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Once /i was pasting some content in flowdock. It didnot allowed me to edit the text. It stopped me with some message I dont remember. Is there any limit for entering text?
in CA Flowdock
From iPhone app, if I try to login (using Rally) it redirects me to Rally dashboard page. There doesn't seem to be anyway to go to Flowdock from app
in CA Flowdock
when "Someone is typing" in a group or a 1-1 the informative little box that informs you about it overlaps the text so it is impossible to read the beginning of that line:     I'm using the "clean & compact" layout   I might be wrong, but I think this is a new thing. Is this a bug?
in CA Flowdock
We just got flowdock for our sub but need to turn on SSO. What do i need to do to make that happen? 
in CA Flowdock
Is there something to set up/enable for this to work?  Mail does not bounce.  Fails regardless of sending address. This is a newly created flow (a few days ago).  At least one other flow in my organization works fine.   Is there a troubleshooting procedure?
in CA Flowdock
Hello, We are having issues connecting to Flowdock this morning.  The Windows app will throw an error of cannot connect. The website is very slow to load and never finishes, just shows a green spinning circle. The mobile app says there is a problem with the network when you trey to refresh flows. This is the same for all our users and across… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
Hi,   I am seeking renewal for my team's educational flowdock account. I am the team captain of the IEEE Robotics Team at the University of Tennessee, and we use Flowdock as our main hub of communication for the team. We are on Flowdock as "UTK Robotics 2016" which corresponds to    Thanks, Parker… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
Totally not urgent, just wanted to flag it for someone! We're really proud of our collection of party parrots. 
in CA Flowdock
Hi everyone,   I'm the Director of Product for Flowdock and I am excited to announce that we recently released the ability for admins to search on the User Admin page. This has been a common request from our Admin users since searching through pagination for someone named Tania, can be tedious.     So if you are an admin, please check out the… (Show more)
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