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Windows Server 2019 went GA in October. We want to make sure we're able to run agents on our new servers. 
The RA Banner agent will need to be updated to accomodate the added parameters in order to use the new functionality provided by the latest Ellucian Banner General Release.
Banner Agent support for Banner 9 Add support for additional gjajobs.shl parameters (now have up to 13 instead of  8). Add support for Proxy Logins.   Business reason: Banner General 8.10.x and Banner 9.x have new features that are not supported by the RA Agent for Banner 3.6.1. The gjajobs.shl script now supports up to 13 parameters instead…
We are beginning the move to Banner 9.  Job submission in Banner 9 uses the Oracle wallet.  Oracle wallet uses a proxy to submit a job.  It will put a bracket around the username and it replaces the password.  User's will not be able to view their output on capture jobs using oracle wallet. This is because it creates a:  {user name} user account…
As a result of upgrading to Banner 9 banner wallet are placing brackets around [username]. Therefore  when Applications manager Remote Agent banner job capture occurs the requestor of the job in backlog and history shows up as [username]. Also any time a new user runs a job a record is placed in the user table with brackets [username]  and you are…
License Key Checks Removed The requirement for a License Key based on customer contracted entitlement was removed from the products in V12.2.2.  This was for a number of reasons: Multiple Customer requests Customer survey feedback Removal of a License Generation process which does not add any meaningful value for the customer or Broadcom Removal… (Show more)
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We have migrated Appworx dev database from Solaris to new platform (Linux) and all objects are valid except the one mentioned below. SQL> @/orabkup/orauksm1/scripts/chk_invalid.sql     COUNT(*) ----------          1   COUNT(*) OWNER ----------… (Show more)
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When configuring the FTP tab on an RA FTP job I am using the built-in Commands.  The Copy File(s) command has an option titled "Abort job when source file(s) not found".  This option is greyed out and whether it is checked or not varies with the job.  I have not been able to find any documentation for this option.  Is it automatically set… (Show more)
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Im trying to add postconditions/preconditions via api calls, however only one is added and the rest seem to be ignored.   For Example, endDepenendcies.forEachRemaining(dependency -> {     JobPlanTask task = dependency.getTask();     if(task.postConditions() != null){         ConditionsSet pSet = task.postConditions().copy();        … (Show more)
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Hello,   Does anyone know if a separate installation of Tomcat is required for installing Request Management (aka Automic Service Orchestration)?  Or can I use my existing Tomcat, which is currently being used for AWI (Automic Web Interface)?   Thanks!
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