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This tool is available on all Windows machine and can be used by creating an empty txt file on your Machine. The file can be named anything you want. You just need to make sure the extension is set to as UDL. Then, double-click on the file and up pops a SQL connectivity window to allow testing of remote SQL connections.

Here is an example as seen below:


If it can't connect to the machine, you would get this error:


If it can't find or locate the database name, the error would be that it "Cannot open datebase "<database-name>" requested by the login. The login failed."


On success, the prompt should look like this:



Another test to ensure is to check:

  • Open SQL Server configuration manager
  • Select SQL Server Network Configuration
  • Select protocol for MSSQLSERVER
  • Check whether tcp/ip is enabled or not. If not, enable it.



Configuring Your Environment

In order to run the commands described in this document, you will need ant 1.7 or later and Java JDK 1.5 or later. Both ant and Java JDK must be on your path.  These can be added with the following WINDOWS commands:




Enable Language Switching

Navigate to your Management Console (…/iam/immanage). Then navigate here: Environments -> <environment-name> -> Advanced Settings -> User Console -> Check the “Enable Language Switching” checkbox




Single Language Environment:

To translate your Roledefinitions.xml into a different language, there are ones available in the samples folder included with the product. These are located here: ...\Identity Manager\IAM Suite\Identity Manager\tools\samples\Localization. Each folder is labelled with their respective language. Select the RoleDefinition.xml and import it using the management console:


Multi-language Environment:

Note: If you are going to support multiple languages in your Identity Manager environment, you develop roles in English, export the roles into a role definitions file, tokenize the role definitions file, add the additional resources to a resource bundle and then translate the resulting resource bundle to multiple languages.


These steps need to be followed in this order:

  1. Export Roles and Tasks XML from the Identity Manager Management Console (As seen above)
  2. Tokenize the RolesDefinition.xml
  3. Translate the tokenized RolesDefinition.xml
  4. Follow the Translating Resource Bundle steps
  5. Restart the application server
  6. Upload the tokenized RolesDefintion.xml into your environment

Notes are located below if encountering any issues.


Tokenizing Role Definitions

To tokenize the resource file and generate the additional resources, navigate to the Localization directory, and then run the following command:

ant tokenizeroledef -Dinputfile=RoleDefinitions.xml


This will produce RoleDefinitions_Tokenized.xml and


Translating Role Definitions

Note: When using multi-language environment, be sure to use the tokenized rolesdefinition.xml file. It should look something like this: "RolesDefinition_Tokenized.xml"

Translate role definitions using the dictionary included in the Localization directory.  Run the following command in the Localization directory.

ant translateroledef -Dinputfile=RoleDefinitions.xml


This will produce a RoleDefinitions_languagecode.xml for each supported language. Append the properties to your English resources. Strings that could not be translated with the dictionaries will remain in English.


Translating Resource Bundles

Translate resource bundles using the dictionary included in the Localization directory.  Write missing dictionary entries to a file.  Run the following command in the Localization directory.

ant translateresourcebundle


This will produce a for each supported language and add any strings that could not be translated to a bundlename_languagecode.missing file.


Wildfly Version:

These files should be placed here: <Wildfly_Home>\standalone\deployments\iam_im.ear\custom\resourceBundles


JBoss Version:




Uploading RolesDefinitions.xml

Navigate to the Identity Manager Management Console and upload the tokenized English Rolesdefinition.xml first and then any other language that you would require into your environment.



Reference: Additional information can be located here ...\Identity Manager\IAM Suite\Identity Manager\tools\samples\Localization\readme.htm




Missing Roles: Reattached the System Manager user in the Identity Manager Management console and then restart the environment

Languages not changing: Please upload both tokenized languages including the english version into the environment.



This link can bring you back to the homepage. Usually, I would change my logo on the upper left hand corner to link to the homepage. I would append this URL to the end of index.jsp: index.jsp?


Once that URL has been entered, it would take you to your homepage as seen similar to the image as shown above.