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Hello,   With DevTest 10.1, on the Portal, VSE view, is there a way to save displayed columns and order of theses columns ? It is annoying to lose the view configuration when logout and login again...   Best regards,   Benoit
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Based on the recent CA SV Plugin for Jenkins different functionalities can be achieved.    API test can be triggered by using the MAR file, but the CA Service Virtualization Report doesn't show the actual test case name    Attaching a snap shot of the report. Test case name comes as the staging doc name.    let me know if there is any specific… (Show more)
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Rahul Verma
We have a requirement to listen to email notifications from application which are sent over SMTP . We need to listen those emails via Lisa service as a vendor system implementation .  App A will send Email to App B which will further send notifications to App C whcih is vendor system . Lisa needs to listen those email via web service so we need…
Sasikanth Nimmagadda
For every step in LISA ( DevTest), we were having a default property called "LASTRESPONSE" that contains the response of the step.   Whenever we need the request used in that step, we used the property  "lisa.stepname.request.rsp"   However, I would like to propose the idea of having a default property called "LASTREQUEST" that would contain the…
Situation / context: Based on our local French customers and experiences feedback, the adoption of DevTest by developers is not good enough. This is a break to a larger adoption of Service Virtualization. We tried to figure out the reasons and we propose hereafter some evolutions that could change the game. An important point to take into account…
It would be really, really helpful if the URL to each Virtual Service endpoint was provided on the VSE Console so one could quickly and easily copy the URL for sharing, or pasting into a test case. For example, an endpoint URL like the one below would be provide in the Console:…
Hi   Update 2016-04-15: I updated the description below with first findings on Invoke-API.   The approach of integrating Lisa tests into CI through the Lisa Ant task has the problem of remoting. The Ant task must run on a Lisa server while the trigger to run the tests and the report files must come and go to the CI server. I guess nobody wants…
Out of box support for ISO 8583 protocol within SV. Many core banking and electronic transactions are being done in this format. In the APJ region, majority of financial institutions use the format for transactions. ISO 8583 has 3 versions and all have been seen in the field. Right now, we do it with help of DPH from CA Services. Also most of…
The below Upgrade Guide walks you through the DevTest 10.0 to 10.4 upgrade in place, step-by-step with screenshots, and includes best-practices and common post-upgrade procedures. Please reach out in case of any questions or concerns.
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Hi All,   VS using MQ/XML protocol:   1.  The request from the application comes in zip format and VS is designed to unzip the file(contains Request XML) and read the XML file into the VS. (before every next request from the application, the old request files gets deleted from the directory). 2.  VS is designed to send two responses one after… (Show more)
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