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With the launch of the newCommunity App Catalog doc, we want to highlight some of the awesome apps available for you to install and use right away. Today's post is about the Query Counter, one of the most versatile apps. You can find details on how to install the app as well as the full list of great appshere.


You can find all of the App Of The Week posts here.


Query Counter

GitHub Project| Source Code to Install



This app may not look like much, but it’s a highly powerful tool to easily convey information to you, your Team, or stakeholders. The app takes a custom query, to make the number, and puts it embedded into your text. Here's the settings for the app for the screenshot above. The "{#}" marker shows where the app should put the number:


 The uses for this app are endless:

  • Create a data validation page to check for issues, like stories that are in progress with no estimate, or defects that are closed with no resolution set. Each Query Counter can give the number as well as the steps to take to resolve the data issue, like setting the defect resolution.

  • Make a release dashboard that tracks items like open defects and how many features are still open, with tips in the Query Counter app for historical trends and targets.

  • Report on your Team’s working agreements like the size of your backlog, if you’re trying to keep it reasonably small, and the total number of items in process. Use the Query Counter to document the working agreement too.


Many users like to put this app next to a Custom List that also shows the items that match the query so you can see the details. The text makes it so anyone who sees the list on the right knows what it's about by adding much more context:


If you love this app too, or have your own awesome use for it, we'd love to hear about it in the comments!

With the launch of the new Community App Catalog doc, we want to highlight some of the awesome apps available for you to install and use right away. You can find details on how to use the app as well as the full list of great apps here!


You can find all of the App Of The Week posts here.


Iteration Retro

GitHub Project | Source Code to Install



Iteration Retro App




You can now easily facilitate Iteration Retrospectives, getting to action items to improve your Team’s performance. Retrospectives are a vital part of any agile Team and helps the team inspect and adapt their processes to be constantly improving.


Add this app to a page to take notes during a retro about aspects of the iteration that were great, or that could have been better. Finally, track the action items, updating them in the future as they’re completed. All information is saved on the Iteration object for later reference and can be accessed by everyone.



Use Cases


Distributed Teams will especially value seeing retrospective notes and actions wherever they are. The Team’s ScrumMaster can lead the retro via video conference while taking notes in Rally. You can even add other apps to the same page to make a one-stop hub to view an iteration’s performance and takeaways.

Did you know about the plethora of awesome Custom Apps ready for you to install in Agile Central? These apps give you the power to view delivery metrics in new ways, easily communicate progress, and even automate data updates. I’m excited to announce that we’ve just posted a Community App Catalog document to share the most popular apps for you to try out and install in Agile Central today!


On this blog you'll also start to see a weekly feature - The App of the Week. Each week we'll highlight one of the great apps available to you via the Community to explore and leverage.

If you have questions or feedback, or apps that you’d like to see on the list, please let us know in the comments.