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Blog Post created by TMACUL Champion on Jan 1, 2016

Hello Everyone,


It's time for thinking, a new year, so many things happened 2015, i show my votes to everybody on. Merry Christmas & Happy holidays - Happy new year - 2016


Ok, now i'm speaking about communities and many members spoke about The End of an Era - Farewell and Thank You "" like Kyle_R now history



But.... Is it irrecoverable?Gutis show for us, NOT , and ok, i retrieved some documents from Google cache (for knowledge purpose, on google cache will lost for ever on few months), enjoy accessing Retrieved from - index


2010/2012 - CA Communities - GO live completed  June 16 2014 (FAQ - CA Communities.docx)

2013? or 2014?  - we lost

2015 - we lost

2015 - CA Communities Cloud Platform Demo (October 2015)


We had a great team looking for communities, we can see our team on CA Communities Team Org Chart


I built aSummary CA Service Management Community for us, we can see great posts, tips, champions and spotlight members - always updated.


Or be, don't look for past, don't ask, who can do something, but, yes. We can build a great future.


Have a great 2016 CA Communities



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