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I think we´re in performance problems, so i need to try increasing the available memory to ALC Web Server. We're not using Tomcat deployment. Any suggestion?   Regards, JOHN
How to make a field conditional required in CA ALC. For example we would like to make approver required each time the Emergency check is selected for a new project item. We're trying using Control Flow Switch but we´ve problems with condition syntax.   Thanks for your suggestions...   Regards, JOHN
The following web-based training course is now available: CA Application Lifecycle Conductor: DevOps on the Mainframe – 06ALC10020 This session will cover DevOps on the mainframe with a focus on what CA Application Lifecycle Conductor brings to the table.
Is there a document that describes the trade-offs between the various integration options for ALC? For Example, CA Release Automation integration has the option for Web Service integration vs  Database/JDBC integration. Similarly for HP Quality Center. Is the functionality the same regardless of whether Database or Web Service integration option… (Show more)
ALC 3.0 Server on Linux, Oracle database 11g, Client on Windows 10. Clean install. SQL error occurs while importing definitions:   An unexpected error has been detected.  If the problem persists, please contact the System Administrator for assistance. Error updating database:… (Show more)
When using CA SDM and CA ALC Integration new projects are creted with a name based in then format: Project id + CA SDM Change Oreder Summary. Coud we change this default Name template? For example using change order refnum or any other attribute or even a system data like system date?   We are using ALC 3.0   Thanks for your help.   Best… (Show more)
It is posisble to send an email notification to the project assignee? could we use application variables in order to complete the email mesage. Ex:   - Project assignee - Project Name - Project manager Name - Project open date   Could we use a Notification Rule type but how to specify to send email only when field Assignee is filled or when a… (Show more)
When create a new harvest package from ALC using integration, could we define CA SCM Package assignee based on Project assignee (both usersids are equals).   We are using CA ALC 3.0 and CA Harvest SCM 13.0   Thanks for your help.   Regards, John
We are pleased to announce that custom PDFs and ePubs are now available on our DocOps sites!   With this functionality, you can create portable content for offline use. When you click PDF or EPUB from any DocOps page, DocOps creates a PDF or ePub that includes content from that parent page and all of its child pages.   For example, assume that you…