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Hi everyone,


This came up on couple of other threads too and I thought of resurfacing the links a bit. CA team has put together some great education material on 17.1 and its free from what I know, here are a few links:


1) CA Service Management 17.1: Feature Walk-Through 

The content is very modular too and has a good mixture of short videos and reading about:

- Various xFlow Interface and Service Desk Manager enhancements in CA Service Management 17.1

- Identifying the installation and upgrade process for CA Service Management 17.1 

- Identifying the different issues that might arise during installation, configuration, and post-installation process and be able to troubleshoot them


Good thing about this content is that you can pause and resume your learning as you go through it.  You can revisit it later on etc., too.


2) In additional there are more modules too:


1) There's a short video on Insights here: 

CA Service Management 17.1 Release Notes - CA Service Management - 17.1 - CA Technologies Documentation 


2) A recording of 17.1 overview that was done on this Community previously: Replay - Repeat: CA Service Management 17.1 – Overview and Drill-down


3) Finally, a great Upgrade webinar that was done for this Community earlier:

Replay - Tips, Tricks & Tools to Make Upgrading to New Releases of CA ITSM Easier


Hope all of these together will help you understand the new modules in 17.1 as well as pave a way for upgrades etc.,


As always, both the Community here as well as CA Support are available in case you have any questions.



Dear Community User,


We are pleased to announce the availability of CA Service Management 14.1 Cumulative Patch 5 (14.1.05). This cumulative patch is delivered for CA Service Desk Manager 14.1, CA Service Catalog 14.1, and CA Asset Portfolio Management 14.1 and above.


We recommend upgrading your CA Service Management implementation to the latest release to take advantage of all current features and improvements. If you are unable to upgrade to the latest release, CA has made a patch available for CA Service Management 14.1. Customers with CA Service Management 14.1 should install this patch if you are interested in obtaining resolutions to the issues identified in the Release Information section of the wiki as well as to receive future fixes as detailed in the Defect Resolution Process.


Patch Content

This update includes several fixes for CA Service Desk Manager, CA Service Catalog, CA IT Asset Manager (Asset Portfolio Management), Unified Self-Service, and xFlow along with all previously released cumulative patches for CA Service Management 14.1. We encourage you to visit CA Service Management documentation wiki to review the fixes included in this patch and how to implement the update.


You can download your copy of CA Service Management 14.1 Cumulative Patch 5 (14.1.05) from CA Support Online - CA Service Management Solutions & Patches.


Need More Help?

Dear Community User,


We are pleased to announce the availability of CA Service Management Mobile App 3.1.13. 


This update includes several fixes for the Mobile App along with support for Android 8 and iOS 11. We encourage you to visit CA Service Management documentation wiki to review the fixes included in this patch.


You can download the CA Service Management app now from Google Play or iTunes.


Thank you!


Dear Community -


As part of the 17.1 release announced this week, we have delivered the following Ideas from the Community:


SAML 2.0 support for Service Desk authentication 

Support for HTML/Rich Text formatted emails 

Maileater to support wild card SSL certificates 

Ability to calculate ticket durations based on the analyst's workshift hours, as well as to omit durations the ticket was in a particular status 

Install Jaspersoft on SQL Server named instance database 

SDM emailEater SSL Connection 

NTLM authentication required for Knowledge Management/Sharepoint adapter  

Change font size or color on Request offerings 

Total Resolution time 

Calculation of mean time from open to close 


Your Ideas continue to be a vital part of our product planning process. Please continue to submit, vote, and discuss Ideas so that we can be sure to continue to improve the solution where you - our customers - need it most.


Thank You!

Carol Piccus