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CA Technologies Celebrates 10th Anniversary of CA Together in Action Employee Volunteer Month – Press Releases on CSRwi…



(Left to Right) Eric Jackson, Maria Jackson, Jennifer Budveit, Kristin Russo, Lavena Sipes, Gina Cassano, Bonnie Yeomans, Juliet Yeomans and Kylee

NEW YORK, Oct. 01 /CSRwire/ - Today, CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) announced the 10th anniversary of CA Together in Action, the company’s worldwide volunteer month. Throughout October, employees take time out of their workday to participate in activities that include mentoring children, environmental cleanups, building affordable housing, assisting food banks, and supporting science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) educational programs.

“Volunteerism is an important part of our company’s culture,” said Erica Christensen, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, CA Technologies. “Our employees have a long history of giving their time and talents to communities around the globe, and we are excited to celebrate a decade of service through CA Together in Action.”

Since the program’s inception in 2005, nearly 50,000 employee volunteer hours have been given through CA Together in Action, and more than 1,000 projects have been completed. CA employees are able to use up to three workdays each year to give back through company sponsored events, or volunteer activities of their choice. In addition, employees can have up to $5,000 in personal donations matched by the company each fiscal year.

“We are excited to partner with CA Technologies in cultivating 21st century skills and a genuine enthusiasm for the STEM fields among our students,” said Samantha Marciano, Program Coordinator, Girls Inc. “Engaging girls at the middle school age, when most tend to abandon thoughts of a future in the STEM field is critical. It is our hope that participating in panel discussion as well as a hands-on robotic activity will spark excitement in the students to consider STEM related educational and career opportunities in the future.”

CA Together in Action partner organizations include:

North America:

California: Richmond Hill Community Food Bank, Save Mountain Diablo

Colorado: Food Bank for Larimer County, There With Care, Community Food Share, City of Boulder Open Space, Mountain Parks, Boulder County Parks and Open Space

Florida: Metropolitan Ministries

Georgia: Atlanta Community Food Bank

Illinois: Northern Illinois Food Bank

Massachusetts: Drumlin Farm

Michigan: Gleaners Food Bank

New Jersey: New Jersey Farmers Against Hunger

New York: Girls Inc., God’s Love We Deliver, Hospital for Special Surgery, Greenville Baker Boys & Girls Club, Long Island Blood Services, Smithtown Chamber of Commerce, Island Harvest, Robert Moses State Park

North Carolina: Boys & Girls Club of America – Raleigh Girls Club

Ohio: Worthington Resource Pantry

Pennsylvania: Western Penn Conservancy, Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

Texas: Capital Area Food Bank

Virginia: Travelers Rest Equine Elders Sanctuary


Argentina: Aldeas Infantiles

Australia: Kick 4 Kids Soccer Competition, Loud Shirt Day Fundraiser, Exodus Foundation Volunteering, Cancer Council Dragon Boat Competition

Chile: Aldeas Infantiles

Colombia: Fundación Niños para un Nuevo Planeta

The Czech Republic: Children´s Home Pysely, School for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Children Holeckova, Social organization Vyssi Hradek, Natural water resources protection eStudanky

India: CA-HOPE School, several NGOs from the health and education sectors

Italy: Expo 2015, Casa Betania a Roma

Japan: Japan Cancer Society

Korea: Dongdaemoon Community Welfare Center, Child Fund Korea

People’s Republic of China: Jinlin Warfare Foundation

Peru: Asociación Kantaya

United Kingdom: Learning to Work


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<PDM_MACRO name=dtlLookup hdr="My own Field" attr="zField" extraURL="ADDITIONAL_WHERE=delete_flag=0">


The dtlLookup macro specifies a lookup control on a detail form. In the edit view, a user can click the caption (header) of the control to pop up a selection form.


PDM Macro Definitions

PDM Macro Definitions - dtlLookup - See all content above


The dtlLookup macro specifies a lookup control on a detail form. In the edit view, a user can click the caption (header) of the control to pop up a selection form.

This macro has the following properties:

  • attr=attributeName(Required) Specifies the name of the attribute associated with the control.
  • autofill=yes|noSpecifies whether the field allows autofill when it is displayed as a lookup. Autofill lets a user enter a value in the field by typing the first few characters of a value and pressing Tab. These actions cause the product to perform one of the following actions:
    • Request the full value for the field from the server.
    • Pop up a selection form when the specified value is missing or ambiguous.
  • colspan=1|numberSpecifies the number of columns on the form.
  • common_name_attr=attributeName
    Specifies the name of the attribute from the referenced table to display on the detail form. This property is not intended for customer use.
  • evt=”eventName=’script’”Specifies one or more HTML event handlers in the same way you specify them in an HTML statement, with quotes escaped as required. For example:


    evt="onclick='myfunc()' onchange=\\\"myfunc2()\\\""


  • extraURL=stringSpecifies a where clause predicate in URL format to restrict the contents of the control.
  • factory=nameSpecifies the name of a Majic factory for the selection list. Defaults to the factory referenced by the associated attributes, and so is not typically required.
  • hdr=textSpecifies the text of the caption on the control; defaults to the DISPLAY_NAME of the attribute associated with the control.
  • link=yes|noSpecifies whether the control on the read-only view is a link to detail for the value of the attribute.
  • make_required=YES|NOMakes a field required when you specify YES regardless of whether the associated attribute is required at the object level. A required field forces the user to specify a nonblank value.
  • size=20|numberSpecifies the width of the input field.



O CA Service Desk Manager cria formulários da web em uma linguagem chamada HTMPL. HTMPL estende HTML padrão com referências a variáveis de servidor e um número de qualificadores proprietários do formulário PDM-***. Uma desses qualificadores, o PDM-MACRO, copia um segmento do código JavaScript nomeado do banco de dados para o formulário. A maioria dos qualificadores PDM-MACRO invoca o JavaScript do lado do cliente que cria os formulários web na hora certa, imediatamente antes de serem apresentados para o usuário. A maioria dos controles de formulário da web são criados com o qualificador PDM-MACRO. Por exemplo, o qualificador PDM-MACRO que cria o campo do local no formulário de Detalhes do local é codificado da seguinte forma:


O qualificador PDM-MACRO tem um ou mais parâmetros de palavras-chave (propriedades). O parâmetro NAME é necessário em cada PDM-MACRO para especificar o nome da macro. Outros parâmetros são necessários ou opcionais, dependendo da macro.


Observação:</strong> a personalização do local das definições de PDM_MACRO armazenadas no banco de dados não é suportada e não deve ser tentada.




TABLE usp_pdmMacro

  control_type del description icon id label_icon last_mod_by last_mod_dt name text type

{ "1" ,"0",

  "Especifica um campo de pesquisa em um formulário detalhado HTMPL:\\0012\\0012Somente leitura - campo exibido como um link. Clique no link para exibir o devido formulário detalhado.\\0012\\0012Editar - campo exibido em uma caixa de edição, com um cabeçalho formatado como um link. Clique no cabeçalho para exibir uma lista de seleção para o campo",

  "" ,"1100" ,"lookup.gif" ,"" ,"" ,"dtlLookup",

  "{\\0012<PDM_IF \"&{evt}\" != \"\">\\0012detailSetEventHandler(\"&{evt}\");\\0012</PDM_IF>\\0012detailLookup(\"&{hdr}\",\"&{attr}\",\"&{factory}\",&{colspan},&{size},\\0012<PDM_IF \"&{make_required}\" == \"yes\">\\00121,\\0012<PDM_ELSE>\\0012\"$args.REQUIRED_&{attr}\",\\0012</PDM_IF>\\0012\"$args.&{attr}.persistent_id\",\\0012'<PDM_FMT ESC_STYLE=C PAD=NO>$args.&{attr}</PDM_FMT>',\\0012\"&{autofill}\",\\0012<PDM_IF \"&{common_name_attr}\" != \"\">\\0012\"&{common_name_attr}\",\\0012<PDM_ELSE>\\0012\"$args.&{attr}.COMMON_NAME_ATTR\",\\0012</PDM_IF>\\0012'<PDM_FMT ESC_STYLE=JS2 PAD=NO>$args.&{attr}.COMMON_NAME</PDM_FMT>',\\0012<PDM_IF \"$FRONTPAGE\" != \"1\">\\0012\"${args.SEARCH_STATUS_&{attr}:}\",\\0012<PDM_ELSE>\\0012\"\",\\0012</PDM_IF>\\0012\"${args.SEARCH_RESULTS_&{attr}:}\",\\0012\"&{link}\",\\0012<PDM_FMT ESC_STYLE=C PAD=NO>\"&{extraURL}\"</PDM_FMT>,\\0012\"$args.&{attr}.TENANCY\",\"$args.&{attr}.SERVICE_PROVIDER_ELIGIBLE\", \"$args.LOCKED_&{attr}\");\\0012<PDM_IF \"$args.&{attr}.TENANCY\" == \"1\" || \"$args.&{attr}.TENANCY\" == \"2\">\\0012<PDM_IF \"$args.&{attr}.tenant\" != \"\" && \"$args.&{attr}.tenant\" != \"00\" && \"$args.&{attr}.TENANCY_UNRESTRICTED\" == \"0\">\\0012detailAddTenantImplyingAttr(\"&{attr}\",\"$args.&{attr}.tenant\",\"$args.&{attr}\",$args.&{attr}.TENANCY,\"$args.&{attr}.SERVICE_PROVIDER_ELIGIBLE\");\\0012</PDM_IF>\\0012</PDM_IF>\\0012}\\0012" ,"1" }




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