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DerekChild is one of the newest team members in our Meet the CA Support Engineers series. He joined CA at the beginning of 2015, and came to use with 12 years experience in managing networks and systems for a nationwide company.  His experience is with networking equipment, Windows/Linux servers, telecommunications, and working with people every day.


Because Derek is so new to CA, he has a different perspective than a lot of his team members. (The average tenure in the Customer Success department is 20+ years!)


"Being the new guy in support, I've found there are very few issues that someone else hasn't experienced. The Communities and the Knowledge Base articles help everyone find those answers. Both channels bring people together were ideas, problems, and experiences can be shared."


How to Search the Knowledge Base:


Away from the office, Derek enjoys spending time with his family. "Time with my family is what I look forward to every day!"


Follow Derek in the CA Infrastructure Management Community where he supports customers of the products below (formerly known as NetQos):



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