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Hi experts!   I just realized on our production environment that Help link on User Console top-right corner opens a popup that shows a 404 http error. So I tested it on 2 other environments I have and see the same thing. Is there some issue with this? Anybody know?   Thanks!
in CA Identity Management
There are so many apps integration with IDG.  1 user  has many accounts  e.g. K12345 is the  primary account in apps.  and B12345 is the secondary account in the same app.  However IDG use the IDM to be the trust source but in IDM  keep user information of primary account only.   Can we design the business rule in IDG to correlate this primary… (Show more)
in CA Identity Management
An event, task or workflow can not advance for many reasons, for example, can happen internal or external errors (connectors, systems, network, etc.).   When the "Event Status" is Failed, to appear a button "Resubmit this Event" on end to page, but in others case this button does not appear.   If this button appear we can make settings (task and…
Hello,   I am trying to install CA IdentityManger 14.1 on Linux. During the installation, I have supplied all the information for Websphere and Oracle DB, However the installation gets stuck and doesn't progress, It shows installing message but never completes. I don't see log getting generated.   Has anyone faced this issue? Thanks, Priyotosh
in CA Identity Management
We would like the ability to change the hostname after the Virtual Appliance for Identity Suite is deployed. Currently, the admin user does not have the permissions to modify "/etc/sysconfig/network". This was something that could be done on the standalone version, and customers would like access for the virtual appliance.
Hi There, What is the navigation/path to get to CA provisioning server work flows ?   Thanks
in CA Identity Management
I have created a custom task which helps users to request access to provisioning role. A policy xpress then assigns/revokes the roles after the request is approved.   My question is this Modify user event  will the update be sent to the RCM when we have setup the continous update setup or will it not send updates for this custom task?
in CA Identity Management
Hi All,   Want to check if there is any tool which monitors the data replication between the CA provisioning servers configured in high availability mode so that we can check if the data is consistent across the servers.   If not can some one suggest me if there is any way to monitor the data replication across the provisioning servers. We have… (Show more)
in CA Identity Management
With each task submitted, the runtime performance of tasks and events slows as the task persistence database grows. CA Identity Manager administrators can schedule jobs to automatically perform garbage collection and archive on a recurring basis.   CA Identity Manager doesn't provide statistics regarding task persistence database size. The idea…
It would be nice to have a pluggable HR Feed interface. The thought is to allow for an easier way to integrate with external HR systems and the formats that they have while providing a standard interface to CA Identity Manager (Suite). The feed could leverage the concept of a reader method (request) and a writer method (response) that would differ…
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