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I have question around “Access-Control-Allow-Origin” header.   We are doing a POC for one of our customers in AWS environment. We have created a siteminder domain to protect a dummy page in SPS server. When accessing from my laptop browser (I have entries in my hosts file to point to I can see… (Show more)
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Hubert Dennis
In continuation of the following Tech note : CA SSO : Policy Server VS 3rd party components closing Idle Connection. & If needed I could share the Support Case number internally (same questions have been posted on the support case).     We opted OPTION-2 i.e. LDAP Closing the Connection before Firewall and LDAP sending a FIN to Policy Server.    …
Currently, there is no way to manage an idle connection between the policy server and a ldap user directory from SiteMinder side. We would like to request enhancement for one of the two things. Add a feature to SiteMinder to terminate TCP sessions to user directories after a period of inactivity. Apply a keep-alive methodology from SiteMinder…
Requested change Send all the "attributes" about a provisioning event for external SAML IDP when user is not found. This includes adding in the nameid and entityID of the asserting IDP.    Issue Setup: 12.7 Policy Server w/ 12.52 Web Agent. Partnership configured for remote provisioning + open format cookie.   When the user is not found, the…
Hi There, After authentication with siteminder, I see two SMSESSIONs one is with and another with in the broswer.I am just looking to have only one smcookie with However, i have mentioned the cookiedomain name as and domain scope as 2 in aco.Please advice.
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Hi,   We are using version of PS. May I know the exact syntax to view cache content? I have used smpolicysrv -dumpcache command, I didn't get any response message/code. Will the outputs/results be placed in any particular file? Note : When I check the status of last executed command (using $?), I am getting the output as… (Show more)
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Hi,   I would like to know the list of attributes/parameters which will be stored in the following caches. WebAgent : Agent Resource Cache WebAgent : Agent Session/User Cache (Authentication cache, Authorization cache) Policy Server : User Authorization Cache   Regards, Dhilip
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Hi All,    I need to change the superuser password for policy server and version is 12.52sp01cr04. I read that I can do that using smreg -su <password> command. I just wants to know 1) Where this password gets stored in policy server in case we need to roll it back to old one ?? 2) We are using both WAMUI R12.52SP01CR04 & FSS ADMIN UI to… (Show more)
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I understand that SharePoint 2016 is supported from 12.52 SP1 CR7 on wards.  "Is SharePoint Agent and Claims can install on windows 2016 server and is it supported  for "SharePoint 2016 Farm applications which installed Windows 2016 Operating system"?
Siteminder does not have any ability today to log the adminui successful login and failure login attempts in the audit logs. We noticed the behavior for the legacy administrators created and stored in the policy store and also for the external LDAP users.
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