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Develop/compile new versions of agents for Windows 2016: - sm-wa-iis-12.0-sp3-cr012-win64 - IIS 64 och 32 bits (as most are running both on same server) - smwa-12.0-sp3-cr012-win64 as 12.52 versions of these
With the goal of getting all of our federated apps on a single platform, and getting away from ADFS, we would like to see support for CRM 2015. At this time I can get the relationship setup and send assertions, but it's unclear as to why the assertions don't work with CRM 2015.
Hello,   Please can you plan an enhancement to support Apache event mode with CA SSO webagent?   Regards
Hi need a way to look into the utilization of siteminder authorization cache , although the cache is defined before the solution is implemented, it is still a case of best estimation,  it would be easier to manage the AZ cache size if we can get an insight into how much of cache is being utilized at any given moment.   Thanks
Ujwol Shrestha
Certify Windows 2016 with the new version of CA SSO Policy server.   This is created on behalf of : Umashankar Chandran
   We would like SiteMinder to support open source database such as Maria DB.
Summary:  Startup of the policy server usually involves running a flood of new requests, the spike in requests can at times overload a policy server and cause some other downstream resource (ODBC connection) to fail.   A registry setting that rate-limited the increase in worker threads, either a delay time between each new thread is activated,…
Hello, We need to integrate our SAP infrastructure with Siteminder and currently our configuration is not present in the SAP and SSO compatibility matrix. Our SAP environment consists of n 500 users, representing the core business of our company: for us it is essential to integrate SAP and Siteminder using our current configurations.   For this…
Hi, we need to implement SAP with Siteminder. In the documentation we see we can use an infrastructure like this: 1: Reverse Proxy (in our case Apache on Linux) with a standard webagent  2: Policy Server (12.52) 3: SAP AS where we'll install the agent for SAP.   There is the functionality of the SESSIONLINKER, used to have the handle of the… (Show more)
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Hello ,   I have two SSO in two different  environement Dev and Int and i would like to do a SAML federation between this two SSO. So my SP (service provider) would SSoDev and my IDP (identity provider) would be my SSoInt. How can i configure the SP SSoDev  sould i creat an sp local new entity ? or should i to use the metadata of IDP to creat… (Show more)
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