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Would it be possible to add a REST API call in PIM 12.9 that will enable a automatically generated password policy compliant password from REST API for an account.? We want to be able to use an external application that would enter a password using the manual password change REST API call. However, we have multiple password policies and want to…
Some time ago when CA was helping us solve an issue with password rotation. We were informed that a best practice would be setting up a service account to rotate passwords; rather than, a scheduled job within the CA application.    Can we get some information based on that best practice?
    When a user establishes a connection to a server the data captured in the Session and syslog includes a number of useful fields including  "Date Time",  "Username" and "Device". This Idea is to add "Target Account" and "Target Application" to the currently captured data.         The addition of the "Target Account" would be useful in…
Enhance Privileged Access Manager (PAM) to disconnect a target account from all current sessions where it is being used when the account is"checked in".  A user should not be able to continue utilizing a credential that is no longer assigned by PAM to him. A PAM administrator who sees malicious activity in process using one of the target accounts…
CA PAM Auditors are often required to determine who has access to specific or groups of devices.  if there are a large  number of policies affecting a device or device group, this is a cumbersome process.  I would like to see a report that allows you to select a device or device group.  After the selection is made, the report generates a list of…
wWe are pleased to announce that CA Privileged Access Manager Server Control (CA PAM Server Control) is now available to you and included as part of your CA Privileged Identity Manager (CA PIM) license.
Many enterprise data centers are engineered to eliminate the need for anyone to set foot on the server floor except in case of physical changes to the equipment.  The ability to perform power cycles and basic network configuration over the console port is needed to make CA-PAM compatible with this design philosophy.  In the current version, with…
Hello,   Here I'm posting the latest Knowledge Base Articles for CA Privileged Access Manager published or updated since 21-Dec-2016.   Using CA PAM with RSA This document will demonstrate how to configure CA PAM and the RSA server in order to login to CA PAM with RSA authentication. It will also demonstrate how to set up a soft token, which… (Show more)
Hello,   Here I'm posting the latest Knowledge Base Articles for CA Privileged Identity Manager published or updated since 19-Dec-2016.   Error when creating endpoint We are receiving an error when creating the endpoint:,eTNamespaceName=SSH Device,dc=im,dc=etasa: nN7rLb*C";eTDYNHost not found in… (Show more)
CA Analytics Experts Terrence Clark and Mark McGovern have a detailed discussion on how Identity analytics are essential for the digital transformation of your business. You will learn how CA is using analytics throughout our security products to provide better security and a seamless user experience. We will review results from our fraud… (Show more)
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