Careful when concluding beta testing of a CA Gen Studio Interim Enhancement

Document created by DannySaro Employee on May 9, 2011
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You should NOT install the GA version of an Interim Enhancement over an existing beta version! Doing that could leave your installation unstable with regards to all the Eclipse-based components!
If one sees the effort that goes into setting up the third-party products needed for new functionality in an Interim Enhancement then it might be tempting to reuse the image that one was working on in the beta and install the GA on top of that.
Here’s what can go wrong!
You might already have noticed the CA Gen Studio design tools in the directory: <CA Gen r8 Install Dir>\gen\genstudio\plugins. There you can find files like:
The number is the version number of the plugin. Eclipse based applications can support multiple versions of the same plugin. If a specific version is not called for, then the latest will be used. Latest means the highest number.
As a consequence of the development process it is possible that the GA version has a lower version number than the Beta. So, you should remove the beta version of the Interim Enhancement before applying the GA version. That way, you will not have any file issues.
How can this be?
The last five digits of the version number is the buildnumber. That buildnumber is actually a counter and it is incremented with every build of the CA Gen Studio environment during the development process which might be as much as twice a day.
However, an Interim Enhancement is not developed directly on top of the current GA release. To allow the creation of PTFs for the GA version while the Interim Enhancement is in development and in beta testing, development starts the Interim Enhancement branch with a substantially higher build number as the GA branch. This is done so that developers using those in-progress Interim Development plugins do not have to worry about these having lower numbers than GA or any GA PTFs they might have applied.
So why can Beta be larger than GA? Because once beta ends then the Interim Enhancement development – with its larger number - is merged back into the GA branch, and results in just another incremental build of the G A environment with its smaller build numbers.
Example, Interim Enhancement 1 Beta had following files: 07152.jar 07152.jar
These files are NOT present in the r8 Interim Enhancement 1 GA version. They have however a more recent version number then the highest version number in the Interim Enhancement 1 GA (which is
If not removed, your installation would continue to use these versions until some future PTF exceeds them!