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On UNIX, the testfix information is saved in /opt/CA/AccessControlShared/data/patches.ini. On Windows, the information is saved in registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComputerAssociates\AccessControl\Patch
Hi all,   Can someone tell me how to manage Unix accounts in CAPAM? I tried to find a document, discussion, or blog that will shed some light in accomplishing this goal but couldn't locate anything. Your assistance would be much appreciated!
In my organization since we are in the beginning stages of rolling PAM out in Linux environment have found a possible issue. Right now PAM manages root and all is well if the password is not changed. We have some systems programmers that could change the root password via other methods. Why can't PAM when it detects the password in the vault is…
Our DBA's have request that they be able to see who is using an account, without having to leave PIM to determine who is using the account to be contact them before terminating the session. currently in the show details of the account is displays the GMID of the user, we would like to display the login user name here also.  
Session Initiation and Management using PROXY: add ability to authenticate users to LDAP directories as endpoints (user store).
Hi there!   We have recently aquired CA PAM 2.8.2 and I would like to know if it needs a special configuration to display the target user info in the Session Recording for Unix accounts. We hadn't make any additional configuration to display that info in the Windows targets, but actually we can't see the Target user account when watching session… (Show more)
Where I can find the Threat Analytics for PAM documentation ? and TA for PAM Hardware requirement ?
Here I'm posting the latest Knowledge Base Articles for CA Privileged Access Manager published or updated since 9-May-2017.      Server Message Block protocol version supported by CA PAM Server Message Block protocol version supported by CA PAM. SMB is one of the primary attach vectors for intrusion attempts. Last Update: 2017-05-26    Size: 83… (Show more)
Hello,   Currently PAM does not include Turkish Q keyboard layout, which has been quite in demand from our customers in Turkey. Although there is a way (use PAM interface with ENQ, start RDP, then switch target to TRQ), this workaround is a bit frowned upon.   TurkishQ Layout - MSDN   Would be a much appreciated feature for CA PAM. Thank you.
Question: The licensing of the version of Java that is used/required by the CA Privileged Identity Manager product is included with the product licensing or if customer is responsible for providing the license? Answer: licensing of the version of Java that is used/required by the CA Privileged Identity Manager is included with the product…
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