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Announcement 1 CA PAM Roadmap Session – October 17th 11:00AM ET
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Hi,   We are trying to install CA privileged access management's component : Windows Proxy.  Installation went without any issue but when we try to  Authenticate the Windows Proxy with two commands (Given in the documentation), it fails. Any possible cause , please help ?   C:\Windows\system32>set… (Show more)
  The Survey is now open!  Watch for an email from “CA Technologies” with the Subject, “CA Technologies invites you to share your feedback on <product>.”   If you're unable to find the email, please use these survey links to give us feedback on the products you use.   Thank you!   CA 1 Tape Management Survey Link CA Agile Central Survey Link CA… (Show more)
With the critical nature of the PAM logs and the inherent unreliability of UDP there is the potential that customers are losing valuable log information. Please add the option to support either UDP or TCP on the configuration for the syslog servers. 
According to client suggestions it would be nice to have options to customize our graphical recording event tracker, e.g. on policy just to check that PAM records (or not) copy/paste, file transfer, cmd input, leapfrog violation, and other events, just to customize it for each policy.   Also, PAM should track paste text events in RDP recorded…
The drive mapping element of the RDP access is really useful, but we would like to be able to lock this down to certain users on certain devices rather than it just being on or off for everyone, seems like a good idea to me! Not sure if it has been suggested before, but I couldn't find anything!
As a large mainframe shop we would like PAM to prevent exposing passwords for any and all usages, including Session Managers and API’s. Prevent exposing passwords to mainframe users.  Users must not be able to logon outside of PAM, bypassing the PAM logging capabilities.
In the Access page where CA PAM users normally login and the only page that pops up, only the Device Name, Access Methods and etc are being shown.   Is it possible to add in perhaps another column like Description of the Device to let users know?   This is because the Device Name is typically the hostname of the server and users might not know…
Would like to see the following add-ons to reporting   1. Comprehensive list of users/User groups with access to the devices. This list can be utilized by compliance tools like Identity Governance for quarterly Access reviews.    2. List of inactive Users and devices with reference to a date/time. Most of the companies have processes/governance…
capam PAM Admins should be able to watch a live User Session while it is being recorded. Subsequently, they should be able to lock down the session in case of a suspicious activity. 
Hi all,   My customer has a idea, their company has policy must be export the Session Recording to another media to play.   According CA support response, in this stage Session Recording has encryption, even recording has export, without the PAM were can not be play.   But my customer they has this request, could the PAM has support this…
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