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Hi all,   does anyone use this setting? I do not dare changing this setting without further tests -but in my sandbox there are only 5 Agents available :-S   srvquery=1   [CPMsgTypes] ; srvquery: Determines which process responds to the agent's life sign message ; This setting has a performance impact. If the CP layer responds than the… (Show more)
#FOKUS Arrays can only be created during the variable declaration by using :DEFINE. The third parameter defines the number of values (index area) and must be a number without inverted commas (allowed values: 1 to 99999). E.g. :DEFINE &array#, unsigned, 10 Sometimes the size is not equal for each activation of the same task. Because of this you…
   Hi Team,   We do have A scenario where we are giving one Service Account at the parent level and if the Workflow in the Parent chain gets failed then we are planning to run it with different Service Account in same chain but while we are restarting the failed Workflow it is Still picking the same the Parent chain Service account.Can Some one… (Show more)
Hallo,   Has anybody migrate the Soap Job V3 to Soap Job V4 (with the migration-assistant)?   Thanks  Sadigheh Ghoghaii
Hello community,   We recently faced issues with our remote agents stopping a lot more frequently than they used to do before. After opening a ticket with support team, they found the following issue:   "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space   This indicates that we need to… (Show more)
We need to install high availability for the UC4 database servers. Is anyone aware about what configuration setting need to be done on UC4 side. The database we are using is SQL Server 2014 Automation Engine Version: 12.1.0
Hi Team ,   We do have a scenario where where Multiple If conditions to be called in Pre process tab of a unix Job .Can i know how we can call them.   As of now I know how to make a Single If -else condition
I just wondered if an Admin can switch to a user account to test their access before handing over access to the user. Something similar to a Linux admin sudo'ing to a user account.   CA Automic Workload Automation:  Version 11.2   #Admin #User #verify #access
Can we use the SQL Connection Objects in a script? I have a sql connection object with credentials to a database and the password is not shared. Its being entered by the application team the first time and we use this object for all SQL jobs. Is there a way I can use this object in a script, just like I am using as a connection? AE Version:… (Show more)
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