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I have a use case that requires one role to access two credentials via su transparent login on the same target server. When creating the access policy for the role and server you can not enter more than one credential in the transparent login area. Is this a bug or by design? How would we implement something like this?
I am using PAM 3.0.1. I have the current Windows Proxy running on Windows box 2 (Windows Server 2012 R2). The service is running under the local Administrator account. It is set up / able to mange local account passwords on Windows box 1 (Windows server 2008 R2).  I have a local Windows box 1 account being managed, and use that account to… (Show more)
Hi All, I am using CLI API's to integrate CAPAM in my application. I am working on viewAccountPassword command to view the password of account. I am bleto run this CLI through my windows system and able to get the output in xml String. But the output contains lot of parameters related to TargetAccount inclusing password value and I want to… (Show more)
We need Password Envelope in CA PAM, where new password generated by CA PAM , every month or every time is sent to the dedicated/assigned user only to view in case of emergency. 
When logging in to SAM Web, it takes 15 seconds. Because SAM checks the host name of the PC which logs in to SAM Web. Customer is using a dynamic IP. It isn't possible to do a name resolution of the host name of the PC.   I request following contents.   I request to stop the function which does a name resolution of the host name. sam version…
As a large Mainframe shop we need PAM to allow for multiple CA-LDAP servers to support multiple RACF databases on multiple Sysplexes.
We have a customer that has over 13.000 desktops that today are been access though VNC with CA PAM recording capabilities, but they are migrating the use of VNC to Remote Control that comes with Microsoft System Center / Configuration Manager (SCCM).   So it would be really great if we could support Remote Control that comes with Microsoft System…
Need enhancement of Ctrl F , Zoom In / Zoom Out for Xceedium Browser . Sorting and searching of reports / files takes lot of time , as this feature is not available .
Session recording should show a comprehensive list of commands executed with date/time stamp. Alternatively, Should be able to search a session recording for a specific command that was executed in the session.
Windows servers get locked (due to inactivity) while connected to CA PAM. The end users don't have the passwords for the shared accounts and can not re authenticate to the server. There should be a way in CA PAM to re authenticate to the windows server without closing the terminal session.  
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