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Hello Team,   I would like to know is it possible to upgrade my current Identity Governance 12.6 to the current version 14 ? My IG is running on top of  Jboss 5.1 .   Thanks in advance .   Sajeesh
in CA Identity Management
Currently the installation procedure for JasperReport server has the following prerequisites if the DB of choice is Oracle: 1. Default names for DB and user cannot be changed 2. The installation program has to use the system account 3. Tablespace cannot be changed. Tables are created in the SYSTEM tablespace.   In many organizations Oracle…
 Hi there, murke07 KennyV Sagi_Gabay  losru01   I had an environment with siteminder 12.0 sp3 whose policystore got corrupted so we have to create a new policy store and setup the configuration. We also had the Identity manager version,which was running till the policy store got some issues. As of now the new Siteminder version… (Show more)
in CA Identity Management
Hi all,             In CA Identity Manager i have some issues which i am mentioning below                         1.Bulk Load Notification & Task Creation                         2.policy Simulation of users in Identity Minder                         3.Restricted access to access control information  in identity minder                        … (Show more)
in CA Identity Management
Hi,   When a user login to Identity for the first time he is redirected to password services task where he changes his password and answer security questions. When he clicks on submit we have a business requirement that instead of task completed page a custom html page should appear (like Welcome to Identity). Kindly suggest how this can be done.… (Show more)
in CA Identity Management
Hello all.   I´m trying to enable SSL communication between CA Identity Manager (bundled into virtual appliance) and JasperServer.   Into CA IDM documentation, explains how the jasper certificate must be imported into cacerts keystore (CA IDM), but this operation is not possible since the user config for virtual appliance does not have write… (Show more)
in CA Identity Management
Hi       How to unlock the super admin or etadmin user in IM 12.6.If anyone know please reply          Regards, Balaji
in CA Identity Management
Right now we are facing issue with Inbound Sync. If we create the User in AD and Run the Explorer correlate then User is getting created in PD but not getting create in UserStore. At Notify Log , i'm getting some error messages..   -------------error----------- ================================================= 20170421:151329:TID=bfbb70:I:… (Show more)
in CA Identity Management
Getting the below error when user account is viewed. Basically the Endpoint has gone bad suddenly. The password is same. Tried re-entering the values for AD but still no luck.   Any troubleshooting tips?     FAILURE: Connector Server Add (eTADSDirectoryName=AD-XXVM) 20170424:130640:TID=7bab70:Add :S882:E869:F: rc: 0x0001 (Operations error)… (Show more)
in CA Identity Management
Currently Identity Portal only supports Identity manager user store as the authentication store or use CA SSO to support different authentication and authorization store. We only have Identity Manager and not the CA SSO solution. We would like to request and enhancement that will allow us to authenticate to Identity Portal using Active…
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