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Announcement 1 What you may have missed in the CA Security Communities! January 2017
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Hi fellows, I'm having some kind of problem to activate the "learning mode" to use VMware web client. The display error message is "mark field error: securityError: Block a frame with origin "" from acessing a cross-origin frame" The screen is attached below.  
Hi All,   How can we enable "on demand privilege access" in CA PAM, a user with lower level of privilege can request for a higher level of privilege on temporary basis ?   For example, an end target account with lower level privilege, needs to make some modification, so the user will request for higher level privileges. CA PAM post necessary… (Show more)
Has anyone seen where GB1 and GB2 are active and not able to reach the appliance. Verified on the appliance that both are setup correctly and rebooted device. Any suggestions why appliance is not seen on network? Any suggestions on how to get into the GUI of the device or through SSH for CA support?
Hi,   I am very confused about your CA PAM. I tried to manage devices after I discored them, but everythime I get the an error: error: Unable to perform the operation. Please contact System Administrator." 0031. But I am the Administrator. The documentation is not realy helpful, because of there is the same text as the CA PAM.   Can you help me?… (Show more)
Hello Team,   This is an enhancement request for certification of CA PAM with Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication Server.   Thanks, Reatesh.
The following statement covers the fix strategy for CA Privileged Access Manager.
In CA PAM, topas and top commands run indefinitely, until closed by user manually entering CTRL+C. We would like to have the same structure for while loop commands and other foreground processes to also run indefinitely, only to be closed by user entering manually entering CTRL+C (or other "close" command). 
In CA PAM, connection over stpsftp is possible, however, the functionality is very limited.  Connection occurs between CA PAM and the device, however, CA PAM only allows user access to the root directory; it does not enable access to the Home directory (which is where many files are stored), nor allow a drag-and-drop functionality to write files…
We would like a document that describes for each event emitted to syslogs by PAM, what use cases trigger the event to test to ensure the events are actually being sent.  We cannot test on our end if we do not know what these events are.
As a new enhancement, we would like Operational Administrators to have the ability to auto-discover security roles containing specified security permissions.  Current functionality requires a manual review of each security role in order to discover which security permissions are assigned to each role.  In large organizations, a manual review of…
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