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Dear CA PPM (Clarity) Community Member,


With so much going on in the CA PPM (Clarity) Community I have consolidated recent activities in case you missed anything.


Join Office Hours for CA PPM, November 20 @ 1 PM ET

Have a question about CA PPM? Connect with CA Technologies technical experts to get answers via Office Hours for CA PPM. Our team is here to help you get more out of your technology. Join us for one hour Thursday, October 16th @ 1 PM ET.

NOTE - No audio is provided and all Q&A happens via online chat, making it a truly ‘fun’ event.

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*Please note that there is no audio. This is for you to submit your questions only and our experts will respond using WebEx.

**AND - NEW! CA PPM EMEA Office Hours, November 27, 2014 @ 10 AM UK Time

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Miss CA World '18? Fear not! You can check out the SlideShare sessions HERE: CA Technologies presentations channel

I am also posting them out to the community for your convenience:

CA World ’14 Presentation: Hands-On Lab: CA PPM Data Warehouse

CA World ’14 Presentation: Extending PPM Across the Business

CA World ’14 Presentation: Evaluation and Preparation of a Tailored On-Premises CA PPM for SaaS and Best Practice

CA World ’14 Presentation: Increasing the Value of PPM With Financial Management

CA World ’14 Presentation: Beyond IT and PMO: PPM That Drives the Business

CA World ’14 Presentation: Resource Management and Professional Services Automation

Improving the User Experience to Increase Business Value v.2.pptx

Check out mike2.2 blog posts from CA World for on the ground experiences:

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Tuesday Tips, Tips and other Helpful Information -

CA Clarity Tuesday Tip: How to identify "Invalid Timesheets" or Actuals missing in WIP

Steps to Change Host Name - Case when the host name for the BO is changed and the reports are not running

Now Available! New Training for Release 13.x and 14.1

Mark your calendars for the next CA Communities New Member Webcast!

How to Make WIP Adjustments for Cost Type

CA Clarity PPM 13.x Post Installation Options and Extensions available on the Education Portal

Application Management and the PMO: a Combination that Delivers Results

CA Work Management

End of Life Announcement for CA Business Intelligence for CA PPM (formerly known as CA Clarity™ PPM)

Group Your Cost Plans by Role and Location or Department OBS Unit

CA Clarity Tuesday Tip: How to find the Post to WIP timing of a particular transaction

CA Clarity PPM  How-To Videos

CA Clarity PPM 14.1 web-based training available on the Education Portal

Project - Modify Baseline right changed between v12 and v13

Tuesday Tip: Cost Plans Grouped by Role and Location OBS Unit -OR- Role and Department OBS Unit

Differences Between the Resource OBS and Staff OBS Fields

Search All GEL Scripts

How to Develop Your Own Studio Content Packages

GA Announcement – CA Clarity PPM 14.1 Documentation (On Demand)

Critical Chain Project Management

Excluding Non-Labor Resources and Roles from Cost Plan Population

Now Available! Release 14.1 Performance Whitepapers for Oracle and SQL Server

CA Clarity Tuesday Tip : Ever wondered how are investments ranked in a portfolio , if there are no ranking rules defined ?


Last but by no means least! Thank you for being part of CA Communities. We certainly appreciate your active involvement and would like to use that channel to get your feedback about how we can improve the customer experience.

Please join CA Support team members Bill Loikets, Advisor, Engineering Program Management and J.J. Lovett, Director, Online Communities to learn how we will seek voice-of-the-customer input over the next 30 days. We will discuss existing and potentially new CA Support offerings.

Improving the Customer Experience - Potential New CA Support Offerings - Nov 20 @ 11:00 am EST

That's it for now folks but I'm sure there will be a lot more soon! Take a moment to get on the discussion in CA Clarity and make your voice heard!




Community Manager, IT Business Management

Tuesday is always a great day at CA World. We kicked of the day with the innovation Keynote address "Building Software for the application economy" by Amit Chatterjee. It highlighted how we have become dependent on software and how companies that were once in the manufacturing business are now in equally in the Software business. Nike was a great example and so was the plug for Nike looking for Software Developers. The comment of the day came from Samsung during the round table with Samsung, CA, Facebook, and Nike. "Smart phones are not smart, they are stupid. Well ours is not. Ours is dumb the reset are stupid". Sorry if I do not have it exact I have not had a chance to listen to the session again, you can it is on Live - CA Technologies


At 11:00 am the session "CA PPM: The road ahead" was a major hit. Where the theatre sat 300 well over 500 attended the session. Kurt Steinle discussed the vision forward for CA PPM and his passion in resolving long standing issues in the product was quite evident. This session alone was worth coming to CA World. With this passion behind the product I see great things coming for CA PPM. The rationale behind the change from Business Objects to Jaspersoft was also explained. While there might be some work on updating custom reports, the change is well justified and I eagerly look forward to getting my hands on Jaspersoft. The demos I took part in were very impressive.


All the other session I took part in were highly engaging and well received. Increasing value of PPM with financial management could of lasted longer after witnessing the number of questions that the audience still had after it completed. Both presenters were happy to answer the questions. This is what CA World is all about. Customers helping customers and that was visible throughout the conference floor with customers sharing their experiences and providing advice to one another.


While this is the community and we should not be advertising here, what I am within next is not a personal endorsement, but for informational for all those that did not attend. Anyone who is technical has a toolkit of various SQL queries that that use to help manage and troubleshoot CA PPM. We all want to put them into portlet form, but never have the time. Our own Stephen Forney  (He is the one who is managing our CA PPM Sandboxes) has made these queries into a highly impressive set of portlets. Since Stephen works for Excers, they made the decision to make a large number of the portlets available to the CA PPM customers for free. I recommend that you request a demonstration. We will also try to have the free portlets demo'd at the next CA PPM GUC meeting.


Finally, the day was capped off with event night. Ping, Pong tables, pool tables, shuffle board were all actively used and in some cases I witnessed how seriously people take ping pong. They were truly awesome players. The food was great and the roast turkey and stuffing reminded me of my grandmothers. Dim Sung, pot roast, vegetarian fair, and more, helped to satisfy the food cravings of all that attended.  The dinner was capped off by a performance of the Fray. Their highly charged performance had the house rocking, and this was evident by the vast number of  cell phone cameras trying to capture the performance.


I have managed to capture a large part of CA World on camera, but unfortunately the recent upgrade on my MacBook Pro interferes with download images from my camera. I will post the images when I get back to Toronto.


Until tomorrow, Have a grate day.

Michael Thibault

Monday started with a rousing keynote address by CA's own Michael Gregoire. His industry fact based speech was a nice blend of where the industry has come from to where it is going. The comment that hit home and that I have experienced first hand is that it is possible to lose a customer if they do not have a response from their application within 3 seconds of clicking on an item. Just think about how many times you have complained if Clarity takes more than three seconds when you click? 10 years ago you didn't mind waiting 3 seconds. How far our expectations have changed in 10 years. After the keynote there was a Q and A with Biz Stone, Michael Gregoire and Jennifer Hyman. I highly suggest you fins a recording of this keynote. The Q and A is quite enjoyable.


The conference floor is a major departure from those CA Worlds in the past. There is less glitz, less take aways, but higher energy. The theatre configurations makes it very easy to attend session. The less give aways goes to my comment about CA World being a more green event. Perhaps 'Blue is the new Green'. Personally I like the reduced amount of giveaways. It means less to cart back home, and we all know what happens to the glossy's once we get home.


The major players in the PPM partner space are all there, Excers, Digital Celerity, Rego Consulting, and ITROI, just to name the few, and all have some pretty cool additions to Clarity. ITROI has an excel SharePoint interface that I hope to try out today.


The hit of the day was the keynote speech with Magic Johnson. I do not think I have ever met a person who had more energy (more than my 3 year old), and such a positive outlook on life. His stories about basketball and his transition through to becoming a business man is very inspiring. He walked the entire floor meeting and posing for pictures with everyone. From what I was told the teleprompter was telling Majic to go back on stage because the lighting was not good as he walked on the floor. But he didn't listen and he did things his way, he also went quite over his allowed time. But nobody seemed to mind, he was highly engaging and I could have spent the entire night listening to him. I hope CA recorded this keynote and you all get a chance to see it. It was truly inspirational.


As for the video blogging, I tried to record an interview from the conference floor, but there was too much background noise. We will try again if we can find a quiet spot.


Until tomorrow.


Michael Thibault

After a nice relaxing flight from Toronto (I was very satisfied with Air Canada) I arrived in Las Vegas. A short cab ride got me to the hotel and was in my room in less that 45 minutes. The Mandalay Bay is as inviting as ever and the long walk to the conference facilities seems shorter each time I come to CA World. As soon as you start the walk past the Starbucks (without a line up...strange), you notice the large CA World 2014 banner across the top of the hallway. I knew I was in the right place.


The first thing that struck me was the amount of CA World staff eager to help me. They quickly directed me to the second floor registration area. This open area has a number of very friendly CA World staff with tablets that print out your badge as you register. In the past the badges were pre-printed, this year seems to be a much 'greener' CA World. No pre-printed agendas, no backpacks, no glossies, just a badge and a notification on how to download the CA World 2014 app on the back of your badge. I liked it. Less to tote around and in the end much less paper will end up in the garbage. An eco-friendly CA World. I like it. This is the first major difference, and I personally like it.


The CA World application was easy to download, but I had difficulties getting it to run. A trip to the mobile app help desk had me up and running in no time. Unfortunately if you are like me and travel with multiple devices I have to visit the mobile app help desk for each device. While the app is designed for a mobile phone, age has taken a toll on my eyesight, so a tablet is a must for me to easily read my agenda, or I have to keep popping my glasses on and off (hmmm, bifocals might be necessary). The app is awesome and has your agenda, ability to take notes, send messages, and much much more. Speaking with Sam Creek last evening, he was very impressed with the app development team. Often he was told to refresh his app even before he got off the phone asking for a change to the app. The only thing I dislike about the app is that at times it can be a bit sluggish, but anything web based can suffer performance issues due to multiple reasons.


Today (Monday) we have the keynote address and I will blog later to cover todays events. I am also going to try a video blog with a GoPro camera.


If you are not here, you still have time to come to CA World 2014