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After flow merge how to get another flow's email. We have merged two flows and all the sources are imported to the flow that we want to keep. Now the old flow had this email address which is still widely used. Can the second email be assigned with the first flow? I know that there is a possibility to add more email sources but the email… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
We are going to be changing our domain name in a few weeks. Are there specific instructions we need to follow in order to ensure a smooth transition with FlowDock?
in CA Flowdock
I have a user who does not get notifications from the windows 10 app, but they get notifications when they log in to the web app. They would prefer to not have both open.
in CA Flowdock
Couple weeks ago i noticed that comments that are used to re-open the JIRA cases, did not show up in the inbox anymore. After last friday other comments as well has gone missing. By last tuesday all comments did not appear in the inbox anymore. We have tried to fix this from our side, but so far nothing has worked and i dont think this is anything… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
How can I find out the usage volume for all my users 1 to 1 conversations?
in CA Flowdock
Hi the reset password is not working. I have an open session but can't remember my password. So I can't change it from account settings either. When I send invitation to my other email address from my flow I don't get any emails either. Please help investigate.
in CA Flowdock
I am trying to share URLs which contain syntax that is being auto-formatted into emoji.  The specific syntax is ":x:", which auto-formats into a large "X" emoji in the middle of the URL.  We cannot work around this issue using [link](/link) syntax, because the ":x:" portion of the URL still auto-formats into something other than the correct link… (Show more)
in CA Flowdock
I just set up my Flowdock account last week.  I am able to login and use the web based version but I can't get logged in using the desktop app.  I'm using Windows 7 and my coworkers can get into without issue.  Is there something in my account that is messed up?
in CA Flowdock
I have Flowdock enterprise.  The last Flow admin left the flow. I need to promote someone.  I'm not even in the flow.  Please help me.
in CA Flowdock
Hi,   I am unable to login into my flowdock mobile app. I have tried to login with CA agile central and provided my username as but login got failed.   Thanks, Manoj Kumar Aitha
in CA Flowdock
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