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NBC Universal would like to use regular expressions in the PX policy -> Data element -> String Parser -> Replace all (or just generally String Parser functionality). Currently the string parser methods expects a hard coded string to match against, not a regular expression. If regular expressions can be supported, this will allow true versatility…
When Identity Portal gest integrated with already existing Identity Manager, there is a possibility that task will be getting created from both Identity manager and Identity Portal [at least during transition period]. When a task is getting created directly in Identity Manager than such task are not viewed well in Identity portal. Though the…
Hello Team, Please consider this as an enhancement request for Identity Manager Workflow feature.   Worklist Workitem Title is needed to be localized. Meaning, if there are multiple approvers for a Queue,in each Approver's his/her Worklist, the Workitem should be shown with a text which is in Approver'slocalized language. User's preferred language…
Environment: IM R14.0 SP1 on Wildfly Use Case: • User account is locked • Credential provider has “Unlock Account” link • User should be able to click unlock accoun4vf Problem: Link not passing username variable to task 1. I am not getting the proper userID passed to the unlock task. It should be rogers4 in the example below: 2. The url has the… (Show more)
in CA Identity Management
Hi,   We have a requirement, where we need to validate the employee Number attribute which a manager fills in the Create User Form in the Identity Portal. The Validation handler needs to verify with the LDAP User Store to validate, if the typed in employee number, already exist for some other user id, and if yes throws an error message or else… (Show more)
in CA Identity Management
i'm using identity manager v 14.1   I think it would be useful if there was the possibility to send document (.doc, .pdf, ecc) in attach to an email.
Hi,   A prospect is asking in their RFP for Identity management for our capabilities in managing Azure configuration components, like Resource Groups.   In the same RFP there is a question for our capability to provision Office 365  accounts with active/deactive workloads like Exchange, Dynamics...   thankx
in CA Identity Management
Hi all,   i'm working with IdentitySuite v 14.1. I have a Office 365 enpoint and a provisiong role with an account template which creates accounts on the endpoint.   When I disable a user on IdentityManager, the account on office 365 is "soft deleted", so it's put with the deleted accounts but it's presents on the system and after a while (30… (Show more)
in CA Identity Management
Hi all, I'm using IDM v 14.1.   I configured an email template and I'd like to attach a file to the emails. Is it possible?   Thanks IG
in CA Identity Management
I have configured a csv form. Now trying to download the data in csv but it fails with below error in the server.log   No mapping found for HTTP request with URI [/sigma/rest/protected/echofile/csv] in DispatcherServlet with name 'mvc-dispatcher'   Do I need to apply any patches to fix this issue?
in CA Identity Management
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