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Announcement 1 [ROADMAP] CA PAM - August 22, 2018 @11 a.m. ET - AMERICAS
Announcement 2 [ROADMAP] CA PAM - August 28, 2018 @10 p.m. ET - APJAnnouncement count
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The attached document describes the steps to get from various versions of Xceedium software up to the latest version, in this case 2.6.2.  It is important that the document be followed, in order to avoid certain problems.  Yesterday, a customer installed a certificate on a CA PAM 2.6 and the system became unavailable after the reboot.  This was…
Below is a list of the KB Docs with the most views in June 2018:   DLG_FLAGS_SEC_CERT_CN_INVALID How to troubleshoot CA PAM Access Page problems How to add an external MySQL Database to CA PAM I am getting "Access is denied" when I try to RDP in learming mode to my Windows device while trying to configure Transparent login After logging into… (Show more)
Hello, Please excuse my basic question I'll have my certifications done next month. Can you install CA PAM just as an Enterprise Password Vault?  How would the solution be deployed? Or is this an integrated part of the product.   The background is that I have a client who does have CA PAM but "seems" not to like how it handles password vault… (Show more)
Pale Moon is a FireFox-based browser that supports Java.  At my company we have found it to be one of the fastest and most capable browsers around and use it almost exclusively.   We use this browser in preference to the Java client because we have multiple CAPAM clusters in different environments, and like having tabs to bring them up rather…
Hi Community   I have the error "Incorrect Login Credentials Provided" when I try to access CA PAM Server Control, checking the jboss / server / default / Server.log log I find the following registers, any idea of what is happening?   2018-08-13 14:38:35,263 ERROR [] Exception outside Connection 2018-08-13… (Show more)
  Dear CA Securities Community Member,   With so much going on in the Security Communities, I have consolidated recent activities in case you missed anything.   UPCOMING EVENTS   CA Security Communities Roadmap Sessions We heard you ask for more information about where your CA product investment is going. Attending a Product Roadmap session is an… (Show more)
Hi   We have installed CA PAM in multisite cluster, the primary site with two machines and the secondary one with 2 machines. One of the machines of the primary site is below and could not be raised or accessed via https://IP. The following error message appears when you try to access the machine "CA PAM server is starting up. Please try again… (Show more)
Hi All,   Had anyone tried publishing SecureCRT as RDP application (consider that transparent login is not in scope). Was trying to figure out the best way of implementing this at my environment. We got around 50 users who uses SecureCRT for running scripts across multiple network devices at once, in Jump/terminal server do i create 50 target… (Show more)
Hi, Team.   After configuring FTP/SFTP service by using FTP client (ex> Filezilla), CA PAM can NOT log any file transfer transaction through FTP client. So, I uploaded enhancement request to log all file transfer transaction through File Transfer Client (ex> FileZilla, WinSCP, and so on ) on CA PAM.   Regards, Kwangil Kim 
Hi, I have PIM 12.8SP1(2391) Endpoint installed on SunOS 11.3 SRU31.6. I was able to login selang command line but recently I am getting following errors- root@Host01:~# selang ERROR: Initialization failed, EXITING! (localhost) ERROR: Connection failed Host is unreachable   Some times, I can do login to selang command line prompt and gets… (Show more)
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