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In Current Scenario LISA provides Response Time Metrics w.r.t Virtual Services with Below Information   > Max Time > Minimum Time > Average Time   It would be useful if the Response time information is available with the below detail   > Response Time in Percentile i.e. 50% 75 % 90 % 95 % and 99% > Response Time at each request/response pair…
We have two servers, TDM server 1 and TDM Server 2 which have GTREP1 and GTREP2 as repositories on backend MS SQL server.   Is it possible to easily compare and find discrepancies in any of the projects (both should have same, project, version and generators) for any table column formulae? If we have to do this manually it is a tedious task and… (Show more)
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We see so many users start recorders and leave them in progress for a long time. Some of them leave the recorders in error status. Some of them in draft status and some of them in stopped status. I want to identify those users and inform them to remove the recorders that they don't need. Right now, I don't see a way to identify the users that…
Hi Team,   We're frequently getting the below error and due to this we suspect that since it is unable to log the information, VS is becoming unresponsive, even though it displays as up and running in the portal. Please find the below details and help me to resolve the issue.    DevTest Version : 10.3 Database: MySQL Devtest components and DB… (Show more)
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Read rows from JDBC data set. I have using a MySQL database to paremterize my API request parameters. Currently, there is no way I could parameterize the password in Read rowd from JDBS data set.   My concern is if the password is changed tomorrow, I would have to change all my test cases in Devtest. Is there a way that this password can be… (Show more)
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I am facing issues while working on service virtualization over TCP as the transport protocol. Open Questions: What data protocol can be used for TCP Virtualization, when input is in HEX format? I am not able to see anything in the Request_Data under the VSI. Please help if there is any documentation on it and also on the above questions.
in DevTest Community
I'm using DevTest 10.3 in IOS. I wanted to manually input my choices (on the go) for further execution within an ITR run. For example, i'm running a script (say, ComprehensiveEmployeeDetails.tst) that goes through multiple levels of details via separate API calls, EmployeeDetails, EmployeeProjectDetails, ProjectLocationDetails,… (Show more)
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I am getting errors while trying to hit the SAP application server using "SAP IDoc Sender" component. Though i have placed the sapidoc3.jar, sapjco3.jar and sapjco3.dll in DEV test lib and hotDeploy. Can anyone please help on that or share any thoughts on the resolutions?   Error Details:   Verifying Asset Unexpected error: Could not initialize… (Show more)
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In DevTest v10.4, we now have the mandatory Identity & Access Management facility. The installation section of the Docops page for this says:   The Identity and Access Manager Configure Database step opens. 9. Select the type of database you want to use for your user management. If you select the default value, Embedded Database, no additional…
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