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Announcement 1 CA PAM Roadmap EMEA Session – April 24th 10:00AM ET
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Today, we are pleased to announce the release CA Privileged Access Manager (CA PAM) v3.2.   This release includes significant new capabilities designed to extend support for hybrid enterprise protection and enhance security, automation and auditability.
Just trying to understand what would be better way to restore the primary site in the below scenario with a multi-site cluster. While we have multi-site cluster with only one node on each primary and secondary sites respectively, for instance if the primary site goes down for a week and we have been operating from secondary site by marking it has… (Show more)
A customer recently reported a problem trying to deploy a PAM 3.1.1 VM.  A checksum error was seen. During a Webex I was able to observe that the ova was approximately 2 Gb.  This is way too small.  When I downloaded the same ova it was about 5 Gb.  Problem downloading files from the Support Portal need to be handled by the Global Services team.
In an mutli-site cluster, The replication duration between the primary site and secondary is set to some default value=5 mins i guess. What is minimum time it can be set to, Could it be less than a minute.   In an mutli-site cluster, The replication between the primary site and secondary is documented as asynchronous pull. What is mechanism… (Show more)
ServiceNow Integration (2 way) - enable generation of ServiceNow tickets with de-duplication capabilities.    Use Case:  User tries to access  an asset not in user’s SFL.  User gets an Access Denied message.  PAM will generate an INC to ServiceNow (AKA AskNow), grab the INC # and send an email to the user indicating that an INC has been opened…
PAM detects a file transfer between a user workstation and a target Windows workstation, and prevents the Windows screen lock.  Business justification:  When a user transfers large files, Windows screen locks are inevitable.  Users will continually need to unlock the screen to be able to continue the file transfer.
This idea is requesting CA to provide the ability to perform an upgrade to appliances within a cluster without having to take a downtime.  This would allow users the ability to use PAM for their privileged access without having to worry about or be hampered by downtime.
All,    Red Hat 7.5 support has been completed and install packages has been posted for PAMSC 14 and PIM 12.8.1. Below are the links.    PAMSC 14: Solution and Patches: Matrix:… (Show more)
Is CA planning to add a SCIM server to CA PAM, like other vendors (CyberArk, BeyoundTrust, Liebermann, Thycotic) do, to be able to let Identity Manager tooling communicate to CA PAM using a SCIM connector?   Thanks, Bert
When using the Unix Application to manage Target Accounts, you may need to make changes on the Script Processor tab to enable PAM to manage accounts on a Unix system.  The first of these is the Unix Variant; AIX, Generic, HPUX, Linux, Solaris, or Other.  Changing this will change the values of some of the fields listed below.    The most common… (Show more)
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