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Hello,   Currently PAM does not include Turkish Q keyboard layout, which has been quite in demand from our customers in Turkey. Although there is a way (use PAM interface with ENQ, start RDP, then switch target to TRQ), this workaround is a bit frowned upon.   TurkishQ Layout - MSDN   Would be a much appreciated feature for CA PAM. Thank you.
Add user keyboard layout support for Canadian French (CA-FR) for Windows RDP sessions.   Currently PAM supports three French language keyboard layouts - ones for keyboards in France (FR), Belgium (FR-BE) and Switzerland (FR-CH). However, we now have Canadian customers with users that need support for the French Canadian (FR-CA) keyboards they use…
Support of Canadian Keyboard Layout is missing from the CA PAM product.  This is an absolute requirement. I We work for a Customer where 100% of keybords and Canadian (French and English)  and that's not available from the PAM KEyboard Layout menu.   Please prioritize this requirement of suggest any alternative to this.   Thank you
We need a way to view recordings once they have been removed and brought back in. For example, if we decide to delete recording files older than 60 days (they will be on backups) and 4 months later we have a requirement to view a recording. PAM won’t allow us to restore the file and view it in PAM.   So, we need a mechanism to do 1) Import…
Please add the following data points in CA PAM for Users:   a. Account Created Date b. Last Log-in Date c. Account Disabled Date d. Account Disabled Reason
When viewing version history under Policy Management using the ENTM GUI you can see fields for the Version #, Creator, Description, Status, and Policy Scripts. However, there is no field to indicate the date and time the policy version was created or updated. Is there a way to display this information?   Tip: You can get information for creation…
Requesting for a feature enhancement to add Chinese language input method to be supported as currently only English input method is supported.   Customer is unable to input Chinese Characters on Windows Server 2008 R2 which Phonetic input method as per tested: (
Hi guys, I will setup a WAN cluster in PAM - one node for each Datacenter - with an external Load Balancer. As for configuring the Cluster on each node, is the VIP on main node still mandatory? I am guessing of configuring PAM cluster just with the IPs of the nodes, and let the external LB manage the VIP for user's access.   Any hints or best… (Show more)
I have configured a policy between user group and a Cisco device and mapped 2 accounts for ssh connection. But I am unable to assign both account under transparent login option inside the same policy, Software allows only one account. This is creating a problem for me.   I have notified this bug to CA support but CA support is has asked me to…
There are two same titles with only 's' added on one on diagnostics menu. this would confuse customer when requesting system log. Let's change it to make it clear.   if you agree, suggest name on comments.
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