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Command-Line Interface


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These are notes I made re using the command line interface with v6, I have no idea if they will relate to r11 but would not expect the command line interface to have changed.

Please excuse the format but trying to manage wiki formatting with all the -'s and %'s was too painful.


The quickest summary of the command can be obtained by using the standard -h help switch

>pdm_text_cmd -h pdm_text_cmd: Text API Command Line Interface - Sends text commands to Text API Daemon.

Usage: pdm_text_cmd -t table { -u from_userid | -p from_persid } [-o operation] [-f input_file] [-T timeout] [-h] Where:

 -t = Table to process. -o = Operation to perform. Valid: NEW|UPD|UPDATE|UPDO|UPDATE_ONLY. Default: NEW -f = File to process. Default is to use STDIN. -u = Cmd from userid. -p = Cmd from persid. -T = Time out in seconds. -h = This help. 

Table and Operation parameters are case-insensitive. Valid Table values are listed in the Options section of the text_api.cfg file.


If no parameters are defined in file all text is assumed to be description.

Summary is created as first 60 characters of description if not otherwise set.

Will default assignee where requestor is an analyst.

Parameters can be specified as below in file

>pdm_text_cmd -t REQUEST -u st00002 -f pdm_text_cmd.text (default operation is NEW)

where pdm_text_cmd.text is %SUMMARY=My Summary %DESCRIPTION=Please fix the problem I've described in the description %PRIORITY=3 %CUSTOMER=mparssey %CATEGORY=Hardware %ASSIGNEE=agrainger

To update an existing record >pdm_text_cmd -t REQUEST -u mparssey -o UPDATE -f change_status.txt

where change_status.txt is %SEARCH=REQUEST_ID %REQUEST_ID=102953 %STATUS=Work In Progress

where you can write %SEARCH=keyword1;keyword2;keyword3 %keyword1=value1 %keyword2=value2 %keyword3=value3 %keyword4=new value1 %keyword5=new value2 %keyword6=new value3

You can add multiple requests to a file using %%%%% as the separator.

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