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Hello! I suggest add to CA Privileged Access Manager besides options <user>, <password>, <Local IP> and <First Port> additional option - <Device Name> or <Remote IP>. This option needs when we use 3rd party applications like xShell or WinSCP with PAM and configure TCP/UDP Service for it.  When user runs this applications he can see in window…
trying to building out some splunk dashboards, particularly on identifying people trying to circumvent PAM or anything like that?
 We would need agent support for Windows 10 .It needs to be supported quickly for customer's requirement .
We have a issue while provisioning access for Users in Windows RDP with Shared account.   Use case : User needs to login to windows server using windows "shared local account" via RDP.   User Experience : Two users are able to login simultaneously in the server with each user having unique RDP session.   Problem Statement : When Third User…
Hello, We have a requirement where in we have some account where we need to change their password via schedule job, These account need not be synchronized with the Target device. It should only change the password inside the PA database only.   I have a support request number #00494369 , Support mention that its not possible with the current…
Hello all,   My customer recently need to upgrade their AIX from 6.1 to 7.1 and 7.2.   Now in their environment has installed controlminder 12.8 agent in their AIX 6.1.   But now in support matrix does not support AIX 7.2.   So I need to confirm does CA has plan support ControlMinder to support 12.8?   If yes does CA engineer has exact time?
Need to add a button or link on the PAM login screen to send users to a portal to change password or token PIN.
Is it possible to configure PAM to allow CAC authenticated domain users to retrieve password of a Domain Admin account? Our Service Desk contacts the SysOps department on a daily basis to remove their CAC enforcement option in AD to allow them to logon to a new computer in order to join it to the domain. We were thinking about creating a Domain… (Show more)
When trying to switch to Application account from an user ID in Linux server which is integrated with ControlMinder 12.8 using the command - su appAccount/su - appAccount getting the error - 'setuid: Resource temporarily unavailable'. Does anyone came across the same error?
On behalf of CA Technologies, we appreciate your business and the opportunity to provide you with high-quality, innovative software and services.  As part of our ongoing commitment to customer success, today we are pleased to announce that CA Privileged Identity Manager 14.0 is now available.
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