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Announcement 1 CA SSO Community Webcast – What’s New & What’s to Come in CA Single Sign-On 12.8 - May 2nd 11:00AM ET
Announcement 2 [Community Webcast] CA SSO - Managing CA Single Sign-On with CoreBlox’ ToolBox in an App Driven World – May 31, 2018 @11…Announcement count
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After upgrading an SPS server from 12.52 sP1 CR5 to CR8 the server will not start. The following message is displayed in the server.log file   [19/Apr/2018:14:02:58-937] [FATAL] - No ROOT context found. [19/Apr/2018:14:02:58-952] [ERROR] - InitCatalina failed ('Failed to start component [StandardServer[8005]]') [19/Apr/2018:14:02:58-952] [ERROR]… (Show more)
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Hello Everyone,   I need some clarification on LDAP load balancing and failover configuration setup on a siteminder environment. Here is the current setup we are having in our production environment.   Load balancing:    Failover Group:       Server 1       Server 2       Server 3    Failover Group:       Server 4       Server 5… (Show more)
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We have setup CA SSO which is taking credentials from the login page which in turn passes the request to webagent and policy server. But what we analyse is user getting credential not matched error although the those are correct. We have tried debugging the code by printing password for user which is also fine when it passes from application to… (Show more)
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Does anyone have any insight on how to integrate Siteminder with DUO's MFA Service? We would like to leverage our current FCC form for primary authentication and then present the user with an IFrame with the DUO prompt for secondary authentication. Thank you for your help and insight.
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Hi,   Our CA SSO Policy Server experience from time to time a Busy Threads leak that goes up to 100 threads and we are having a hard time finding the root cause of this.   We are suspecting LDAP latency but to get more help from our AD support team we need to give them a little bit more information on wich LDAP server that might cause the… (Show more)
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Hi,   SElinux is default enabled on RedHat and trying to install and start the WebAgent running on Apache will therefore fail. Product installation guide don't mention anything about SElinux and you have to figure it out by yourself.   I would like following enhancement request:   1) Documentation: SiteMinder installation guide should tell how…
I would like following enhancement request:   1) Documentation: SiteMinder installation guide should tell how to configure SElinux to work with SiteMinder Webagent.   2) "Out of the box" configuration: SiteMinder agent installation should "out of the box" deploy a SElinux policy that enables SiteMinder Webagent to work in SElinux environment in…
Team,   We have a requirement to build a custom expression to get the user detail from the certificate for certbased authentication.   We have to read the subject alternate name to build the user dn.   Eg: User certificate contains subject alternate name value as "Other Name: Principal" in my custom expression i need… (Show more)
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Hi Team,   In one of our environment, we recently migrated from 12.5 Policy store to 12.6. Few of the application were kept pointed to the existing 12.5 store and few were pointed to the new 12.6 store. We synced the key-store for both env by taking an export from existing store and importing it into the new one. SSO was working fine.   After… (Show more)
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Hello,I have recently been facing the issue above when trying to redirect any user from my WebAccess Controlinfrastructure to my Web Access Management Infrastructure in order to be authenticated with a higher Authentication LevelIn fact the first user gets authenticated and then got an SMSESSION with an authentication Level of 5.After that the… (Show more)
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