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I need to create a virtual service HTTP protocol with multipart / form-data, I've tried using the rest data format to create a virtual service that does not recognize the parameters. the message is as follows: request: POST / Tibserver / HomeReceiver HTTP / 1.1 Pragma: no-cache Cache-Control: no-cache lisaFrameRemoteIP:… (Show more)
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Hi,   I am new to CA PAM. What is the main working of CA PAM server Control? Why do we require it?
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When performance team runs PLT against virtual services, I end up monitoring the virtual services, as part of which, I check the below.   1. Current tps for the services 2. Peak tps for the services 3. Average Response time 4. Average tps for the service. 4. Current memory usage of VSE 5. Current memory usage of Registry   At this time, all…
'Virtual Service Response Time' and 'Virtual Service Forced Delay' reports display min, max and avg. It is nice to have min, max and avg. However, most of the time avg and max are not really helpful unless we are able to view percentile distribution. This would be very helpful especially in scenarios while executing performance test of Application…
We have several groups creating and deploying virtual services to the same VSE console.  On occasion users have inadvertently stopped and even removed virtual services that they do not own.  This creates a big issue when users are dependent upon those services.  This request is for what we are calling "Virtual Service Isolation".  Users should not…
Hi team,   I need to create a service in Stand In mode, that if there isn't any EXACT match, it goes to the real service. The operation just have one parameter.    When I send a specific request it responds well, but if I send another parameter, the META is answering. Is there a way to META NOT answer?    Regards, Francis
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I'm trying to use the Virtual Service API to update existing VS using the following command    curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/zip;" -F "file1=@C:\DevTestAutomation\automation_api.mar" http://admin:admin@localhost:1505/lisa-virtualize-invoke/api/v2/vses/bak1QFW7C1oAe-dvp6FzEhX9tvvD_2f-hi7t8gVQgL/vsBuilderSessions   which… (Show more)
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Scenario Description    Rest Service With XML input , Method Put  The XML input has multiple fields, which I parameterised to read from an excel sheet  Then I have a JDBC step to read the data which I have written in the input  I added an EnsureResultsetcontainsExpression assertion here Where in I am reading the data from the database column … (Show more)
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I have developed virtual service using request and response pairs and two Proxy Queues.   I am using Devtest 10.1 and IBM MQ Manager running on 8.X version.   I have placed below jar files in my local while developing the service to connect the MQ Manager and able to connect successfully. -… (Show more)
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I currently have a virtual service that is being used as a proxy between 2 endpoints. When its deployed it is using HTTP.   I had this working on an older DevTest console, v8.x I think (not sure). We have recently updated to use version 9.5.1 (I know this isn't the most recent version but is outside of my control).   Depending on certain… (Show more)
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