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Hi I am trying to install AWA 12.2 on Linux with a Postgres database on a separate server. Installation instructions are not very clear for Postgres installation. Questions: 1. Can AWA run with Postgres database on a separate server? 2. If Yes. Can it be used in a production environment? The reason for the question is that the customers'… (Show more)
Click to view contentIntroduction The Java User Interface provides a function for schedule (JSCH) tasks called Reload definition at period turnaround.   When you do this, message U04002547 appears: U04002547 ATTENTION: Active instanc(es) of Schedule 'UC0.ITE.TEST#1_2.JSCH' will be reloaded at the next period turnaround.   The same message appears whenever you… (Show more)
AWI v12.1 added some capabilities that had been missing from v12.0. (See: Java UI features that are missing from AWI v12.0.) Version 12.2 did not introduce significant changes.   Here are the features of the Java User Interface that are still missing from from the Automic Web Interface as of v12.2. № Description Status Details 1. Keyboard… (Show more)
The Script Editor in AWI v12.1 has almost all features from the JUI. These features are still missing: Highlighting of all instances of the selected word Command-Completion (Ctrl-blank) does not include the syntax description from the documentation anymore Includes (JOBIs) don’t open inline but in modal dialogs. This is especially inconvenient…
In the Java User Interface (JUI), one can select multiple tasks within a workflow and then perform any of a limited subset of operations (Copy, Remove) on all of the selected tasks. The AWI should offer this capability too.   This idea originates in this discussion by GJG: When editing a workflow, is there a way to select multiple job objects…
Dear all,   currently i am facing an issue.   I have a script which should be in a loop until midnight to do not process further before 00:00. If it is for example 00:05:23 am the script should finish and the process should continue.   The script is executed everyday at different times. Could be 07:00 pm, could be 11:34 pm could also be on the… (Show more)
can we  enable SSL between UC4 server and agents running in other client nodes   UC4 server is a vm server and the clinet nodes are amazon EC2 instances.   can you  confirm  whether the communication (between UC4 Agent and UC4 server ) can be enabled with SSL/TLS
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