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While working on a customer issue, we've come to find out that we don't actually provide an easy way to generate the encrypted string needed for use in the APM Jetty configurations. We do, however, have a nice KB article written by CA Support that details the procedure.


So I took that information and cloned the password script (SHA2Encoder.bat) to create JettyEncoder.bat. The script works the same way; just provide the password you want to encrypt and it will output the OBF string you need for your Jetty setup.


NOTE: Before you run the script, please update the variable JETTY_CLASSPATH. The location of the two JAR files needed may be different depending on your APM version. This was tested with HFX9.


The script is attached to this blog for your use. Place the file in <EM_HOME>\tools.

Update: I have updated some comments in the script and provided a Linux/Unix version.


Just for completeness, here is the link for the official Jetty documentation: Jetty/Howto/Secure Passwords - Eclipsepedia 


Again, thanks to grara06 for showing the way, and to Raja (SE) for the cipher suite details (another discussion for another time).

While working remotely with an SAP customer this week, I was asked to help enable the Application Triage Map (which is disabled by default for RTV/SED users).

The customer installed PostgreSQL and successfully created their APM Database. The problem was the only server that appeared to be connected to it was the MOM server (and only after the initial setup).


I went through the normal routines of checking the enablement properties in, using pgAdmin to check the state of the database, checking the Windows Service, and checking the connection string in tess-db-cfg.xml. Everything appeared to be fine, but none of the EMs would connect. We even went as far as to change the password.


I poked around a bit as we pondered the issue when I came across this post on ServerFault: postgresql - Why can't user login on Postgres - Server Fault


Apparently, it's not always enough to just change the password. You may actually need to reset the value of the column 'validuntil'. Updating this value to 'infinity', as the post suggests, did fix the problem for the customer. The customer's plan was to have their team update the remaining EMs with the new password and restart them. NOTE: Don't forget to set the value of attribute 'plainTextPasswords' to 'true' in tess-db-cfg.xml so that the EM can encrypt the value for you upon restart.


So there's my latest triumph over technology. I hope to bring more as they occur or as my fuzzy logic allows me to recall them.


Happy Coding!



I've added a new plugin to the Solaris repo: mpstat monitoring.

You can find it here.

I'd like to get a few more plugins written for the OS, so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to post a comment on this blog.


Happy Coding!



Happy New Year! I know it's almost the end of January, but it's my first blog of the year.


So many good things happened last year! The release of CA APM 10, APM Team Center, and the enhanced APM Command Center; APM 9.7.1 certified for the SAP Marketplace with APM 10 coming soon; the first ever APM Hackathon!


With all of this new content out there, I felt it was time to get "out with the old, in with the new".


I've recently started to post many of my EPAgent plugins over to our public GitHub site ( If you haven't registered before, it's free to use and the content we post there is freely available for your use.

We've posted about this in the past on APM-DEV (, but there wasn't a lot of content. So I, and my colleagues, are endeavoring to post more content there for our members.


I'm working very hard this year to discipline myself to write and post things so that you can see they types of things I'm working on. While most of the content on my personal repositories are for APM, I will, on occasion, post some things I'm working on personally.

You can follow my work here =>


I look forward to hearing from you all this year!


Happy Coding!



I just finished setting up my personal blog and will decide whether I post here and link to the community, or use both.