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I am on a Windows 10 machine and trying to login to the Flowdock app using the "Login with CA Agile" option. After I select this option to login with, I am sent to a blank page.  In Flowdock's dev tools console, I am getting the following error: "Failed to load resource: net::ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH".  It seems "loader.js" fails to load… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
when i go to upgrade from IMG_1322 the upgrade fails and i see IMG1323. 
in CA Flowdock
Good Morning,    I lead a team of techs and we are looking for a chat client. I see in some instances you offer Flowdock for reduced or for free to non-profit organization. As a public school we are obviously not for profit. Could someone contact me about my options? Thanks   Jason
in CA Flowdock
We use Private Internet Acces pia on our mobile computers.  Recently, many providers of critical infrastructure, including CA, have been restricting access from known vpn sources.  There is merit to preventing undesirable actors from the infrastructure.  However, for professional, well published and responsible #vpn organizations providing… (Show more)
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For GDPR purposes, when we get a request to remove personal information from FlowDock, how do we remove the message or thread containing personal info?
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Everytime when I am trying to login into my Flowdock account it is giving "Something went Wrong" error.   I already tried option of forgot password, and it didnt work even after resetting my account password.   My email ID :
in CA Flowdock
tried updating my email of my flowdock account and after I did, i tried logging in and flowdock prompts me that have email conflict so i need to try logging in again. When i try to login using my email and password flowdock for the second time, it takes me to `Something went wrong` page. Please see attached email.   Contact:… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
I do not get notifications on my phone anymore.  I am running android.  I have reset my phone several times, thus reinstalled the app.  I have ensured notifications are enabled on the app and they are prioritized as well even.  How can I get notifications again?
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