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Hi, We are experiencing hundreds of our UNIX target accounts are failing to verify credential and error showing as below,   PAM-CM-1341: Failed to establish a communications channel to the remote host   It's very hard to debug such issues without any proper error messages. can you please help to find out what are all the scenarios when we get… (Show more)
Most of the applications we try to configure into CA PAM (xceedum) have web interfaces with Java plugins (cisco, radware, bluecoat ...). This applications web interfaces not work correctly with your CA PAM client, it not have java plugin support.   Also it own administration web interface have this issue with your PAM client, it not display the…
Provide ability for authentication to more than one radius server infrastructure. Certain users need to be redirected to a specific radius server.
When importing devices from AWS, tags are used to group them for easy management. When a Service is associated with a Device Group, the service would not appear at the Access Page. The reason is there is a requirement that the same service need to be associated with individual devices in the Device Group.   This is manageable if there are only…
Currently strongest cipher suite supported for RDP to Windows server is 'TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA256'.   Can PAM also support ECDHE ciphers for remote access?
For SIEM solutions, the format of the syslog events generally requires a custom parser to be created for get events from PAM into the solution. Suggestion to standardize events on CEF as many solutions today accept this without customization.
We need a way to view recordings once they have been removed and brought back in. For example, if we decide to delete recording files older than 60 days (they will be on backups) and 4 months later we have a requirement to view a recording. PAM won’t allow us to restore the file and view it in PAM.   So, we need a mechanism to do 1) Import…
There is a NFS v4 problem that may arise when accessing a NFS resource. It causes the NFS v4 mounts to hung and the kernel and system logs are flooded with "NFS: v4 server returned a bad sequence-id error on an unconfirmed sequence" messages.   There are lots of documents in the internet related to it like:   NFS4 bad sequence-id errors - Dell…
Hi   The client made a move from the Database to another Datacenter, generating an IP change, this change was not reported and the application does not start because it does not find the BD.     This information is recorded in a configuration file where it can be modified manually.   Is there a procedure for this type of case?
I have configured a policy between user group and a Cisco device and mapped 2 accounts for ssh connection. But I am unable to assign both account under transparent login option inside the same policy, Software allows only one account. This is creating a problem for me.   I have notified this bug to CA support but CA support is has asked me to…
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