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Announcement 1 [Community Webcast] CA SSO - SSO/Rest: Ensuring a Bright Future for CA Single Sign-On in a Cloudy World – July 16, 2018 …
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I am trying to install R12.8 WAMUI on Windows 2016 Server. Pre req is getting installed successfully but trying to install wamui, its getting stuck at 85% without any error. Did anybody face this issue? I tried with same result on windows 2012 R2.
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Experts,   Trust everyone is doing great. We are currently using an active policy expression to enforce a custom authorization logic in the policy. The logic makes a call to the SQL DB query to fetch some values and make an authorization decision. Now we have to send few attributes/values (coming from SQL db) as response to the application. We… (Show more)
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Some customer use the federation web services deployed with Web Agent Option Pack Since the latest availble release for Webagent agent Option pack is 12.51 Sp1 cr08, that war files  does not include the endpoints in order to support the most recent services as OpenId connect. For those features CA Access gateway is required, but this is not always…
Hello Folks,   Could someone help me figure out how to use SiteMinder attribute expressions to pass a specific AD group from the "memberOf" user attribute, but a specific group attribute other than the group CN value?   Basically, if my user ID is a member of the "cn=HR_admin,ou=employee,ou=company,o=com", along with dozens of other AD groups… (Show more)
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Hi all, looking at CA Single Sign On download page CA Single Sign-On Hotfix/Cumulative Release Index - CA Technologies  it seems that latest available release for webagent Option pack is 12.52 Sp1 cr08 I have a customer running CA SSO 12.52 Sp1 Cr08 and he is planning to upgrade to 12.8 What about webagent option pack? It seems to me that the… (Show more)
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Summary :   The current setup of an LDAP user store, while seemingly simple, is not very effective and often results in users entering extremely inefficient LDAP/AD User Store configurations.   Changing the User Store setup to allow the user to enter a connection-pool size with each LDAPBank would alleviate that problem.   Throughput problems…
Hi All,   We have CA SSO federation setup in our environment with servers in cluster. We are getting error 400 BAD request when the request goes from particular sps server to policy server whereas it is working with other sps server which is configured for different policy server. Tested the federation by changing the policy servers and found… (Show more)
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This Technical Note summarizes the steps necessary to configure single sign on to the JasperSoft Report Server using CA Single Sign On.   JasperSoft Report Server 6.x leverages the Spring Security Framework 3.2 ( to use external authentication in place of the built-in internal authentication to provide the…
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Question: I am setting up CA directory as Policy Store. I am using the CA Dir 14 and using management Ui for creating DSA, it says to add certs. Which certificates do I need to paste here ?   Answer:   On the Agent where you've installed a dxagent, you have to find the certificates : $DXHOME/dxagent/openssl-ca/CA/certs/ca.pem… (Show more)
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Issue:  We recently installed and configured CA Single Sign-on 12.8 and we are receiving Java.null.pointer exception errors while trying to create an agent object via the AdminUI: 2018-06-05 10:24:23,623 [ERROR] [] - fault ServerException( ) ps.fetch…
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