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Add Log Entry for Updates to Custom Fields


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This article provides instructions for adding entries to the activity log when updates occur to custom fields.


Step 1 .Create Activity Associations

  1. Login as admin
  2. Open Notification setup > Activity Associations.
  3. Click on Create New.
  4. Enter the custom field name in the symbol text box(zcustomfield1).
  5. Enter a code in the code text box (custom)
  6. Choose the object type from the drop-down box (Change/isssue/request/wf/..).
  7. Enter a description of the field (The MCC Application Code field on a Request).
  8. Enter the custom attribute name (zcustomfield1).
  9. Enter the activity type. You can use "Field Update" or you can create a new activity type if you need to specify notifications for the activity type you select. (Field Update).
  10. Check the "Log Me" checkbox.
  11. click Save.

Step 2. Create the trigger

  • Stop the Service Desk service
  • Start the Service Desk service

For older releases recycle the Service Desk service.

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