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Since the last update, I have no special notification dot for @mentions in my Flowdock Windows app tray icon (like the orange one in the old version) - is that a bug or a "feature"?   The only dot notification I have is for any message in any of the flows posted, which is useless for me (the red one, which is I guess the same as the green one in… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
Suppose I have a flow called named Kafka. Now I would like to get the token for this flow where I can connect with curl command. Could you please help me on this?
in CA Flowdock
Dear CA Communities Members,   This is a reminder that as part of the transition to Broadcom, the CA Communities will be moving to a new platform on June 6, 2019. (See my previous post for more details: Community Platform Migration Scheduled for Early June)   We also have some new information and important dates that I want to share with you… (Show more)
How do you convert rally users who no longer user rally to use the flowdock only license without losing their flows and 1:1 conversations?
in CA Flowdock
i was invited to flowdock user group, but I get error messages when I try to log in.
in CA Flowdock
As you all probably know by now, CA Technologies has been acquired by Broadcom. As part of this transition, the CA Communities will be merging with the existing Broadcom Communities and moving to a new platform on June 6, 2019.   The new platform is called Higher Logic and this is the platform that the CA Communities were likely going to be moving… (Show more)
In the preferences there is a control for managing the volume of program sounds, but the sounds themselves seem to be static.  For me, at least, the regular message sound is too quiet for my liking.  I've missed it many times.  Has anyone found a way to edit the sounds? Thank you! Pedro M.sound user preferences
in CA Flowdock
Hi,   it's me again.   It seems that tag pagination in inbox is broken, and only displays the latest 50 messages for any given tag.   I also found out that the List Message API pagination parameters, since_id and until_id seem to be broken and have no effect on the returned results. This causes our custom scripts to be broken when they start… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
Hi Team, I was wondering is this known issue, or is there something wrong with Flowdock <-> Bitbucket integration?   Background: Added Bitbucket integration to my flow. Updated Bitbucket repository webhooks with the given url and selected all triggers. Issue: Notifications about changes made to the Bitbucket repository don't get in Flowdock.… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
Hi, can anyone help with updated instructions for using drone flowdock notifications?  The information here appears to be out of date, as the example is invalid syntax in the latest version of .drone.yaml
in CA Flowdock
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