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Hello IM Community, This edition is covering a 2 week span of material. My regrets to those dedicated weekly readers -- on occasion, I take a few days off  . Regardless, in case you have not visited our community recently below is a great recap of things you might have missed.


Also, have you seen our series on Community Hacks? Be sure to check them out as they offer great tips and tricks on how to best leverage this community platform.  Then, suggest you follow Chris_Stallone to stay close to all the other goodies he publishes.


Noteworthy / Announcements

Spectrum Documentation - Download from Wiki

The Latest Unified Infrastructure Management Roadmap with Dates

CA SystemEDGE Administration Guide

Community Member Spotlight for July - James Perkins

CA UIM Office Hours Transcript - July 2015

Announcing RHEL 7.x support for CA SystemEDGE version 5.8.1, 5.8.2, 5.9


New Tech Tips:

Tech Tip: How do I request for CA Visual Infrastructure License

Tech Tip: Error code:143:-100 when starting CA Visual Infrastructure services.

Spec KB: Moving Datacenters to different landscapes for virtual modeling with the CA Spectrum 9.4.1 integration with CA Nimsoft

Spec KB: VMware objects are not discovered in CA Nimsoft/CA Spectrum 9.4.1 when using the VMware integration

Infrastructure Manager Archive VS Admin Console Web/Local Archive

Tech Tip PM 2.4 Unexpected error: 500: Property missing: /form/

Tech Tip: nhRemotePollerSetup fails with error: Setup was unable to locate eHealth on host 'Remote_Poller_IP'.Tech Tip: nhRemotePollerSetup fails with error: Setup was unable to locate eHealth on host 'Remote_Poller_IP'.

Tech Tip: SILKWide Codec Threshold

Tech Tip: NPC - All reports disappear under a menu.

Spec KB: CA Spectrum install fails on Windows 2012

Spec KB: 64bit Tomcat does not work on CA Spectrum 9.4 and 9.4.1

Tech Tip - How to display Alias vs. Name of elements in LiveHealth

Tech Tip - New models in spectrum do not have eHealth reports link available

Tech Tip - nhspectrumsetup - Why use it?

Tech Tip - How can I update all the members of my eHealth cluster at once?


New Ideas:



Keep focus of a container view, after deleting a model

Workflow assessment to avoid monotonous actions in Spectrum OneClick.

Allow administrative action to re-sync OC-server alarm-table

If certain interfaces/ports come up, I want  the device to come out of maintenance automatically

Spectrum NCM - add unsupported devices to default device families

SPECTRUM 10 - GISVIEW Have higher priority map bubbles go to the front



Custom Metrics in Self Certification Wizard

Drilldown Reports - Security Modification

Nimsoft should generate Probe License Expiration alarm in advance, similar to Hub license expiration alarm

NetApp C-Mode monitoring of volume health and utilization

IBM PowerVM Capacity Backup Monitoring

[UIM] Tools introduction using download space than article space so that we are able to aware of it.

Total Memory and CPU allocations in Server summary

Allow VMWare to Remove Auto-Monitors or prevent from finding certain systems

VMware summary dashboards

SLM export option

Alarm filters in USM should be reflected in the device icons in the tree

When a queue on a hub is deactivated, alarms related to that queue should be closed

Export SLA/SLO/Qos restraint unavailability periods

Admin Console Must Haves Add-on's in next release: Re-try and Status Column

Feature request : Provide an opportunity for a user account linked to an account to change dashboards published for the account.

USM automatic group filtering

SCOM to Nimsoft integration\probe

Dashboards: Data source removal

DEFECT: Sybase probe passing password in clear text

Request for enhancement: Create Sybase report for UMP.

UMP - Performance Report Read Only access

Nimsoft database improvements

ntp client probe

Processes probe: assign different severities for process down in different profiles

Robot text field for audit or history



Add entry to monitor polling cycle in the nhAddSysEdgeMonEntries command

Parameterized URL for LE browser



Full NBAR2 Support (all available versions or Engines) on NFA

Separate periodicPruneFrequency for RAW flow

Ability for NFA to resolve hostnames by DNS or/and hosts file



CA Visual Infrastructure - enable read-only view for the VM Panel

CA Visual Infrastructure - enable CA VI to synch virtual machine info from the VMware probe

CA Visual Infrastructure - enable moving blades from 3D client enclosure view

CA DCIM - Expand Search Capabilities

CA DCIM - Network Path Expansion

CA DCIM - Remove All Enclosures

CA DCIM - Apply business rules to Reservation or Cabinet Groups

CA DCIM - Expand Reservation Requirements

CA DCIM - Placement Algorithms

CA DCIM - Audit Trail

CA DCIM - Show 2D drawing of existing and reserved (future) Cabinets or Cabinet groupings


Performance Management / Performance Center


Import Checkpoint IPSO Multicore Statistics Data

Ability to retire single item (component, interface)

DELETE button/function in device table



SysEDGE SRM Choice of Encryption protocols

[SystemEDGE] run SA/SRM custom tests in user context

[SystemEDGE] LogFile Monitoring for (status) files that contain only one line of code

Clear Trap For Log File Monitoring


New Videos

CA Spectrum r10.0: Performance Improvement

CA Spectrum r10.0: Generating SRM Reports

CA eHealth Installation

CA SystemEDGE Installation on Solaris


Prior Edition --> What you may have missed (July 6 - July 12)

Hello IM Community!   Welcome to this edition of the 'What you may have missed' blog series where we get you all caught up on community happenings from the week prior.   We are so lucky to have Rachel_Macik who has been spearheading a great series "Meet the CA Support Engineers".   The intent is to bring more transparency to our customers about the people that are working on the front lines here at CA day in and day out.  This month, she featured an interesting profile on a brand new CA Support Engineer, Derek Child who is covering NFA and more.  You can learn more about him by reading this: Meet CA Support Engineer for Network Flow Analysis and more: Derek Child.


Click here to meet more CA Support engineers Meet the CA Support Engineers


Also, this month we want to introduce you to James Perkins who is our July Community Member Spotlight.  James is part of the Unified Infrastructure Management Product Management Team and has been doing a great job to address questions and ideas in our community. You can read more about him here: Community Member Spotlight for July - James Perkins.  Highly suggest you follow him!  You can let James know you read his spotlight by 'liking' the article or by adding a comment even if it's just to say hello!


Other things you might have missed:



July 14, 2015 - Capacity Management Office Hours: A Live Online Chat [July 2015]

July 14, 2014 The Impact of Agile Operations Summit



From UIM Office Hours [July 7]:  CA UIM Office Hours Transcript - July 2015

From Performance Management Office Hours [July 9]: CA Performance Management Office Hours Transcript - July 2015



CA Unified Infrastructure Management:  June 2015 Monthly Product Release Update



CA Spectrum r10.0: Maintenance Mode for the VMWare Models

Install CA SystemEDGE Agent 5.x on Windows Platform

How to install SystemEDGE Agent 5.x on Solaris

CA eHealth Installation


VAIM:   Tech Tip - Language setting web browser

PM/PC: Tech Tip: OpenAPI with SSL configured in CA Performance Center SSO

Spectrum: Tech Tip: Debugging trap processing in a Spectrum Distributed SpectroSERVER environment with Trap Director enabled

DCIM: Tech Tip: How do I request for CA Visual Infrastructure License

DCIM: Tech Tip: Error code:143:-100 when starting CA Visual Infrastructure services.




Pluging multiple Plugs to 1 PI

IBM PowerVM Capacity Backup Monitoring



Speed up the  model activation process in Spectrum

Spectrum official support for Google Chrome

Make NCM tasks aware of configuration locks on Cisco devices

Utilise Services for GIS View

Self monitoring current state change..!!

Scheduled reports - GC name would change after SRM db initialize

Let users subscribe to a "known issues" mailing list


Performance Management/ Performance Center

More Flexibility in Scheduling Monthly Email Reports

ICMP Only Discovery Profile Support

Drill-down from Calendar heat-charts

Improves the allocation between axis label and line marking

Display IfAlias into Interface Reports/Dashboards view

Tech Tip: OpenAPI with SSL configured in CA Performance Center SSO

Save scheduled Dashboard report PDFs to the CAPC system



Uninstaller that will allow removal of all components



UMP installer changes

an option to see at the UMP reporter less then 1 min samples

Give access to SLM portlet to Account users

UIM IM device filters

create a vcloud probe version compatible with vcloud air

Update AD_SERVER and AD_RESPONSE probes to be FIPS compliant

USM should display the total Memory and CPU available, rather than percentages only

Add TLS encryption to the Tunnel

Discover from an file imported list and discovery frequency



Support/Certify Oracle Linux and CentOS

Make AIM's OS independent


Want More? follow this link to read prior editions!

DC Twitter.jpg

DerekChild is one of the newest team members in our Meet the CA Support Engineers series. He joined CA at the beginning of 2015, and came to use with 12 years experience in managing networks and systems for a nationwide company.  His experience is with networking equipment, Windows/Linux servers, telecommunications, and working with people every day.


Because Derek is so new to CA, he has a different perspective than a lot of his team members. (The average tenure in the Customer Success department is 20+ years!)


"Being the new guy in support, I've found there are very few issues that someone else hasn't experienced. The Communities and the Knowledge Base articles help everyone find those answers. Both channels bring people together were ideas, problems, and experiences can be shared."


How to Search the Knowledge Base:


Away from the office, Derek enjoys spending time with his family. "Time with my family is what I look forward to every day!"


Follow Derek in the CA Infrastructure Management Community where he supports customers of the products below (formerly known as NetQos):



Click here to meet more CA Support engineers Meet the CA Support Engineers

Follow the Support Engineer here:

Getting to know our featured user for July - James Perkins




What is your current job title?

Principal Product Manager


Previous roles?

I have spent the last 10 years as a product manager. Most of that experience was at EMC working on the Documentum Enterprise Content Manager product. All told, my post-graduate career has included some very interesting roles in control-system design, circuit design, firmware development, software development, engineering management, software consulting, professional services and pre-sales.


What has been your most challenging task?

When you are a product manager, it is very common for users to tell you how to fix your product, but my responsibility is to understand the problem the user's "fix" is trying to solve. Product managers communicate with engineers and architects in use cases, not solutions. So, my favorite ideas on the community are those that include a detailed description of the problem they are trying to solve. Otherwise, it can sometimes be a challenging task to understand the underlying problem in sufficient detail to supply engineering with the right requirements. A product manager's worst nightmare is releasing a solution that doesn't provide enough value to solve the original problem he set out to solve in the first place.


Favorite movie of all time?

This is the hardest question you have asked me. I am going to say Sneakers with Robert Redford, Dan Aykroyd, Sidney Poitier, and Mary McDonnell.


Favorite book?

Good to Great, by Jim Collins


What are some of your hobbies that keep you busy outside of work?

I am a licensed pilot. One of my favorite things to do is treat friends and visitors of Colorado to an aerial tour of nearby Rocky Mountain National Park. Longs Peak takes on a very different perspective when you are right next to rather than below it. I also enjoy getting outdoors with my family bicycling, hiking and canoeing throughout the Rocky Mountains.


Can you share an interesting fact about yourself?

I was raised in the state of Alaska. It was there that i acquired my appreciation for the outdoors and for flying. I left Alaska to come to Colorado to attend college. My career has afforded me the opportunity to live here ever since.

CA Colorado.jpg

Hello IM Community! This week's edition of the “What you may have missed” blog series is a day late but with good reason. Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to our office in the great state of Colorado, where I had an opportunity to educate and drive awareness about the value of CA Engineering participation in our community! As you can imagine, this group of CA'ers are extremely busy, but as I explained, there is nothing more important than listening to the voice of our customers! I think you can expect to see an uptick in engineering participation in our community a result of this visit.  Of course, 'participation' comes in many flavors so initially I simply asked them to "listen" to what all of YOU – our customers – have to say about our products. I explained they need to understand what questions and discussions are taking place here in this community and they should also be familiar with what ideas are being requested.


As your Community Manager, I am dedicated to ensuring that the customer voice is heard and that ultimately you have a pleasant experience when engaging with us here online.  I am always open to your feedback, so please feel free to send me a message here: MelissaPotvin. Otherwise, see you online!




News and Announcements

IT Central Station Reviews for CA UIM Customers & Amazon Fire HD

CA Performance Management 2.5++

NOW LIVE - On Demand Certification Portal for CA Performance Management

CA UCM r3.9 GA Announcement

Announcing the CA UIM CA APM Gateway Probe 2.0 Solution Validation Program – Please join us!


Free Education

CA DCIM - Free Web-Based Training


Did you see this?
Spectrum Ideation Update (Monthly Summary) --> Spectrum Ideas Update - July 2015


New Videos:

CA Spectrum r10.0: Search Query Management


New Ideas

bulk/template config for dynamic alerts for configuration in admin console



CA Visual Infrastructure - ESX integration using a non-root user

CA Visual Infrastructure - vCenter integration

Do not Require Root Access to Troubleshoot/Upgrade/Install

CA Visual Infrastructure - Project Wizard - relationship definition



Modify the custom report title on NFA



Logmon should report success or failure when monitoring a URL based on the HTTP response code, not the presence of a body in the result

UIM-Active Directory Integration

VMware Probe - Prevent 'all' VM's from discovery

VMWare Probe setting to use GuestHostName in alarms

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Probe

re-enable tunnel alarms



View Spectrum Alarms in the UIM Alarm View



Spectrum 10 GISVIEW - Have the ability to view Global Collections as icons on the Google map

Spectrum 10 GISVIEW - Dynamic Status Updates for Devices

Spectrum 10 GISVIEW - Cache Location Data

Checkpoint IPSO CPU Multicore Monitoring and Alarming

Improve the product quality by correcting known errors in CsEvFormat, CsPCause and other text files with each spectrum update

Spectrum OID is not certified


Speed up the  model activation process in Spectrum


Customer Created Tech Tip:

RESTFUL / API / Search Device with Perl script


Tech Tips/KB's

KB: Error importing SRM content when attempting to enable Spectrum Report Manager and CABI integration

KB: Spectrum 10.0 Report Manager Error: Max processing time reached

Tech Tip: When are discovery profiles evaluated on the Data Aggregator


Free Script/Utility:

Free script to export the device list from Data Aggregator in a csv file