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I receive many calls and questions that users don't have the access where in fact they. Add a feature for the Global administrators to assume the CA PAM identity of a user access screen to test and trouble shoot. We have home grown apps that have this feature and has proven very useful. 
Hello Team,   Just a general questions about PAM:   - How much time PAM takes to get synced with LDAP? How and when PAM gets synced with AD ? Where can we check these configs? And how to edit these settings. I have manually tried to refresh the LDAP group but getting error "ldap operation is in progress".    What actually triggers this… (Show more)
This enhancement request is related with real opportunity : 969251   One of our customers has noticed that CA PAM doesn’t offer functionality that seems to be important from security point of view: If an external consultant transfers a file to a…
Hello guys, I'm having trouble setting up transparent login, rpd applications, using the firewall checkpoint client, have you ever done such a setup? If yes, can you send me the xml code? thank you!
Customer is using PAM2.8.3 and want to configure automatic login to web sphere client 6.5.   Followed instructions in Special Instructions for Automatic Login to vSphere Web Client 6.0.     But it only open login page and login does not occurs.   Below is the Service/Target application/Policy/Target Account settings.     Config is ok seems… (Show more)
Requirement 1 : We need to configure CA PAM to use "Local + RADIUS" combination for logon. Requirement 2 : It's also required to re-authenticate with RADIUS when users tries to access Target System via Access Methods/Service/Target Application on CA PAM. So, when we enable "re-authentication for Auto login" option in Password Management, we…
Hi Team,   According to product document, CA PAM is allowed to be launched on c3.large instance.   However, bigger size of instance type of new generation in AWS (ex. m3.xlarge) would cause error after upgrading PAM 3.0.1 to 3.0.2.…
Add user keyboard layout support for Korean(Korea) for Windows RDP sessions. Currently PAM does NOT supports Korean(Korea) keyboards, so will NOT be able to type Korean character in Windows RDP Session.   Although we can type Korean language via Service(i.e. Putty), Korean characters are also garbled when we reply back session recording data.  …
Can I do an autologin with sqlplus?   Good day:   My client wants to make an autologin to the databases using sqlplus the options that occur to me are:   1. Make an autologin to a linux server and then run the sqlplus command. 2. From the end-user machine run the sqlplus.   What is the easiest way to do it? How do I do it?
Ability to broadcast a notification when a session needs to be terminated, i.e.: for Maintenance activities.
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