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Announcement 1 CA Security Community Webcast - CA IMAG Updated End of Service and Upgrade Path to 14.x – June 19th 11:00AM ET
Announcement 2 CA Security Community Webcast - Upgrading Your CA Identity Suite Version - Key Considerations – June 22rd 11:00AM ETAnnouncement count
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CA Identity Manager has been integrated with more tools to provide more functionality like Governance Minder and Identity Portal, but the problem is that this tools requires and excellent synchronization with endpoints, and processes like import and export in Governance Minder usually resynchronizes all the accounts with roles, and if found…
We have setup a reverse sync using Explore and Correlate. We are able to sync all the attributes from AD into IDM such as email, city etc however when we lock or unlock an account in AD and then run Explore and Correlate, the same is not reflected in IDM. Any places we need to look at. This is straightforward usecase.
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Four Steps that will help you to determine whether you should upgrade.   It’s a known fact: CA customers running the most recent version of CA Identity Manager (IM) log fewer support tickets and have less severity 1 issues than customers on older versions.     That leads us to the question, “When is the right time to upgrade my CA IM solution?”… (Show more)
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Currently Identity Portal only supports Identity manager user store as the authentication store or use CA SSO to support different authentication and authorization store. We only have Identity Manager and not the CA SSO solution. We would like to request and enhancement that will allow us to authenticate to Identity Portal using Active…
Hi,   Currently CA Identity Manager (IDM) lacks a interface that can be used by CA AuthMinder and CA RiskMinder to retrieve/validate Security QnA and users PAM (persona assurance message). While tradition Security QnA might going away but CA AuthMinder and CA RiskMinder may still use this functionality for device registration, enrolment and…
CA Identity Management and Governance Tech Tips by Scott Owens, Senior Support Engineer for 5/25/2017.   ~Scott Owens   Doc ID Title Primary Product TEC1051791 Identity Manager is not able to connect to Jasper Report Server CA Identity Manager TEC1944433 What does the "Corrupted buffer returned from server" error mean in Identity Manager? CA… (Show more)
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I am on Windows 2012. Installed dxsetup for CA Directory and installed dxwebsetup for Directory Management. I dont see the UI for management. Tried installing jxplorer, it hanged for 1 day without completing. Any idea how to get to the UI?
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Managing Policy XPress (PX) development (create/modify/delete PXs) becomes more complex as identity management processes implementation grows.   To help streamline the process, could be useful to : Add Creation and Update timestamp fields to PX object to be able to track status. Add "Events" column to "View/Modify Policy Xpress Policy"…
Hi, We would like to request an enhancement to Policy Xpress in IdM for doing updates in LDAP directories such as group assignments, attribute modifications, add user etc using LDAP queries. Currently in the Policy Xpress we only see the search / get operations under DATA element but do not have the ability to update/modify/add/assign groups to a…
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