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When you configure the JBoss application server as a web service, it automatically runs when the computer starts.

Follow these steps:

  1.            Browse to the JBoss community download websiteand download the file.
  2.         Copy and decompress the file to the following directory:
  3.        gm_install\eurekify-jboss

Note: gm_install is the CA Identity Governance installation directory.

New directories and files are created.

  • Create a backup of the service.bat file in the following subdirectory:
  •        gm_install\eurekify-jboss
  • Edit the service.bat file in the gm_install\eurekify-jboss\bin subdirectory as follows:
  1. Search the file and replace the string batwith the string <Install-location>\ca-gm-run.bat. (Make sure it points to the right location)
    • File is located under CA-RCM-12.6.x-Core\Utils&Conf\JBossEAP6
  2. Locate and delete the following strings in the file:
    • > run.log
    • >> run.log
    • > shutdown.log
    • >> shutdown.log
    • 2>&1
  3. Save changes to the file.
  • In the standalone file set the welcome parameter from “true” to “false”.
  • Open a command line window from the Start menu and navigate to this directory:
  • ...\jboss-native-2.0.9-windows-x86-ssl\bin
  • Enter service install.