Changing passwords for PostgreSQL

Blog Post created by Hiko_Davis Employee on May 22, 2016

While working remotely with an SAP customer this week, I was asked to help enable the Application Triage Map (which is disabled by default for RTV/SED users).

The customer installed PostgreSQL and successfully created their APM Database. The problem was the only server that appeared to be connected to it was the MOM server (and only after the initial setup).


I went through the normal routines of checking the enablement properties in IntroscopeEnterpriseManager.properties, using pgAdmin to check the state of the database, checking the Windows Service, and checking the connection string in tess-db-cfg.xml. Everything appeared to be fine, but none of the EMs would connect. We even went as far as to change the password.


I poked around a bit as we pondered the issue when I came across this post on ServerFault: postgresql - Why can't user login on Postgres - Server Fault


Apparently, it's not always enough to just change the password. You may actually need to reset the value of the column 'validuntil'. Updating this value to 'infinity', as the post suggests, did fix the problem for the customer. The customer's plan was to have their team update the remaining EMs with the new password and restart them. NOTE: Don't forget to set the value of attribute 'plainTextPasswords' to 'true' in tess-db-cfg.xml so that the EM can encrypt the value for you upon restart.


So there's my latest triumph over technology. I hope to bring more as they occur or as my fuzzy logic allows me to recall them.


Happy Coding!