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Hi All,  By Default, when I import an LDAP user, it comes with inherited role of "Standard User"  Is there any way to remove this standard user role from the inherited roles and add a new role instead.   Thanks!
Hi All, How can I prevent the PAM Administrator (User who will handle the operations/Support of CA PAM) to access any target account or view password of it?
Sessions can generate 2 – 10 log errors each second for an elongated period of time. What I would like is for the conditions that generate these errors to be captured under those unique conditions. Please reference support case 1325472: Session Logs Error (Defect #410273) This idea is created on behalf of M&T Bank
Using the 3.2.4 CLI against a PAM clustered node, when running the CLI command   capam_command cmdName=searchTargetAccount > AllTargetAccounts.xml   The XML content returned only contains 10K rows (10K accounts) but we know there are many more accounts in the system; 33K more, to be exact.   I found this command, thought i might give… (Show more)
A deployed PAM VM by default without password can be accessed from VMware console to make network and other changes......How to prevent it? 
As detailed in HOW TO: Allow admin users to expire password view request? only users listed in the approvers list can ultimately expire a password view request:   This idea is raised for these purposes: 1. Allow CM Sys Admin Group users the ability to expire any "Approved" Password View Request , natively, irrespective of PVP approvers…
Good morning, everyone. This post is just a quick reminder that this Friday, May 24 at 9 a.m. ET this site will become read-only in preparation for our final content migration and the creation of the new Broadcom Communities.    After the site is read-only, you will still be able to access the site and all of your communities, but you won't be… (Show more)
Hello, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 was officially released on 2019-05-07.   When could we expect the agent version for PIM 12.8 SP1 and PAM SC 14.1 ?   In my compagny, we should already start to work on it.   Regards, Stephane.
Is there a filter option that allows users to search for policies by selected target account or target application in the Access or Password tabs?   How can a user review only those policies for which a specific managed target account has been selected in Access or Password viewing tabs?
Mukund Kalidasa Mallar
Include AD groups as approvers or for email notifications instead of just individual accounts that are password managers. This ties back to having flexibility to enable 'password manager' role at the AD/LDAP group level.
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