Part 1: Bridging the Gap with Application-Aware Network Performance Monitoring (AA-NPM)

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Today, a large number and wide range of applications are running on enterprise networks, including latency-sensitive voice and video traffic, critical business applications and more. The increase in the number of applications and the varied nature of application traffic traversing the network place increased demands on network capacity and make it all the more challenging to manage network performance.


Many administrators are trying to manage their networks with basic network fault and availability monitoring tools. While these tools are fine for managing network devices and links, they don’t deliver the fundamental insights administrators need to understand application performance and network traffic flows. With this limited visibility, administrators can’t truly track and optimize application performance, and as a result, organizations suffer from poor service levels, suboptimal configurations and investments and inefficient operations—which can all have a significant impact on business performance.


Lacking this application-level visibility, your organization’s IT and operations staffs are apt to contend with significant challenges as follows:

  • Lower priority and personal user activities consume excessive resources, while the performance of critical business services suffers from costly outages and significant performance issues.
  • Long time taken to isolate and troubleshoot application performance issues.
  • Difficulty understanding how network changes and new infrastructure investments will affect different applications, leading to un-intended degradations and outages.
  • Money is wasted on underutilized infrastructure.


All these challenges can have a significant negative business impact, potentially eroding user

productivity, revenues and customer loyalty. That’s where an AA-NPM solution is critical. An AA-NPM solution integrates these vital entities of application and underlying network infrastructure and provides complete visibility into the business-critical applications and their dependencies.



 AA-NPM solutions provides

  • Improved User Experience and better Visibility into IT Infrastructure using single comprehensive dashboard view of their critical business applications and underlying network infrastructure.
  • Clear business co-relation and value-add by seeing how vital modules of IT and business services performs on the underlying It infrastructure that are responsible for the health and availability of critical applications.
  • Faster Troubleshooting of Problems by finding root cause, as well enabling an engineer to prepare for the future and perform proper capacity planning during the peak usage hours.
  • Enhanced Productivity and Optimal Budget Usage by reducing mean time to repair (MTTR) and improving the overall quality of service.


Bottom line, AA-NPM tools effectively enable IT professionals to gain the insight they need into the interplay of all the infrastructure elements that comprise the user experience of a web-delivered application. They provide a mechanism for monitoring and managing application and network infrastructure as a single entity.


See Part 2: How CA helps in Application-Aware Network Performance Monitoring (AA-NPM)? of the series to learn how CA Technologies help provide network visibility for optimizing the use of business critical applications.


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