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For the past couple weeks almost any time I use Flowdock (desktop) and start typing to someone (1-1 chat) it will freeze up for 5-10 seconds at a time.  It eventually unfreezes and whatever I typed during the time it was frozen will suddenly appear.  If I hit ESC when it's frozen I immediately get control back.  Or if I hit ENTER when it's frozen… (Show more)
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Dear CA Flowdock Our company (50 users) have been using Flowdock for some time now, and we have always been very pleased with the product. Lately the quality has been going down though, and it has gotten so bad, that we are considering other alternatives. Performance is bad, and it seems to suffer from weird cache-issues, especially the iOS and… (Show more)
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HI Team, When i am trying to login i am getting error message email address conflict , login with existing flowdock credentials to link your Rally identity with your Flowdock account.   After that if i again enter my details and click on LOG IN TO FLOWDOCK i am getting "Something went wrong" message.   Please check.   Thanks, Swapnil Velhal.… (Show more)
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Hi,   I have installed Flowdock application on Windows 10. But unable to login using CA Agile. It is re-directing me to Rally Dashboard instead of Flowdock. Can someone help?   Thanks.
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Since 08.30 UTC today 13 Nov 2017, not loading flowdock messages in browser (Chrome, IE) and Flowdock app
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Hello,  After succesful log-in flowdock brings up the flow list and the 1-to-1s but loads forever and the chat never comes up.   This is occurring on my laptop. Using Windows 10. (Windows 10 Universal image 1.39) Both the Windows app and Flowdock accessed via have the same issue:     There seems not to be any… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
When trying to run flowdock on chrome or chromium it doesn't load at all. It works on firefox though. I get this loop of 404 and reconnecting. Can you do something about it?
in CA Flowdock
I have a user who wants to install the flowdock app on his personal mobile phone (Android) but he is unable to sign-in with his or using the CAAC account through internet (user doesn't want to install the In tune/ Comp portal app on his device as it is personal phone). We have shared the below link but still it is an issue. Please… (Show more)
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I'm a PhD candidate at the just founded Digital and Cognitive Musicology Lab at the EPFL in Lausanne. We would like to use Flowdock as our team communication platform, particularly because of the nice GitHub integration. Is it possible for us to to get a non-profit discount?
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Hello,   Recently Myeself and a few other users randomly stopped receiving FlowDock notifications. I took the time to validate notification preferences were not setup, and also looked at the firewall to ensure nothing was being blocked.  I couldn't find any issues so I uninstalled the desktop app, and re-installed it. Once this was complete the… (Show more)
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