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Increasing Default Field Size


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How to Increase the field length of an out of the box field

Requirement: To display multiple attributes in Service Desk multiple notification macro

Ex: To display Urgency, Request Type, Reference Number and Summary in Subject line (see below)

Urgency @{call_req_id.urgency.sym} - @{call_req_id.type.sym} @{call_req_id.ref_num} - @{call_req_id.summary}

The subject line of the macro OOB is 80 characters and the system won’t allow you to add multiple attributes to subject line due to character limitation. This change will help you add multiple attributes to your custom Multiple Notification Macros, Initial, Close and Manual Notify activity notifications etc.

The below steps will demonstrate how to increase the field length of Multiple notification macro Subject line field.

Database Table: act_type

Field name: notify_title


Step1: Create a Schema (.Sch) file in site/MODS directory as below

zAct_Type.sch (Schema definition)

TABLE Act_Type { notify_title STRING 100 ; }

Step 2: Create a MOD (.MOD) file in site/mods/MAJIC directory as below

zAct_Type.MOD (Object/Attribute definition)

OBJECT aty { ATTRIBUTES Act_Type { notify_msg_title STRING 100;

}; };

Step 3: Make the change in database.

Table: Act_Type Field: notify_title Length: 100

Step 4: Configure the primary server After Configuration, the length definition will be updated in ddict.sch and WSP.

Note: -- You need to do all the above 4 steps to make it work successfully. -- Please note, this is not supported by CA. Try it out first in test box. -- You might see “Duplicate definition, use MODIFY statement” errors in stdlogs. Please ignore as this wont cause any issues.

You can follow the above steps to increase the field length of properties and other out of the box fields. When you increase field length of properties, you need to make the change both in template and as well as property table (cr_prp, cr_prptpl)

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