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Siteminder test tool is available in Windows but not on Unix. Suggest to have Siteminder test tool on Unix platform.
While creating/modifying an administrator from the WAMUI, an option should be provided to copy the access scope (Workspace, Access Methods, Rights) from any of the existing administrators.
Dear SiteMinder Experts,   We have a .aspx script to delete the cookies. We use IIS to host our web app. When I track what is happening with Google Chrome Developer tools I can see clearly that the cookies dissapear or are overwritten. However if I revisit my URL the SMSESSION Cookie gets magically repopulated with a cryptic session ID and I am… (Show more)
in CA Single Sign-On
As Microsoft Office 365 supports for SAML 2.0 integration, CA Single Sign On should also supports for this. It would be appreciate if CA can certify the Office 365 integration using SAML 2.0 as CA SSO claimed supporting for  SAML 2.0.
Experts need your help with below use case –   We have an application protected using CA SiteMinder with LDAP as an authentication/authorization directory. Pretty much we have rules for GET/POST WA Actions and OnAccessReject authorization event.   The requirement is  -      Use LDAP as authentication directory and AD as authorization directory… (Show more)
in CA Single Sign-On
Requested Change: Allow use of other forms based templates to chain to. Such as the "SecureID HTML Form Template".   Issue: The current authentication chaining only allows selection of an "HTML Form" template. However, we also want to be able to chain to an RSA scheme, which is also just a normal form.    This will allow clean fallback,…
PCI 3.0 requirements include Multi-Factor Authentication for PCI applications.  Although we have two factor authentication schemes (HTML Forms/SecureID), there does not appear to be a way to protect an application with more then one authentication scheme or to merge the two authentication schemes.  I found some awkward workarounds, like creating a…
Problem Descriptions: 1 - "OnAuth" Failure rules do not fire for Kerberos failures (wrong domain / not configured in browser). 2 - When Kerberos authentication fails, the user receives an unfriendly 500 or "negotiated credentials required". Desired Functionality: Allow the Web Agent to redirect to a log in form / secondary Authentcation…
In large SiteMinder implementations, export and import are used extensively to migrate applications from Dev to Test, UAT, and Production environments. Application integrators may not have administrative access to remote desktops on policy servers. This type of access is required to use XPSExplorer, XPSExport, and XPSImport. Navigating the XPS…
The bulk of our SAML applications require the capability to map an identity from one user store to another for attribute returns. Currently, the federation does not support identity mapping for Federation partnerships (like it does for Web Agents). This appears to be a very large gap in the product which is holding up moving over many applications…
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