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I am happy to share with you a few videos that we have created in the context of OAuth Toolkit and Mobile API Gateway. They are meant as an introduction into how API's can be built and what kind of elements are available to secure those.

We decided to create these videos because we have been asked for guidelines on typical tasks that are involved when designing and implementing API's. They are not meant to replace a workshop but to give a brief overview.



Please let us know if those videos are considered to be helpful, what may be missing, what is good or bad  and if there are other topics that should be covered by videos.


One note

My voice is pretty slow so please have a cup of coffee to make sure you do not fall asleep!


More important

We only talk about authentication not authorization.  We did not meant to call OAuth an authentication framework, it is just that authentication was what we needed in this tutorial. This clarification is required to make sure that we do not get haunted by those two guys (Nat Sakimura, John Bradley, OpenID Connect | OpenID ):





Please follow the links below to find the videos:

Part 1 - MAG Building protected APIs Part 1 - YouTube

Part 2 - MAG Building protected APIs Part 2 - YouTube

Part 3 - MAG Building protected APIs Part 3 - YouTube

Part 4 - MAG Building protected APIs Part 4 - YouTube

Part 5 - MAG Building protected APIs Part 5 - YouTube

Part 6 - MAG Building protected APIs Part 6 - YouTube

Part 7 - MAG Building protected APIs Part 7 - YouTube


Thanks for your feedback!