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Hi guys, we are facing a challenge to connect management of SAP (SAP S/4) users to CA IDM ( Unfortunately, the IDM contains only the connector for SAP R/3, which is really old. So I have Idea.  It would be fine to develop a new SAP connector for SAP S/4     #SAP #SAP S/4 #New connector
The idea is to reduce number of steps needed to manage users out-of-the-box.   For example, to create a new user it is necessary to select the organization. Here the steps:   Beside the Organization field, click Browse. Under Search for an organization, click Search. Under Search Results, select the appropriate organization and click Select  …
When errors are encountered and presented to the end User in the Identity Portal a pop up window is presented with the title “Oops” which contains some detail that is not understandable.  Errors that are presented to the end User in the Identity Portal should provide an error message that is understandable and that the end User can act upon.
Ashok kumar Muthu
Opening this idea on behalf of one my customer who needs SSO 12.7 integration support with IDM 14.1.
From the Identity Portal, My Tasks, where Approval and Implement WorkFlow Tasks are listed; there column for “Request ID”.  It is a requirement by our end Users to be able to sort WorkFlow Tasks on the “Request ID” column, which is not currently configurable.
Hi, all, Customer is asking for upgrade CA Identity Manager 12.6.3 to 14.0 (Windows distribution). During the pre-tests we realized that we need to import old environment to new IdM installation (compatibility requests are to change Win OS version, so we need to install a fresh instance of IdM and to import IdM objects US, PD, Environment from… (Show more)
in CA Identity Management
When requesting an access to an user, it is possible to see the approval flow; but, when requesting access to multiple users, the tasks appears as concluded and the requestor is not able to see the approval flow.   Thanks and regards!
The ID Suite 14.0 have a central log server that collect logs from IM, IP, IG, etc, but don't have information about OS, only information about application. Is very important collect logs from OS and more, is important collect using a siem.
We are inquiring about having the cancellation of a request be displayed in the timeline displayed in Identity Portal. As it is now, we have to go to the backend of Identity Manager and view the task to see which user submitted the cancellation request for the task. This is a requested feature of our end users so they are able to determine who…
Currently we are implementing CA Identity Suite 12.6.7 for our bank where we have 8000 employees working with Deloitte´s as implementer. We already have an ‘in-house’ development where we managed the access to all the systems of our enterprise where the main focus is Active Directory and RACF. As we are a Z/OS customer, we enabled the final…
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