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Dear Community Member,


With so much going on in the CA Project and Portfolio Management Community I have consolidated recent activities in case you missed anything.



        March 18th @ 1PM ET


Miss Office Hours for CA PPM, March 12 @ 1 PM ET ?

Check out the chat text and join us for the next PPM Office Hours, April 9th! Details will be coming soon.

CA PPM Featured Member for February - David Morton



Thank you Dave for all your contributions to the community!

Tuesday Tips, Tips and other Helpful Information -


CA Clarity PPM 14.x Resource Management OnDemand WBT available on the Education Portal

How to overcome "Unable to Process request" Popup in Clarity V13 and above

How to Financially Close a Project

CA Clarity Tuesday Tip: Force timesheet to think it is an adjustment for reposting to Financials

Tuesday Tip: Cost Plans Grouped by Role and Location OBS Unit -OR- Role and Department OBS Unit

Database error ORA-12560  TNS : Protocol adapter error

How Does the Freeze Date on the Financial Planning Defaults Work?

CA PPM Tuesday Tip:  Extend Time Scale Value Periods

Project Management as a Service: The New Model

Topic Teasers Vol. 51: Why Bother With Earned Value? - By: Barbee Davis - February 9, 2015

Measuring the Quality of the Project Management Process - By: Michael Wood - February 3, 2015

CA PPM Top 10 KB January 2015

CA PPM Tuesday Tip: Financial Cost Plan Attribute Default Settings

Incident Categories Help You Manage Business Demand by Investment

How do make sure Clarity is "healthy?"

Registration is open for the Eltz end-of-sprint demos

Clarity Tuesday Tip: How should the main Clarity jobs be scheduled?

Project - Human Resources (HR) Management

CA PPM Tuesday Tip: Can baseline information be retained when replacing a role with a resource?

Goodbye Bookshelves...Hello Wiki (#DocOps)!

MSP, OWB, or Clarity Gantt?

Clarity Tuesday Tip: Queries to find out who has personalized their view

CA Clarity Tuesday Tip: How to identify "Invalid Timesheets" or Actuals missing in WIP

CA PPM Tuesday Tip: How do the three % Complete Calculation Methods Work

What is Triangulation and Pegging Currency?

REVISED EOS for CA PPM 13.0 & 13.1 (product formerly known as CA Clarity PPM)


Top Ten Ideas -

Make TIMESHEET a studio object306UNDER REVIEW

Archiving of old data202UNDER REVIEW

Ability to make OBS mandatory187DELIVERED

Auto-save or notify to save when changing screens181UNDER REVIEW

Present pop-up messages to the user156UNDER REVIEW

Resource – Timesheet View Permission145UNDER REVIEW

Separate Delete Permission from Edit Permission Consistently on all Objects141UNDER REVIEW

Ability to Save Portlet Configuration as a Part of a Filter119UNDER REVIEW

Replace outdated Blob, Time Slice and Datamart technology with modern Database Sparse Matrices and Data Cubes116UNDER REVIEW

Enhanced Gantt View/Printing Capability109DELIVERED

That's it for now folks but I'm sure there will be a lot more soon! Take a moment to get on the discussion in CA Clarity and make your voice heard!




Community Manager, IT Business Management

Get to know Nick Darlington





Plano, TX

Current Gig: 

Principal Support Engineer for CA PPM

One word that describes how you work: 


How do you use CA Communities and any suggestions for others?
It gives me a different insight into what’s hot and how our customers are implementing and using the product.  Within the Product Support world we often deal with just fixing the things that are broken or not understood, but when customers are asking us how many others are doing certain things or whether another customer has implemented or integrated with something before – we either don’t know due to lack of visibility or can’t say due to confidentiality.  The same question asked on the communities however can receive direct answers and from a wider audience than we have knowledge of.  It’s like the biggest and most global users group.  I’ve recently taken to using the blogging feature of the communities as a place that I can share things that are perhaps not ready enough for prime time in a Tuesday Tip or KB article, but I’d still like to be found when someone runs up against a challenge I’ve previously faced through some self-help searching before they get to the point of exhaustion and having to ask for help by posting or raising a support ticket.  It’s a new venture so the articles are few in number for now, and will increase in time:

Mac or PC?
I’ve had an iMac for the past couple of years for casual use and learning/writing iOS applications.  Otherwise I’m predominantly PC for professional and hobby/gaming/programming uses since the fall of mighty Commodore Amiga some twenty years ago.

Mobile Device?
Here again I play both major sides with an Android phone and an iPad for a tablet.

Apps/software/tools you can’t live without?

KeePass, Eclipse, Visual Studio, XCode, Virtual CloneDrive, Notepad++, Google, Lync Communicator, TrackIR, NVidia 3D Vision, Oculus Rift, and Steam

Besides your phone and computer, what's your favorite gadget?
It’s a tie between a bottle opener or my growing pool of virtual reality equipment (that’s still computer related though).

What’s your daily work space like?
One of the best things about my work place that I like to mention is having a great daycare facility on the premises for my son.  My work space is more virtual, an area filled with XML files, database queries, java code, memory dump files, various different builds and configurations of Clarity / CA PPM, and working with my colleagues in Support, Services, and Development who are all over the globe.  There’s not much other organization to speak of as there’s always the need to juggle multiple problems and make rearrangements to help solve or prevent an escalation occurring.

How do you balance life/work?
I’m quite strict about putting a hard finish on work at the end of the day.  Don’t take it home for the evening or weekend, that’s family time instead.  Maintaining a healthy work/life balance like that is essential for both my productivity and sanity.

Best advice you can give and you have received?
Work to live, don’t live to work.

What everyday thing are you better at than anyone else?

Guitar Hero !  So long as ‘anyone else’ doesn’t include my brother.