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When I view my Developer Applications,  the page returns "Something went wrong".
in CA Flowdock
I am trying to integrate jenkins with flowdock I have installed the latest plugin for flowdock manager. Now what URL shall I give to below place for Flowdock API URL        
in CA Flowdock
Been using Flowdock for a couple years now, currently running v1.0.2 of the Windows app.  I'm on a new Dell laptop running Windows 10 Enterprise, running a 64-bit processor w/16 GB memory.  Starting a week or two ago, I began experiencing terrible performance issues, all associated with Flowdock.  At first, things are just fine... but then system… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
When attempting to ping someone or use emojis in a specific flow, the page lags for about 10-20 seconds before letting me type again.   Page starts lagging immediately after typing @ or :   Seems like a bug. What other info can I provide to help y'all look into this?
in CA Flowdock
I'm not able to use my custom emojis on a 1-1 chat, it works in any flows though.
in CA Flowdock
Hi Team, When I try to integrate FD with Jenkins I am facing the following error "Flowdock: failed to send notification", "Flowdock: IOException in connecting to Flowdock:". Please help me in fixing this. In Jenkins Configuration the Flowdock API URL : jenkins_plugin_version For Flowdock… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
Totally not urgent, just wanted to flag it for someone! We're really proud of our collection of party parrots. 
in CA Flowdock
Welcome to the CA Flowdock Community!    Just Released New features or fixed defects to help your teams keep in flow.  Ask a Question Use the above search bar - or just ask your question here.  Share Know-How Want to share how you solved a problem? Please do!   Help Knowledge Base Status Ideas @Flowdock   New to CA? View the…
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