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Note: The latest Cumulative Patch for Identity Portal needs to be applied if using Virtual Appliance.




To set the branding for Identity Portal 14.1 for Virtual Appliance. Navigate to the Branding tab on the top on the bar as shown in the below image:

Click the Logo and select these attributes:








In the image above are some of the sample values I put in. Adjust these as necessary:

background-image: <image-name.jpg>

background-size: contain

height: 100

width: 150


The next is to change the logo on the icon when clicking the left-handed panel.


The above show


1) In the branding tab click the Key on the view section

2) Click Logo

3) Change logo to desired image. This will change the image on the login screen


For changing the logo on the panel on the left follow these steps:
1) Under custom click the "+" icon
2) Add this for the "Add CSS Selector Name"
3) Add  .nav-menu-header 
The first custom script we have added: [image-error="../static-html/images/CA_logo@2x.png"] .

Follow these steps to add onto Identity Portal attributes
1) Click add attribute and look for other
2) enter in display -. value as "none"

In .nav-menu-header this one is a little tricky.

add background-image attribute, background-position, background-size and background-repeat

The values should be as lsited below:
background-image: select desired logo
background-position: right
background-size: contain
background-repeat: no-repeat