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Send WaitCall Attr


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This is some kind of global method (callable on TOP object). It can be called in Spell Code using send_wait method.

Using this method you can call some actions on object attributes or on other factories. So we can distinguish between usage of this method on current object's attributes and other factories.


When calling action on some of top_object's attribute:

void send_wait (int timeout, object top_object, "call_attr", string attr_name, string action_name, [ var parameters… ])

or when calling action on some distinct factory:

void send_wait (int timeout, object top_object, "call_attr", string factory_name, string method_name, [ var parameters… ])
  • timeout - how long (?in seconds?) should the method wait for finishing the method (0 means infinite)
  • top_object - root object for the method (on which the method is called)
  • attr_name - name of attribute on which the action is called
  • factory_name - name of factory on which the action is called
  • action/method - name of the called action/method
  • parameters - variable number of parameters based on the called action


Methods usually fill global msg array with return values. What values are on what positions depends on the called action.

Available method/actions

Defined on Object attributes

Object attributes

Defined on factories


// Get currently logged in user uuid login_userid send_wait(0, top_object(), "call_attr", "cr", "current_user_id"); login_userid = msg[0];

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