Tech Tip - NPC report shows no NetVoyant data for 'Last 4 Hours' or 'Last 8 Hours'

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NPC has the time frames 'Last 4 hours' and 'Last 8 hours' which NetVoyant does not have.


In older versions of NPC when a time frames is selected which does not exist in NV it returns no data, in later versions it was 'fixed'.

When 'Last 4 hours' is selected, because NetVoyant is processing data in hourly rollups it does not have a 4 hour data point. As a result it returns the data only for the first hour of that 4 hour time frame. If it so happens that there was no data for that first hour then it will return nothing and NPC will show No NetVoyant data. If the time frame is changed to 'Last 24 hours' which corresponds to the NetVoyant 'Last day' time frame then it will show all data collected for the last 24 hours including the 4 hour time frame previously reported to have no data. The same thing happens for other NPC time frames that do not correspond to NetVoyant time frames. was released for NPC 6.1.194 which changes the functionality for these views so that NetVoyant data will be presented for the full time frame as expected.
Top Least Available
CBQoS Input Policy Pre-Post Class Maps
CBQoS Output Policy Pre-Post Class Maps
Top Least Reachable
Top Interfaces
Top Interface Errors/Discards
Top IP SLA Operations
Top Cisco CPU/Buffer Utilization
Top Cisco Memory
Top Cisco Switch Backplane Utilization
Top CPU Utilization
Top Memory Utilization
Top Disk Storage
Top Device Software
Top Frame Relay Circuits
Top Ethernet Utilization
Top Interface Utilization (horizontal bar graph)
Top Interface Volume (horizontal bar graph)
Top Interface Errors (horizontal bar graph)
Top Interface Discards (horizontal bar graph)

Any views not listed function the same as before.

The update is available from here:

Additionally it is/will be included in later NPC releases.


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