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We have noticed that flow specific group pings (i.e. @@ group pings) don't work when flow is opened the first time. Has anyone else faced this issue?   Here is how to replicate: 1. Create group in flow (e.g. @@group) 2. Ask person who didn't belong to the flow to join the flow and ping the created group 3. Group doesn't work and the "ping… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
Hello, a lot of my flows are orphaned.  Options?     Also please turn off flow admin.  Thank you.
in CA Flowdock
perdh02 in their recent blog announced few changes that they are making to the way you can access rooms on appear. From September 24th 2018 all rooms need to be created by and owned by someone. You’ll no longer need to “claim” rooms after creating them which has been a cause of great confusion. Any room you create will from september… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
On a specific US / DE discussion happened between team members in flowdock, can we post it to that specific US / DE in CA Agile central automaically ?
in CA Flowdock
Good Day. I am getting fully blank screen whenever I try to login via CA AGILE CENTRAL. The blank screen will just remain there forever and hence it is fully impossible for me to login which gives lots of issues to my work currently. I am using latest updates for Windows and my PC is 64 bit architecture.   Below you can find the screenshot.  … (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
One of our users added a tag with a rather obscene amount of characters and now whenever we type @ or #, which would normally load a user or tag list, the browser becomes frozen. Unfortunately, when we try to go back to the original message the tag was attached to in order to delete it via the normal methods, the tag itself will not load in order… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
Lenn Thompson
CA World 2018 has been canceled due to CA’s pending transaction with Broadcom, which is scheduled to close in the fourth quarter of 2018. We made the decision to cancel the conference, rather than gather so many of our customers, partners and other stakeholders before we can provide a complete update on our integration plans going forward with… (Show more)
This is something the causes a lot of frustration. In our case, we have a company with more than 500 people. So it's hard to remember or find only in the notifications bar the people which you talked with. From time to time the notification also disappears and you can totally miss someone's chat because you, for example, forget its name.
in CA Flowdock
Been using Flowdock for a couple years now, currently running v1.0.2 of the Windows app.  I'm on a new Dell laptop running Windows 10 Enterprise, running a 64-bit processor w/16 GB memory.  Starting a week or two ago, I began experiencing terrible performance issues, all associated with Flowdock.  At first, things are just fine... but then system… (Show more)
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