialized infrastructure) alerts and Java Agent alerts to provide a holistic view for each server context.   Is