Tech Tip - Command Line discovery and more.

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discoverycontrol.exe can but used to run Topology related functions.

So for example you could run a full or partial discovery via command line or script. The file is located in the NetVoyant\bin folder and so in the path.

Note be wise and before using any of the -delete or the -remove options make sure you have a good backup. :smile

usage: DiscoveryControl [-d|--debug] [-h|--host hostname] [-p|--port port]
[-cleanDisabled [-days x] [-polltable polltable-name]]
[-deleteDevice devicename01 [devicename02 ... devicenameNN]]
[-addDevice devicename01 [devicename02 ... devicenameNN]]
[-deleteScope devicename01|IP/mask01 [devicename02|IP/mask02 ... devicenameNN|IP/maskNN]]
[-addScope devicename01|IP/mask01 [devicename02|IP/mask02 ... devicenameNN|IP/maskNN]]
[-deleteCommunityString communityString01 [communityString02 ... communityStringNN]]
[-addCommunityString communityString01 [communityString02 ... communityStringNN]]
[-startService service01 [service02 ... serviceNN]]
[-stopService service01 [service02 ... serviceNN]]
[-deleteMIB module01 [module02 ... moduleNN]]
[-resync poller1 [poller2...]
[-enableDataset dataset-name]
[-disableDataset dataset-name]
[-enablePollgroup dataset-name pollgroup-name]
[-disablePollgroup dataset-name pollgroup-name]
[-enableProfile alarm-profile-name]
[-disableProfile alarm-profile-name]
[-createGroup parent-group-id new-group-name new-group-descr]
[-deleteGroup group-id]
[-addGroupInstances group_id pollinsts,pollinst_id...]
[-removeGroupInstances group_id pollinsts,pollinst_id...]
[-setInstanceLables pollinst_id inst-name inst-desc]
[-setPollRate pollinst_id pollgroup-name]

NOTE 01: default value of -days (for -CleanDisabled) is 14
NOTE 02: -stopService and -startService service name is case sensitive

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