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Hi Suport Team Joined recently and tried to configure flowdock on windows 10 machine even downloading the app for the same. tried to login but not letting me get in and showing error.  Oops!It seems that your Flowdock user account does not belong to an active organization. To proceed, you need to create a new organization. If you wish to join an… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
Hello.   I have CA Agile Central installation (On Premise 2018.1) and I want to integrate it with Flowdock. It is possible? How?   I have read that it is not possible beacause the On Premise edition does not have API Keys.   Regards.   Dani.
in CA Flowdock
When I try to export Flowdock data, it gets stored in my local machine. So, is there any way to export Flowdock data into my AWS S3 bucket or anywhere else other than in my local system?CA Flowdock
in CA Flowdock
Hi. I noticed the Flowdock Mac desktop client taking 1.8 GB of RAM, compared to ~300 MB when it first launches. I observed it climbing from 1.74 GB to 1.80 GB when all it was doing was trying to connect but not succeeding in that. Thanks.   If there is a better place for submitting feedback, please let me know.
in CA Flowdock
Singed up with normal flowdock and now I get an email conflict error when trying to sign in.
in CA Flowdock
Hi!   We've been using FlowDock at my previous workplace at Deveo/Perforce (they are still using it). I loved the threads implementation, no other chat app has it figured out the right way.   When I joined kaliber5, I have persuaded the team to switch to FlowDock.   We are happy with it but we have one huge issue. We also had it back… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
Click to view contentHate this error message I'm getting on two channels constantly. Refreshing or logging in again doesn't help. How do I get rid of this?  
in CA Flowdock
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