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Esta solução foi adaptada ao português sobre a resposta do Timur - cdtj aos questionamento feito em: Re: Automatically close window after click save button


HiTimur, Thank You for sharing your code, it's one adaptation to Brazilian Portuguese.



Precisa definir 3 argumentos


1. Definir next_persid :

ahdframeset.top_splash.next_persid = "<SOME_PERSID>";

Utilizadno para criar objetos filho, o persid são o persistent id dos pais.


2. Atualizar o no formulário:

var set_id = main_form.elements[""];

set_id.value = "HTMPL=show_main_detail.htmpl&" + "$"; = "INPUT_FIELDS_TO_PARSE";


Para obter mais informações, detalhe a função detailSave().



Abaixo o código da solução completa utilizada nos meus formulários

function setAutoClose() {

    if (_dtl.edit) {

        var set_id = main_form.elements[""];

        set_id.value = "HTMPL=show_main_detail.htmpl&" + "$"; = "INPUT_FIELDS_TO_PARSE";

        ahdframeset.top_splash.next_persid = "z_mi_rep:" + argParentID;




<BODY class="detailro" onunload="unloadActions();" onload="setAutoClose();">

Alguns links úteis para utilizar o CABI




CABI4::. Summary - BOXI for CA SDM Technologies: The Surprise Of 2016 Will Be The Resurgence Of Blockchain Technology


Tuesday, January 12, 2016 5:22 AM UTC



CA Technologies, the U.S.-based IT giant, has put forward five technology predictions for 2016 in a blog post. Penned by Otto Berkes, Chief Technology Officer at CA Technologies, the predictions relate to container proliferation, agile security, analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain technology.


According to Berkes, IoT is a high-potential technology and is at a very young stage. He said as IoT moves mainstream in 2016, the “identity of things” will gain importance – the “identity” of a device and any data flow to it must be confirmed and trusted.


He added that the development of IoT sensors and smart devices and their interaction with us in critical areas, such as the healthcare and automotive industries, will help simplify and improve customer experiences.


Coming to the topic of blockchain technology, Berkes said that it was a key word in many startups two years ago. He said that the technology is poised for renewal, particularly when the predicted increase in IoT is taken into account along with the need to engage securely among devices and have a record of those engagements.


“The surprise of 2016 will be the resurgence of blockchain technology and its refinement to where it can truly find a home outside of the Bitcoin transaction ledger”, said Berkes. “Blockchain will have to overcome its “guilt by association” with the Bitcoin problems, but the capability exists for it to become the storage of choice for sensors and IoT in general.”


He also pointed out that a technology, like blockchain, that relies on a network of computers and has privacy at its core will be an “important enabler” of IoT.


“Businesses have the potential in 2016 to exceed customer expectations on every level by living agile practices and digitally transforming their operations”, Berkes added.