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More than asking, this is a bug report.   If you search by tag on the inbox, I only see results up to Feb 4th, I have seen this issue for the past several days. and I know I have recent entries with the tag I search for. I even clicked on the tag for the last item, which happened yesterday, but I still get Feb 4th as the last found set.   This… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
I am trying to integrate New Relic with flowdock. But New Relic notifications are getting in the Inbox section. But I need them in chat window as messages. Is this possible ?   Thanks   Regards Rajesh
in CA Flowdock
Been using Flowdock for a couple years now, currently running v1.0.2 of the Windows app.  I'm on a new Dell laptop running Windows 10 Enterprise, running a 64-bit processor w/16 GB memory.  Starting a week or two ago, I began experiencing terrible performance issues, all associated with Flowdock.  At first, things are just fine... but then system… (Show more)
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Hi Flowdock. As an EU based company we are very soon (May 25th) forced to be compliant with the new extensive privacy regulations - and thus only use companies that are compliant as well.   I can't anything at Flowdock mentioning this. Slack has a great information-page about this: Slack’s Plan for GDPR Compliance | Slack    Most of the… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
Hello,    Usually, we search in different flows information by using multiple hashtags:  For example, I'm looking for a flow where the hashtag #Blue and the hashtag #Dolphins are used :    I go to the  I tap : #Blue #Dolphins   And I have the results of ALL the flows with the TWO hashtags.        But now, since one month approximatively, If… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
Latest version crashes every time I try to access notifications directly in the app, of from the iOS Notification Center. If I use the iOS Notification Center as an entry point it also removes the notification from the Notifications Center.   The only way to go through my notifications on iOS is now to visit each flow and scroll through to… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
Flowdock is no longer sending any sounds in Chrome. Verified with multiple users from our organization by using the incognito tab with notifications and sounds allowed. It works fine when switching to Firefox or any other browser or the App.
in CA Flowdock
I'm running Mac OS High Sierra 10.13, and flowdock 1.2.9 (35), and when some of the emoticons or external gifs are posted in a chat, flowdock doesn't display them properly.  I've checked for updates for both the OS and flowdock and the situation isn't resolving.  This has been occurring for the past week or so.  I can copy and paste the symbols… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
Tag search does not work at all. Steps to reproduce: * Add tag #DPP-714 * Search for tag #DPP-714 Expected result: Find the tag I just entered. Actual result: "No messages matched the search". Reproducible: Every time at least for about a week and both in Windows client and in web interface.   Text search does not work, either. Steps to… (Show more)
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Hi,   it's me again.   It seems that tag pagination in inbox is broken, and only displays the latest 50 messages for any given tag.   I also found out that the List Message API pagination parameters, since_id and until_id seem to be broken and have no effect on the returned results. This causes our custom scripts to be broken when they start… (Show more)
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