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Sascha Preibisch

We are certified!

Posted by Sascha Preibisch Employee Jul 14, 2017

OpenID Certification has been achieved!


I am happy to announce that OTK-4.1 has successfully been certified for the following profiles:

  • OpenID Provider Basic
  • OpenID Provider Config


CA API Gateway and CA Mobile API Gateway are listed on the official web site of OpenID Providers: OpenID Certification | OpenID  


OTK-4.1 will be released soon as of when you are able to leverage improved and new features such as:

  • OpenID Connect Discovery
  • OpenID Connect Dynamic Registration
  • OpenID Connect JWKS_URI
  • Refresh Token can be configured to be re-used
  • Refresh Token can be configured to keep the original expiration date
  • Enhanced customizations
  • Easy upgrade process


I hope this is good news for any OTK user!