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Announcement 1 [ROADMAP] Identity Suite - August 15, 2018 @11 a.m. ET - AMERICAS
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Connectors play a very important role in any IDM deployment as it determines the scope of the endpoints that can be successfully integrated with the IDM infrastructure. The list of supported connector endpoint types is a crucial factor for making a purchase decision or for identifying a long term roadmap for any IDM project. IDM implementation is…
Hello everyone,   I have a problem executing a javascript code into a task in CA Identity Suite. The idea of the code is display the 1st letter of the first name, 4 char of the first  surname and the 1st letter of the secod surname + the autoincrement number.    When I execute the code displays me only 1 number. It seems like it is not… (Show more)
in CA Identity Management
Hello all.   Into our customers environments we have several implementations using External Datasources (Databases) for data retrieving, fields filling, however...   The problem is, after apply patches to vApp, we need to rerun the addJBossDatasource command in order to recreate this DS.   Would be great to fix this issue soon, for avoid to…
IG should maintain a history of emails that were sent by the system to a particular reviewer in a campaign. This email list along with the date sent should be visible on 'Progress by Reviewers' tab as a drill-down option.   It would help the campaign owner tremendously if an application screen can display the email history, and is a must-needed…
With the current design of the product, disk space can be extended only by expanding the existing disk - Adding a second disk to the volume group in order to have the root volume extended is an unsupported scenario.   With the customer's policies in place indicating a second disk to be used for logs and apps maintenance, they would like to have…
'View Submitted Tasks' is the most visited page for any query/analysis/troubleshooting activity in IDM.   It would be very helpful for any troubleshooting activity if we can get the application server node name/identifier at event level on the 'View Submitted Tasks' page.
It would be nice to have a pluggable HR Feed interface. The thought is to allow for an easier way to integrate with external HR systems and the formats that they have while providing a standard interface to CA Identity Manager (Suite). The feed could leverage the concept of a reader method (request) and a writer method (response) that would differ…
Many customers are requesting that the password policy enforce a certain number of rules on password make-up (ex: upper, lower, digit, special chars, etc). It would be very helpful if IdM/SSO password policies could be enhanced to include a check box and text box to allow the option to enforce X number of the allowed character types in the…
Dirk Woywode
Policy Xpress is a great way to create business logic without the need to develop custom code. However, there are almost always some cases where the available data entry element types are not enough to obtain the desired outcome. A new Data Entry Type of Javascript could be added that takes an input payload and returns a result to the variable.…
Hi All, Filter option that comes with IG does not do filtering at IME level. For example   AD endpoint has 500k users and 1000k membership, if specific user is put in filter for AD endpoint in IG. IG sends request to provisioning server and issue a explore. It does not put the filter set by IG.  IME tier is hit by huge and do complete explore…
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