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SAPRFCException: Error: Type:null Number:34 Message:Internal problem (function BAPI_XBP_JOB_START_ASAP) can anyone guide me on this error? is it related to authority issue?   background - executing SAP jobs from Automic using XBP
in CA Automic Community
Application Manager should support Ellucian Banner 9.   Banner 9 administrative pages were released last year and they require Oracle Wallet functionallity.  Appworx does not handle oracle wallet.   Usernames have brackets around them.  Job capture creates new users with brackets around them.  These new users cannot be edited and are useless in…
The CA Communities use a single sign-on model with other CA websites such as CA Support Online and/or  In other words, if you already have credentials to access those systems, you can log-in using the same credentials to access CA Communities. If you do not already have credentials for those sites, you will need to follow the online… (Show more)
We have upgraded to Windows 10 v.1809 and are currently using Appworx v. 8. which uses Java 1.6.  Are there any known issues with that version of Windows and Java 1.6. ?
in CA Automic Community
Bonjour,   J'ai un problème nous avons importé des nœuds V5.6 sur l'UVMS en V6.8   Après avoir supprimer la version 5 sur le nœud et supprimé le nœud de l'UVMS V6 J'ai voulu installer la version V6 sur le serveur et j'ai un message que me dis que c:\.\.\mgr contient une V5 Je suppose que l'UVMS à garder dans sa base les infos d'une version V5… (Show more)
in CA Automic Community
I'm looking to have Automic consume JSON data objects through the "inputs" section when I call the Automic API to launch a workflow.  Currently, there is no VARA Type JSON.  I would like for a VARA object to be built for use in future Automic releases.  Sending data to Ansible Tower to launch playbooks or Cisco NSO to launch changes requires JSON…
The Applications Manager v9.3 client launcher (RunClient.jar) currently only works on Windows machines. It makes assumptions like: -using ";" for the classpath separator -using JAVA_HOME/bin/javaw to kick off the client.  On Linux/MacOS there is no javaw (nor is it needed)     While we can get around this by writing a wrapper shell script, it…
Hi all, i have installed the Mail Integration Agent on AE system (12.2) . All objects have been created correctly (MAILAGENT host, CONNECTION, TEMPLATE..), but agent end for license error: "U00034036 There is no valid license for Agent 'MAILAGENT01' (license class '1', license category '*unknown*', platform 'EX.RA')." What kind of license… (Show more)
in CA Automic Community
Good afternoon. Does anyone know a report or wrote a SQL that can generate a list of all the jobs and their assigned user groups in Applications Manager UC4 version 9?
in CA Automic Community
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