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would love to be able to customize the form the user has to fill in to view pw. Currently it is a static form.
Tried to upgrade from latest 2.7.x to When resizing the SSH client window, it will leave ghosting/trails all over and then hang all client windows. Had to roll back the updates. Anyone else have this issue?
CA offers Learning Paths to help you direct your team with relevant role-based training designed to boost your performance. These learning paths are a vital tool for you to find relevant, role-based training for your CA products. In order to improve this experience for you, we have developed a new, interactive learning path format on that… (Show more)
Hello guys, I need help from you, I need to configure the SAP GUI for rdp aplications, does anyone of you have the xml code for such a configuration? I am not able to create the code via the learning tool.
Hi ,   Does anyone have Implementation docs/guide for CA PAM  which covers some of the basics use cases ? We are going to implement this in our environment.   ITSAT VOLVOCARS
Alexander Frolkin
I would like to create enhancement request to improve availability of management connections to targets. When connections unexpectedly closed, users can't connect to previous established session. There are some types of system, which include built-in tools for reconnect: for example, screen for unix. But for another systems this way does not fit…
In my organization we have strict password rotation intervals, without exceptions for service accounts. This means that that we will have to update the stored passwords in the PAM configuration every month It would be VERY helpful to be able to use PAM managed credentials in the PAM configuration.   Examples (the top 3 are of great interest to us…
Hi, Is it possible to add a Description column on the Access Page?   This would be extremely useful when identifying servers in a large environment with multiple Applications.   I'm aware that you can manage your own views but not everyone has the time or permissions to do this. On the other hand a Global Admin can put a server description…
Hi, Exists some logs in CA Privileged access manager where the info is not enough to do some better analisys, so I propose more information into the logs, for example: - Unauthorized access to the service controller -> Indicate the intended service controller enter and the user. - The connection request can not be processed. Probably the security…
Hi all, I would like to know whether anyone has integrated (or tried to integrate) CA PAM (XSuite) with Bloomberg Terminal, for automatic/transparent login. Bloomberg Terminal - Wikipedia  My prospect just want to keep their Bloomberg Terminal credentials into the Product, and enable some some users to automatically access that application… (Show more)
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