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Hi team,    When you upload and apply a path, you don't know if the file is applying or not.  It would be helpfull to have something showing that PAM is uploading and/or applying the patches. a loading bar with the % would be ok.
Currently using PAM Xsuite 2.8.3 and I just ran the Report Name: Account Passwords Update Attempts. The report generated into a csv file. Can anyone explain the following two columns Chan & Gen'd in detail?   Chan Column: What are the codes TRUE, 15212, 15220, 5995,1600,etc? Gen'd Column: What is the difference between the TRUE and FALSE output?
Is there an issue where the blocking policy is triggered when the Hostnet class tries the warning policy? In the test environment, I created a hostnet warning policy for ssh, and the blocking occurred. Is there an issue where the warning option does not apply to the Hostnet class?
Does anyone have a parameter/configuration sheet template to note all settings on the PAM UI?
It has been observed that after applying one of the standalone Meltdown patches (SO00005, SO00152, or SO00292), there may be an issue where after multiple occurrences of the "seowd: Communication timeout with seosd" message, a known bug causes seosd to not recover correctly. This could lead to a system hang or an instance where seoswd will attempt…
Document I worked on to help identify what is in each log,   thanks to the support guys for some clarifying information!!
The key "backspace" doesnt erase the caracters, the key "end" doesn't moves the cursor to the end of the line, the key "home" doesnt moves the cursor to the begin of the line and the key "Del" doesnt erase the caracters to the right of the cursor.   How configurate for make them working in remote session ssh?   OS of the device i are connecting:… (Show more)
Hi Community   I am installing the agent of controlMinder at Oracle Linux with Kernel 2.6.32-573.el6.x86_64 but in the second step after i typed "proceed" the installation process fail. The error is the next   ERROR: Could not find specific kernel module SEOS_syscall.60DEBIANX86_64.MP.ko Please refer to the log file for more information   The… (Show more)
A customer recently opened a ticket because he was having a problem using SOAPUI to add tags to a device.  I opened the API Doc from the GUI, under settings, as it is a really good tool for testing API commands. It lets you run commands, in addition to documenting them. In order to add tags you must use /api.php/v1/devices.json/{id}/tags.  You can… (Show more)
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