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CA Security Community Members –


I wanted to take the time to clarify what each ideation stage means here in the community. There appears to be some confusion and potential miscommunication, so let’s set the record straight!


Ideation Stage definitions were communicated in The Water Cooler back in August 2014. Here’s a link to the original post:


You may refer to the table below for descriptions of each ideation stage.


ideation stage definitions.png


Please note that if an idea is in the “Currently Planned” stage, this does not guarantee that it will be delivered in an upcoming release. “Currently Planned” means that it is included in the backlog and roadmap for a future release, but something may prevent it from being delivered. Our Product Managers will communicate via the comment thread below the idea on projected delivery dates if it is known and guaranteed.


You might notice some ideas out there with a high quantity of votes that are in the “Wish-listed” stage. We are in the process of converting those ideas to the “Under Review” or “Currently Planned” or "Not Planned" stage depending on the status of the idea. We hear you and we are working on improving our process internally.


If you have any questions about the Community Ideation Process, please comment below. We greatly appreciate your submissions, votes and feedback. Your participation will continue to help shape the future of CA Security products!



Lina Liberti,

VP, Security Business Unit