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Announcement 1 CA Support Online has Changed
Announcement:CA Support Online has Changed
Announcement 2 CA Security Communities Webcast - CA SSO Performance Testing with CA BlazeMeter – August 23rd 11:00AM ETAnnouncement count
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Is there is a way to download the documentation for any product (for ex, CA Single Sign-On - 12.7) from web site instead of accessing the content every time from the web.   I know it is a simple question but it is very convenient for me to have the complete document handy instead of navigating to various sections in the web.… (Show more)
in CA Single Sign-On
Hi   When I set the TARGET=http://sso.acme.vm/index.html then it redirects to http://sso.acme.vm/index.html which is expected.   When I set the TARGET=http://dev-sso.acme.vm/index.html then it redirects to http://devsso.acme.vm/index.html. The dash '-' is missing in the FQDN.   When I set the TARGET=http://dev--sso.acme.vm/index.html (double… (Show more)
in CA Single Sign-On
Ujwol Shrestha
IssueChanges made to login/passwords forms (login.fcc, smpwservices.fcc etc) are not reflected immediately in the browser. EnvironmentWeb Agent : r12.5 and above CauseThere are many things that could go wrong here.  For e.g FCC forms (pages with .fcc extension or any other extension as specified in FCCExt ACO parameter) are cached by default by… (Show more)
in CA Single Sign-On
The speed with which SMPolicyTraceAnalysis tool runs through trace logs has been improved.  The (long) time it takes to process large logs been on my mind for quite a while.  A cluster of recent cases with fairly large logs, tipped me into looking at it.   New version 670 : now downloadable from:  Siteminder Policy Trace Analysis    The main… (Show more)
in CA Single Sign-On
Ref: The referenced article references a similar problem, but the specific relocation error is a bit different:  symbol krb5_get_init_creds_opt_alloc.  The article touches on the fact that the output of the 'ldd' command for Kerberos commands references shared object that are in the path of the web… (Show more)
in CA Single Sign-On
CA Single Sign-On (formerly named CA SiteMinder®)   August 15, 2017   To:          CA Single Sign-On Customers From:     The CA Technologies Single Sign-On Product Team Subject: End of Service Announcement for CA Single Sign-On r12.52 (includes all Service Packs and Cumulative Releases)   CA Technologies is continually working to improve our…
in CA Single Sign-On
Hi,   i'm trying to configure a response in SiteMinder based on "DN Attribute".   As per the documentation (citing):   "If you select the DN Attribute radio button, you may also select the Allow Nested Groups check box. Selecting this check box allows SiteMinder to return a response with an attribute contained in a group that is nested in a… (Show more)
in CA Single Sign-On
Ujwol Shrestha
The Policy Server and Agents utilizes various encryption keys to encrypt sensitive data stored & passed between CA SSO components in a CA Single Sign-On environment.   The following diagram gives an overview of the various encryption keys used in CA SSO environment : What are the purpose of various encryption keys used by CA SSO ?   Policy… (Show more)
in CA Single Sign-On
Problem Descriptions: 1 - "OnAuth" Failure rules do not fire for Kerberos failures (wrong domain / not configured in browser). 2 - When Kerberos authentication fails, the user receives an unfriendly 500 or "negotiated credentials required". Desired Functionality: Allow the Web Agent to redirect to a log in form / secondary Authentcation…
If you're planning to attend CA World '17, now is the time to register because if you register before August 25, you'll get the Summer Super Saver rate of $695!   Not sure if CA World '17 is for you? CA World is the one place where CA Technologies brings our customers and partners together to learn, network and engage with one another. It’s the… (Show more)
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