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The CA DevTest Solutions team is pleased to announce the availability of the CA DevTest Solutions documentation wiki. Your product documentation is evolving to a dynamic wiki that provides combined documentation for the following products:

  • CA Application Test
    (formerly CA LISA Test)
  • CA Service Virtualization
    (formerly CA LISA Service Virtualiztion)
  • CA Continuous Application Insight
    (formerly CA LISA Pathfinder)


We recommend using Chrome or Firefox to access the new wiki at


You can still access the documentation bookshelves for releases prior to DevTest Solutions 8.0 here:  (Search for CA LISA). But you can find the documentation for DevTest Solutions 8.0 and all future releases on


Note: For now, the wiki is limited to the 8.0 release. As additional wiki spaces are added for future releases, you can use the Versions button at the top of each page to easily move between all available releases. The Languages button also lets you switch between English, Japanese, and French versions of the same space, as the translated versions become available.


Leave a comment on the wiki and let us know how it works for you.