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Hello All,


We want to confirm that we don't expect CA Mediation Manager to have problems due to Leap Second clock adjustment. There as no known, anticipated issues with upcoming leap second.





PS: For more information on leap second please visit UTC – Coordinated Universal Time and


CA World '15 Registration is Now Open


Events Replays / Transcripts


Upcoming Events:

FREE WEBCAST: Capacity Planning In The Application Driven Economy. Are you ready?

Office Hours for Spectrum - May 2015

Office Hours for Network Flow Analysis - May 2015

Office Hours for Application Delivery Analysis - June 2015

Office Hours for CA Performance Management - June 2015

Office Hours for eHealth - June 2015

Office Hours for CA UIM - July 2015


New Tech Tips

Tech Tip: NFA 9.3.3 Upgrade Path

Tech Tip: ifType Rejection in NFA 9.3+ and Cleanup Procedure

Tech Tip: Dual Netflow Stream Causing Bogus Interfaces

Tech Tip: How to remove interfaces with a NULL / 4294967295 value for ifIndex.

Tech Tip: Clean up NQRPTR database after upgrade from RA to NFA to prevent upgrade issues

TECH TIP: eHealth Fix Codes as of 21-May-2015

Tech Tip: How to increase the logging level for the "CA NFA Reaper" service in NFA.

Tech Tip: "Get property operation returned empty data set" when using "On Demand" Report Template with an NFA Device or Interface in CAPC


New Blog Posts

An app-centric capacity planning approach to IoT


New Ideas

error codes on url_response

HTML5 Dashboards: Copy/Paste datasources

Metrics for 'Linux Robot' Disk in Capman_da



Limiting CI table scan while creating a ticket using CASDGTW probe

Templates for Printers probe

Hit counters for dashboards

OR Condition for Alarm Data Source in Dashboard

Add contact field in every probe

Probe emailgtw - new variable for Acknowledged by

CDM on HPUX : swap memory is undervalued

sqlserver probe - some checkpoints have ridonkulous logic

CDM Network Statistics to report in bits/sec

UIM: Processes Probe default QOS values

USM Alarm Console Address Or Domain Variables.

converting from user names to email addresses without using LDAP

service_host - Tomcat Upgrade

Created an update Wizard for probes



Interfaces & Custom reports should allow users to select timezone and time filter



64 bit counters/integer for SystemEDGE

Sysedge support on RedHat 7



Would like to create a attribute that can count the managment impact and send it through an SANM alert

Include built-in FTP/TFTP Server in future Spectrum builds

Extend the Asset Mapping in the Spectrum/Service Desk integration to support other than Device models


CA Performance Center / Performance Management

About Japanese font files required by CAPC

SNMP errors/warning should list device ID



UCM- Show interface description for midstream devices


Prior Edition What you may have missed (May 4 - May 17)

From the server rack to the storage array, the Internet of Things will stretch data center resources to the limit. Find out how to maximize and manage capacity more effectively.


Good afternoon! I wanted to write to let you all know that CA World ’15 Registration is now open! As we announced last week, we are offering all CA Community members a special discounted rate of $1,295 from now through September 18, 2015.  That’s a $700 discount off of the regular $1,995 price.


But that’s not all! This year we’re offering a new Buy One, Get One promotion. Register before September 18 and you will receive a complimentary registration pass for a colleague. Some exclusions apply.


We also understand that IT is a team sport, so we’re excited to also offer a new Team Pass for CA World ’15. If you are considering sending five or more colleagues to attend CA World, contact us for a discounted team package at


You’ll get an email soon inviting you to register at the special CA Community Member rate, but you can also register today online.


Note: If you are a CA World ’14 alumni and are outside of the US/Canada, there are additional discounts that you may qualify for. Please check the CA World ’15 Register Info/Pricing page before you register. 


Visit for event information as it is released. The agenda will be available sometime in June.