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When I try to log into Flowdock using Agile Central, it is giving the following error :        
in CA Flowdock
User:Ravali   She is unable to Login into Flowdock..She is getting "400 Bad Request" error.Please check and update us...
in CA Flowdock
I keep getting disconnected from flowdock for some reason.  This only started in the last 2 days.   Every time it happens, I will try to send a message to a channel or a 1 on 1 chat and receive the message : Message not delivered, still trying...   Closing the application and re-opening will reconnect me immediately, but then I lose all the… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
Currently, the iOS Flowdock app supports being put into slide over or split view mode, but when it does so, it doesn’t adopt the iPhone/compact class view. Instead, it keeps the iPad/desktop view with an always expanded sidebar. This makes the app useless in slide over and split view modes.    See image below - there doesn’t appear to be any way… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
Hi! do you know how many email we're able to store in one flow?  We want to redirect emails to a flow and make sure it can store them all.    Thanks,  Moshe. 
in CA Flowdock
Hi - I need to remove an admin user and cannot do that in my view (I'm also an admin) and we need to get more seats.  Could someone please contact me to work through this?  (it wasn't clear how to contact support via email).   Thanks,   -Jesse
in CA Flowdock
We just created a new flow room.   We need to import all the conversation from the old flow room to the recently created flow room.   How we can do that?
in CA Flowdock
Dear CA Flowdock Our company (50 users) have been using Flowdock for some time now, and we have always been very pleased with the product. Lately the quality has been going down though, and it has gotten so bad, that we are considering other alternatives. Performance is bad, and it seems to suffer from weird cache-issues, especially the iOS and… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
Serious IOS app bugs are forcing us to look seriously into migrating our 100+ users onto another solution. The most common complaints are: 1: The app freezes on opening (non-responsive) and only crashes after several minutes 2: Images do not show up and preview is not available 3: Links are often not clickable and thus not followable 4: The… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
Hi, I recently came back from a long leave at work and had a lot of flowdock messages to catch up on. While going through the messages, I had this very frustrating issue. I had about 40 pages of flowdock chats to piece together. Flowdock has this thing where when you open a thread in the sidebar, it adjusts the text in the centre panel text to… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
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