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Pdm webcache


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This command is used to clear the web page cache. The system maintains a cache to improve system


pdm_webcache [-b] [-H] [-f form] [-g fgroup] [-i interface_type] [-m] [-p webengine_process] [-t timeout] [-v] [-h]

-bbrowser cache. Alert users to update browser cacheTo undo this command, delete a file called browser_refresh.txt then restart services.
-Hhtmpl cache. Clear webengine HTMPL cache
-fForm name. Default is all forms.
-gForm group. Default is all form groups
-iInterface type. Default is all interface types
-mmacro cache. Clear webengine macro cache
-pProcess name of webengine to update. Default is all webengine
-tTime out in seconds. Default is 30 seconds.
-vVerbose (list all forms deleted from cache)

The -f, -g, and -i arguments may contain '*' as a wildcard character. The -H argument is the default if none of the -b, -H, or -m options are specified.

When initiated from a Primary Server, the cache of the Secondary Servers will be cleared as well, assuming -p was not used.


  • To clear all web cache for all domservers
pdm_webcache -v 
  • To clear all web cache for all domservers and prompt users to clear browser cache
pdm_webcache -b 
  • To clear a specific FORM\SCREEN from the cache
pdm_webcache -f detail_cr.htmpl 
  • To clear a specific screen FORM GROUP from the cache
pdm_webcache -g ITIL 

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