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Are you a CA Application Lifecycle Conductor Administrator user looking for training? Check out the new Administrator course being offered in two different modalities.   CA Application Lifecycle Conductor r2.4: Administrator 200 Code: 06ALC20041 Modality: ILT/VL               Duration: 24 hours What’s New: This is our first official CA ALC… (Show more)
We have created a new date attribute for projects item types, and publish it using the screen definition. But, this new attribute is only available for new projects and not for the previous ones.   There is any precedure to make this field available to previous project items?   Thanks for your help.   Regards, JOHN
It is possible to delete an inactive user from CA ALC? Currently, when we right click, the delete option is disabled (We're using the admin account to complete this change). Thanks for your help. Regards, JOHN
Is there any way to identify who has run and when you have run a custom report on BIRT? Using CA Application LifeCycle Conductor 3.0, we have defined some custom reports. Now, some leaders want to know Who have used them and when in order to identify the usefulness of these reports and hwo they help to analyst.   Thanks for your suggestions.… (Show more)
Is there a way to define reusable functions that can be invoked by multiple rule objects? I find myself repeatedly copying and pasting common code into pretty much all my rule scripts see below example. It would be nice to have a shared facility to define these common functions and then be able to include or refer to them as needed.   For… (Show more)